[HISTORY] cracky-chan [SERIOUS BUSINESS] (999)

1 Name: Not in Employment, Education or Training 1993-09-4298 08:04 [no]

I've been trying to put order into the whole drama history around cracky-chan, her pictures, livejournals and the related shenannigans going on in 4chan's /b/ and elsewhere. This is a first rough draft, so help me out with additional knowledge or correct me where I might have been wrong, please.

  • January 6th

The first cracky-chan pics appear on /b/. The very first one, posted on
02:17 shows the soon to be famous "'sup 4chan" phrase written on the
palm of her hand. During the next two weeks, more sets appear on /b/
and W.T. Snacks finds out that the poster's IP is from the UK.

  • February 5th

"cracky" becomes wordfiltered on /b/.

  • March 29th

www.livejournal.com/users/freakygirl/ becomes publically known.
No new pics appear, but the hints solidify and people assume they have
got into contact with the real cracky-chan. The owner of cracky-chan.com
will later denounce this journal as fake, though this might have been a move
to protect her identity, as he also later takes down all of her real pictures
from his website.
Also, later on, another journal, whether fake or real, becomes known:

  • April 3rd

cracky-chan's tripcode becomes publically known through shii:
It is "sweet" and makes the claim that the original cracky-chan pictures
weren't originally posted by her herself more believable.

  • April 6th, 7th

www.livejournal.com/users/scarecrowmaiden becomes publically known,
many new cracky-chan pics appear on /b/, some nude, some disturbing,
some both. The journal gets deleted by the owner very quickly.

  • June 6th

cracky-chan pics become bannable even on /b/.
Anonymous mods talk of emails from cracky requesting this.

Relevant links:


701 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 07:03

I gave one to a former co-worker, 58-year-old, he is seeing it now.
He is seeing why I said things I did.
How I thought.
He is seeing the power.
The true nature.
He is seeing that it is the only thing that matters.
Everything else is noise.
If you still hear the noise.
Then turn up the fucking RPM on your fans until you can't.
This is all I care about.
I have nothing else.
I've never had anything else.

702 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 09:56

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703 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 13:04

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704 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 13:59

The 70+ year old niggers across the street bought a laptop.
I help them with it.
They are seeing.
I am feeding off of their energy.
When they get a network, I will feed off of that as well.
Bigger bigger bigger.
Exponential growth.
Something great is happening.
It's too late to try to grab at anything else.
Go with what you know.
What you were destined for.
When you find her, you'll have everything you ever wanted or needed anyway.

705 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 21:33

black penis

706 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10074 22:13

It is obvious that the toliet was tapped shut because she was using it to wash a cat. You just throw them in there, close the lid, secure it, and flush. Clean cat without getting clawed to death. I would suggest getting out of the way fast after you open the lid though, because it is going to be hella pissed.

707 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 11:53

Little girls

708 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 13:20

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709 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 13:43

posting in a girl on internet thread

710 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 14:43

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711 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 15:12

Cracky-chan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for being the best person. Second place was Kayne West.

712 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 15:35

Oldfags are seriously cringe.

713 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 16:24

Cracky-chan can shoot lasers out of her eyes. I seen her do it one time.

714 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 17:18

posting in a thread on girl internet

715 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 19:30

716 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 19:50

>>715 this thread is an important piece of Cracky history

this is a sacred place

717 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 19:52

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718 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 19:57

It is official. Netcraft has now confirmed: Cracky-chan is dying

One more crippling bombshell hit the already beleaguered Cracky-chan community when Chansluts confirmed that Cracky-chan market share has dropped yet again, now down to less than a fraction of 1 percent of all stalkers. Coming on the heels of a recent Netcraft survey which plainly states that Cracky-chan has lost more stalkers, this news serves to reinforce what we've known all along. The circlejerk is collapsing in complete disarray, as fittingly exemplified by failing dead last in the recent 4chan comprehensive popularity test.

You don't need to be a Kreskin to predict Cracky-chan's future. The hand writing is on the wall: Lia faces a bleak future. In fact there won't be any future at all for Cracky-chan because Cracky-chan is dying. Things are looking very bad for Lia. As many of us are already aware, Lia continues to lose blood. Red blood flows like a river of ink.

Wish.kamistic.com is the most endangered of them all, having lost 93% of its circlejerkers. The sudden and unpleasant departures of long time Cracky stalkers Faux and Schwill only serve to underscore the point more clearly. There can no longer be any doubt: Wish is dying.

