Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

814 Name: Heynon : 2018-09-07 01:39 ID:N+5QDef3

>>812, >>813 In the past, Tom might have been faking his confidence some times - for example, assuming he was telling the truth about being nervous when accepting his GG, he didn't look nervous. But I think a lot of his enthusiasm, etc., was real - as Anon mentioned, think of the vids where Luke almost has to drag him to the next red carpet stop!

We may never know if it was the summer of evil that changed him, the BBC calling him "overexposed," or some combination. Now "guarded" is an apt description of his required public appearances, at least for UK and US events. I do think he looks more relaxed in other countries, such as at the Mexico KSI premiere and on the A:IW promo tour in China.

It probably didn't help his mood yesterday that some of the people yelling at him on the RC were professional autograph hunters (according to a bystander's account on Twitter). He's always been stroppy (is that the right term?) with them.

I'm curious not just about how the career reset will play out, but also to see if he goes back towards former-Tom once he has a couple more projects released and they're received well. In the meantime, at least he's gotten past the nearly post-traumatic-stress-disorder look that he had when he first reappeared for the KSI promo.

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