Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

653 Name: Unknown : 2018-03-24 01:57 ID:tJfaraXx

>>652 I think he strings JA along. When he said to a reporter "she's nothing worth talking about" after she said to that other reporter that she was his girlfriend that must've been embarrassing. FWBs don't proclaim you as their boyfriend, she obviously was duped by him.

Tom only has shown off women he considers well known like EO and TS, JA is no use to him since she's an unknown. That's why i feel he'll only marry an actress whose high caliber.

JA is deluding herself thinking she can tie that ambitious man down. His career comes first more then anything, so that's why he was showing off with EO and TS but not with JA because TS and EO are in the business and can help his PR. He will only publicly show off a girlfriend if she's an A-lister. The man is crazy thirsty.

I bet that cafe pic and the hug was him telling her that he's breaking it off with her especially since he got a Met Gala invite. He was hunting for an A-lister and he got one.

I have no doubt he's still stringing her along. And to think his fans believe he would make a great dad/husband/boyfriend. The man is going to be like Clooney, not get married until he's in his 50s and is satisfied where his career is at. Also going by the ages he's been dating with EO and TS being in there twenties, he'll most definitely want a twenty something by that time since he wants children. He'll just have an endless string of women until he gets there.

I think he's a terrible boyfriend, he hasn't had a long term serious relationship in the longest. So odd that no one focused on his dating life when he was with TS when they practically have the same dating habits, thing is Tom keeps it private while TS doesn't. That's why those two are perfect for each other, they're fickle in dating and get bored easily, plus the career ambition.

There were rumors he broke up with SF because he wanted to focus on his career and SF did liked some Twitter posts making fun of Tom's speech at the Golden Globes. Plus there was that Facebook post in which she vehemently denied being married to him and her friends saying "Thank F**K".

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