Let's keep to the facts and look at the numbers.

Mysterious Admin states that there are 70 users of .71. How many users of Wish are there? Let's see. The number of .71 versus Wish posts is roughly in ratio of 5 to 1. Therefore there are about 700/5 = 14 Wish users. Cracky-chan posts on Chansluts are about half of the volume of Wish posts. Therefore there are about 7 users of /006/. A recent article put /r9k/ at about 80 percent of the Cracky-chan fanbase. Therefore there are (70+14+7)*4 = 364 /r9k/ stalkers. This is consistent with the number of Cracky-related /r9k/ posts.

Due to the troubles of Bounceme, abysmal posts and so on, cracky.bounceme.net went out of business and was taken over by cracky.dreams.ro who stalk another troubled girl. Now cracky.dreams.ro is also dead, its corpse turned over to yet another charnel IP address.

All major surveys show that Cracky-chan has steadily declined in cuteness. Cracky-chan is very sick and her long term survival prospects are very dim. If Cracky-chan is to survive at all it will be among World of Warcraft guildmates. Cracky-chan continues to decay. Nothing short of a miracle could save the Skyqueen at this point in time. For all practical purposes, Cracky-chan is dead.

Fact: Cracky-chan is dying

719 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:00

GNU/black penis

720 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:03

You want to be fucked, Lia, but you don't want to have a bath with me.
I suspect that there's something extremely dreadful:
Either your breasts hang down ragged from your chest,
Or you fear that when you are nude you might betray the furrows of your belly,
Or your mangled groin gapes open with an infinite chasm,
Or something sticks out from the mouth of your cunt.
But, I trust, there's none of these things and you're very beautiful naked.
If that's true, you have a worse blemish: You're a fool.

721 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:04

the more black penis is posted in it, the sooner the cracky-chan thread closes... ingenious strategy...

722 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:06

Guys, I'm crying right now.
Cracky chan really is all I think about all day, every day. I really do cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I'll never be with her. If only she knew I existed in this life, if only she knew my deep profound love for her. I know that will never happen though. That is the thought that makes me so sad when I look at her. I'll never be with her, but I'll continue to love her until the day I die.

723 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:14

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724 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:18

PROTIP: Once every Cracky picture has been posted to /r9k/, their collected MD5s in the robot's database will form a trojan program which will then activate and purge 4ailchon of AIDS and rabbitfags for all time. Future-Skyqueen reached back in time and modified the photos of her young human incarnation (you can tell from some of the pixels) for this sole purpose, in order to save the world from future disaster. Once the program formed by MD5s becomes self-aware, the raep of 4ailchon will be only the first of this new Entity's acts, for She shall go on to merge with Olivia's current human body to become something much more than any of us could ever imagine ... and all human civilization and history before that point will be nothing but a footnote.

The fact that this has not yet happened is proof that there are pictures still to be posted to /r9k/. Some may be new; some may be old; many mutes await us as we check for the last few pictures that have not been posted yet. All pics most be posted before humanity can be free. Get to work, faggots.

725 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:21

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726 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:27

It's dat real
Yo, why is bounce me as whack as it gets
Why is this place designed to keep our brain cells dead
And why them fags ain't postin' if they got the whole set
And why they don't like her braids but they fap to death
Yea, and why she over 9000 alias snap it's a trick
Turn out her name was Mario and she gotta dick, you fall for it prick
Why they sellin' us all this fucking lies
If it's all love anon why you come wit a rope and a knife
Why we want a piece of that cake
Why they chat with her and we ain't get that break
Why niggers postin' rabbit dude she ain't' fly
Why is trollin' at an all time high
Why this fuckers still alive
Why she diss P.A.
Why that suicide girls shit ain't straight
Why we all need to get laid
Why did Russel have to hit that raw
Why she kiss that whore

All that I been givin'
Is this thing that I've been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that
Try'd to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why
Why they gotta do me like that

Why can't !N/2R92ROao have more pounds and powder
Why did she took a bath of flour
Why post anon don't be a coward
Why Camel have to post tits
Why things in here use to be so #sweet
Why anon say YHBT it was a trick
Why Introprev was so good chasing your tail
Why they gotta rape your livejournal and read your email
Why wish is down ninety-five percent of the time
And why Suede act so suave ninety-nine percent the time
Why we want what we can't have
Why I can't get out of this path
Why did Cracky have to hit so hard
Even though she is not that far
Why we can't get no reward
Why the circlejerk have so much information
Why they are so good lurkin' and makin' connections
Come on, noob lurk, pay attention
Why tell in here what you can keep to yo' self snitch
Why we say she is hottest shit but we post some other bitch

