Tom Hiddleston (Sweet 16) (1000)

827 Name: Unknown : 2018-09-13 21:43 ID:xC8EsSI3

>>826 That's exactly what happened. I don't doubt this was planned way before the Met Gala. What his delusional fans seem to not realize is that he's super ambitious and will do anything to get to the upper echelon of Hollywood. He always says what everyone wants to hear and that's constant flattery and charm. He's very shrewd.

If only he'd continued with the publicity he garnered from TNM and be satisfied with that he would be in a much better place now. But as always his ego got too big with the little accolades he garnered and took part in the most fake celebrity relationship anyone has ever seen. His fans love to put all the blame on Swift but he chose to take this route and he has only himself to blame knowing how this woman does bearding.

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