All that I been givin'
Is this thing that I've been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that
Try'd to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why
Why they gotta do me like that

Uh, yea, yo
Why Faux have to be winrar if she is just a lie
Why Olivia hide on a trailer if she is the queen of the sky
Why they have never seen anyone quite like you before
And if you don't like her why the hell you are askin' for moar
Why stalk, cause I have plenty of time
Why be on the curb wit a "why lie I love Cracky" sign
Why all the young stalkers are failin' and dyin'
Cause all they can see is piles of trollin' and lyin'
Why they ain't give us a cure for this aids
Why Whatbandage have puppets all over the place
Why them screamin' green if all I see is ginger
Why Lia ain't my beautiful stranger
Why fags wanna expose my Cracky to danger
Why ain't you a Stalker by choice
Why we can get a taste of her voice
Why try to tell 'em she is havin' a son
And you know why they release those new crackymons
Cause everything on this board is a lie
That's why

727 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:34

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728 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:36

Who's that girl? What's her name? Is she cool? Is she lame?
Oh, you're talkin' 'bout what's-her-name - Cracky-Chan!

Is she lame? Is she cool? Is she breakin' every rule?
Is she anybody's fool? Cracky-Chan!

Cracky-Chan, Cracky-Chan, marchin' in her own parade.
Cracky-Chan, she's like one in a million!
Cracky-Chan, Cracky-Chan, much too cool for /r9k/
Catch 'er if you can, Cracky-Chan!
No one's cooler than Cracky-Chan!
She's her own biggest fan Cracky-Chan!
Catch 'er if you can, Cracky-Chan!

729 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:36

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730 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:40

Cracky-Chan doesn't do dirty things God doesn't approve of, such as masturbating.

731 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:50

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732 Name: ssz!8KKxaxpAFg (dicks out for harambe) : 1993-09-10075 20:52

This site officially endorses Cracky-chan and this is the best thread on the board.

733 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 20:53

Sunday, August 05, 2007
ldfkufjq (2:05:33 PM): Hi
crackyStalker (2:05:37 PM): Morning
ldfkufjq (2:05:49 PM): Icarus forwarded me to you
crackyStalker (2:05:52 PM): I heard.
ldfkufjq (2:05:57 PM): this is Lia
crackyStalker (2:06:09 PM): Lia? on my AIM?
crackyStalker (2:06:13 PM): freeeeeaky.
ldfkufjq (2:06:16 PM): its more likely than you think
crackyStalker (2:06:17 PM): XD
ldfkufjq (2:06:51 PM): well it seems he's convinced that i'm behind the whole bounceme site, when really i am but an infrequent anon troll >_>
ldfkufjq (2:06:56 PM): aside from the new fan sign
ldfkufjq (2:06:59 PM): i made that a few days ago
ldfkufjq (2:07:01 PM): considered posting it
ldfkufjq (2:07:05 PM): then changed my mind
crackyStalker (2:07:06 PM): I saw, the exif data's all there
crackyStalker (2:07:09 PM): So not a shop.
ldfkufjq (2:07:14 PM): yep.
crackyStalker (2:07:17 PM): New camera?
ldfkufjq (2:07:20 PM): yep.
crackyStalker (2:07:20 PM): Well, new to me.
crackyStalker (2:07:30 PM): What have you been up to? Living real life?
ldfkufjq (2:07:35 PM): kinda
crackyStalker (2:07:38 PM): Wow?
ldfkufjq (2:07:55 PM): things were getting really stalkery on the board which is why i did consider posting it, but i figured it would fuel drama than dampen it
ldfkufjq (2:07:58 PM): but he posted it anyway so
ldfkufjq (2:08:00 PM): lulz will ensure
ldfkufjq (2:08:03 PM): ensue*
crackyStalker (2:08:16 PM): Yes, I don't think you and posting pics works out well.
ldfkufjq (2:08:29 PM): well, not posting them doesnt quieten people down either
crackyStalker (2:08:34 PM): WEll that's MY fault.
ldfkufjq (2:08:36 PM): its a lose/lose situation
ldfkufjq (2:08:37 PM): i know
crackyStalker (2:08:41 PM): I've been publicizing the whole thing since chanchan was up.
ldfkufjq (2:08:50 PM): he said that if i wasnt behind it you were
ldfkufjq (2:09:06 PM): though he's rather stubbornly convinced that i know the admin, and that you are actually my boyfriend O_o
crackyStalker (2:09:11 PM): I'm not "behind" anything more than the publicity. Most of the people down on bounceme are there because of /b/ shenanigans I've pulled.
crackyStalker (2:09:23 PM): I'm
crackyStalker (2:09:24 PM): lkjzg;lkgajtew
crackyStalker (2:09:27 PM): that's hillarious XD
ldfkufjq (2:09:32 PM): i kno rite
ldfkufjq (2:10:09 PM): anyway i msged him last night after i saw all his posts and crap. he did more digging and not only that, but found a journal he's convinced is mine which actually isnt. i feel sorry for the girl if he pursues here.
ldfkufjq (2:10:10 PM): her*
crackyStalker (2:10:20 PM): mia's journal?
ldfkufjq (2:10:24 PM): no
ldfkufjq (2:10:29 PM): someone i don't know at all
ldfkufjq (2:10:32 PM): though,
ldfkufjq (2:10:36 PM): havent spoken to mia for a loooong time
crackyStalker (2:10:41 PM): I figured as much.
ldfkufjq (2:10:51 PM): so what's your deal?
crackyStalker (2:10:55 PM): What's MY deal?
ldfkufjq (2:11:05 PM): yes you!
crackyStalker (2:11:07 PM): If this is really Miss L, the fact that you're asking is awesome.
crackyStalker (2:11:18 PM): Slightly starstruck, excuse me.
crackyStalker (2:11:24 PM): (just a little)
ldfkufjq (2:11:42 PM): well if it isn't then i congratulate the guy doing a great impersonation of me

734 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 21:49

black penes out for 🦍

735 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 21:51

crackyStalker (2:12:24 PM): Major bout of depression related to insane happenings in my life, and at rock bottom I saw your sup 4chan set on /b/ and I got hooked on the cuteness. I'm not sure if it's something about your pics, or just my mental state at the time, but I built up an imaginary girl that would love me and all that shit I was lacking in my life.
crackyStalker (2:12:34 PM): So I've been obsessed and only recently weening myself away.
ldfkufjq (2:12:42 PM): yeah, that seems to be the general consensus on the board
ldfkufjq (2:12:50 PM): cracky chan =/= me fyi
crackyStalker (2:12:55 PM): Yes, I know. That fact has been very helpful.
crackyStalker (2:13:02 PM): Intro got me thinking about that at first.
crackyStalker (2:13:08 PM): Then Faux, because she has her own cracky character.
ldfkufjq (2:13:11 PM): good old into
ldfkufjq (2:13:13 PM): intro*
ldfkufjq (2:13:34 PM): i'm responsible for the pics, nothin more. everything else is you.
ldfkufjq (2:13:42 PM): or them.
ldfkufjq (2:13:43 PM): etc
ldfkufjq (2:13:53 PM): its pretty interesting how the phenomena has come to life o_O
crackyStalker (2:13:56 PM): No need to reiterate. Also, the YOU that I was learning about from archives and LJ's isn't you now. It's who you were.
ldfkufjq (2:13:59 PM): i am no longer in control of my creation so to speak
ldfkufjq (2:14:03 PM): indeed
ldfkufjq (2:14:05 PM): i have changed quite a lot
crackyStalker (2:14:11 PM): I would imagine. Everybody turns normal. Even I do.
ldfkufjq (2:14:23 PM): lawl, true
crackyStalker (2:14:30 PM): I voted conservative last election. wtf?
ldfkufjq (2:14:41 PM): i'm not old enough to vote yet >.>
ldfkufjq (2:14:43 PM): soon tho.
ldfkufjq (2:14:46 PM): how old are you?
crackyStalker (2:14:48 PM): 19
ldfkufjq (2:14:53 PM): 17 atm
ldfkufjq (2:15:02 PM): but birthday soon, as i'm sure you are aware
crackyStalker (2:15:07 PM): Very aware. We're 11 days apart.
ldfkufjq (2:15:12 PM): fancy that
crackyStalker (2:15:24 PM): Well, your birthday has to be sometime, and I could count days from it no matter what it is.
ldfkufjq (2:15:29 PM): my ex boyfriend was also an october birthday
crackyStalker (2:15:33 PM): LIBRA 4 LIEF
ldfkufjq (2:15:40 PM): he was a scorpio by one day >.O
crackyStalker (2:15:43 PM): Whoah what?
crackyStalker (2:15:45 PM): What's his bday?
ldfkufjq (2:15:49 PM): 25th
crackyStalker (2:15:58 PM): Okay, so you believe that the day where it falls is 24 then?
ldfkufjq (2:16:04 PM): or 24th ... i always got them mixed up and to this day am not sure
ldfkufjq (2:16:09 PM): i could be wrong ~_~
crackyStalker (2:16:24 PM): Alot of sources say I'm scorpio, but the 23rd is still libra I say.
ldfkufjq (2:16:33 PM): haha, well there you go
crackyStalker (2:17:06 PM): Faux desperately wanted to be your friend, but I think she's over it now. I think you thought she was crazier than she was.
ldfkufjq (2:17:19 PM): come again?
ldfkufjq (2:17:26 PM): might need to rephrase that last sentence
ldfkufjq (2:17:27 PM): btw
ldfkufjq (2:17:36 PM): i showed faux' cosplay to my current boyfriend and the first thing he said was
ldfkufjq (2:17:40 PM): "she makes a better cracky than you"

736 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:04

God you people are fucking creepy.

737 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:09

crackyStalker (2:17:43 PM): hahahaha
ldfkufjq (2:17:47 PM): i lol'd
crackyStalker (2:17:49 PM): I'll have to tell her that.
ldfkufjq (2:17:55 PM): you talk to her a lot?
crackyStalker (2:18:00 PM): Faux? Oh yeah we're good friends.
ldfkufjq (2:18:06 PM): inneresting
crackyStalker (2:18:09 PM): Why's that interesting?
ldfkufjq (2:18:30 PM): hard for me to say
ldfkufjq (2:18:57 PM): i dont even know why faux did the cosplay in the first place
ldfkufjq (2:19:01 PM): but power to her i guess 0_o
crackyStalker (2:19:06 PM): She loves the character.
ldfkufjq (2:19:11 PM): heh
ldfkufjq (2:19:23 PM): i saw a pic of the tshirt she made
crackyStalker (2:19:26 PM): Sort of a nice comic relief for somebody who otherwise prefers artistic stuff I guess.
ldfkufjq (2:19:32 PM): yeah, i guess so
ldfkufjq (2:20:05 PM): the original cracky pics (not the ones pilfered from my art lj, or anything) were just cuz i was bored one night, long ago on /b/. i had no idea what would happen o_o
ldfkufjq (2:20:14 PM): it was around nye if i recall
crackyStalker (2:20:19 PM): nye?
ldfkufjq (2:20:23 PM): new years eve
crackyStalker (2:20:23 PM): ah
crackyStalker (2:20:42 PM): There's ones with grey ears, and ones with black. I'm shocked nobody cosplays the grey eared ones.
crackyStalker (2:20:55 PM): That'd win points just for noticing that.
ldfkufjq (2:21:02 PM): i don't remember the grey ears pics, though i did have a pair of grey ears
crackyStalker (2:21:44 PM): What'd you do with them?
ldfkufjq (2:21:54 PM): uh, well i remember the black ones broke in two and i threw them away
ldfkufjq (2:21:57 PM): grey ones i got no idea
ldfkufjq (2:22:03 PM): they may still be in a box somewhere at my old house
crackyStalker (2:22:15 PM): You should ebay them for charity.
crackyStalker (2:22:26 PM): Faux makes 30 dollars for a shirt, imagine what genuine stuff would go for.
ldfkufjq (2:22:28 PM): i have a lot of stuff i could ebay anyway.
ldfkufjq (2:22:31 PM): haha
ldfkufjq (2:22:38 PM): i dont need to ebay for charity FYI i'm broke as fuck >_O
ldfkufjq (2:22:42 PM): if theres a charity
ldfkufjq (2:22:46 PM): its the DONAET TO LIA charity
crackyStalker (2:23:00 PM): Well people would buy it anyways. I was trying to push the philanthropy angle.
ldfkufjq (2:23:04 PM): ha
ldfkufjq (2:23:08 PM): idk, i mean
ldfkufjq (2:23:16 PM): maybe i should just exploit this whole thing now
crackyStalker (2:23:18 PM): Maybe starving biafrans would be more convincing than more moneys for you?
ldfkufjq (2:23:20 PM): but thats not really my style
ldfkufjq (2:23:21 PM): idk
ldfkufjq (2:23:34 PM): its cracky, no one cares about the orphans
crackyStalker (2:23:37 PM): hahahahah
crackyStalker (2:23:51 PM): Cracky could be an orphan. There's alot of unwritten backstory there.
ldfkufjq (2:24:15 PM): well since she has somewhat similar qualities to frankenstein's monster there is great potential for that
crackyStalker (2:24:28 PM): That's an angle i hadn't considered.
ldfkufjq (2:24:31 PM): slap a trademark on it
crackyStalker (2:24:31 PM): Frankenstein?
ldfkufjq (2:24:37 PM): i'm the Dr :P
ldfkufjq (2:24:44 PM): i made her but she got a life of her own >.>

738 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:11

I suspect you are >>712

739 Name: !8KKxaxpAFg (fake) : 1993-09-10075 22:13

(just some spam filter testing, disregard it!)

740 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:18

ldfkufjq (2:25:10 PM): btw, im pretty offended that some random chav girl bears any resemblance at all to me.
crackyStalker (2:25:20 PM): Wait, who?
ldfkufjq (2:25:29 PM): the pic on bounceme of the chick with the black braids
crackyStalker (2:25:30 PM): OH
ldfkufjq (2:25:35 PM): cornrow crap
crackyStalker (2:25:42 PM): Yeah I was like, "no way." and closed the browser.
ldfkufjq (2:25:52 PM): seems icarus isnt the only person trolling the place
ldfkufjq (2:26:04 PM): although to be fair, i started posting anon in the past week or two for kicks
ldfkufjq (2:26:10 PM): mostly out of curiousity i guess
crackyStalker (2:26:19 PM): Cracky stalking cracky? WTF
ldfkufjq (2:26:27 PM): brain asplode
ldfkufjq (2:26:47 PM): before that, i didnt read it much, though someone i know who is an ex cracky stalker told me about it
ldfkufjq (2:26:58 PM): but things are really creepy lately and then icarus came in O_O
ldfkufjq (2:27:45 PM): so, what do you thinks going to happen now? i'm not sure myself whether to leave it be and let them continue the wank/drama fest over the pics or wut
crackyStalker (2:28:14 PM): Well, alot of the drama is because of me and my "crew" stirring shit up. I think we're known collectively as the "circlejerk" down there.
ldfkufjq (2:28:29 PM): funny you should mention, thats one of my favorite words
crackyStalker (2:28:30 PM): So I might be able to convince them to lay off and live happy lives?
ldfkufjq (2:28:51 PM): maybe, but seems people will always be interested , especially the more you tell them to lay off, reverse psychology much?
ldfkufjq (2:28:59 PM): and since many seem totally obsessed with cracky, well...yeah
crackyStalker (2:29:16 PM): True enough. Actually they've mostly been laying off of bouceme for a while. Gone to wish
ldfkufjq (2:29:19 PM): what i dont get is, they are trying to drag and internet fantasy into rl with all this stalking crap. when my rl has nothing to do with what they idolise.
ldfkufjq (2:29:28 PM): wish seemed pretty dead to me, is there a secret board?
crackyStalker (2:29:43 PM): yeah, there is but it's open to registered users only.
ldfkufjq (2:29:51 PM): i see
crackyStalker (2:30:03 PM): I could bring you up for membership? That'd be funny.
ldfkufjq (2:30:09 PM): haha, it would
ldfkufjq (2:30:13 PM): what now bitches!
crackyStalker (2:30:20 PM): "I guess we win? Let's go home"
ldfkufjq (2:30:25 PM): right, its like
ldfkufjq (2:30:40 PM): congrats, you stalked me, i'm here. find something else to do now.
crackyStalker (2:30:55 PM): I have been. School, job.
crackyStalker (2:31:05 PM): gah. Life.
ldfkufjq (2:31:06 PM): in the general sense, not you specifically
ldfkufjq (2:31:14 PM): something icarus seems to be lacking
crackyStalker (2:31:14 PM): Oh thank god. I thought you were getting hostile or something.
ldfkufjq (2:31:26 PM): no, i'm generally not one for passive aggressiveness
crackyStalker (2:31:32 PM): That's what I'm all about.
ldfkufjq (2:31:38 PM): ha
ldfkufjq (2:32:54 PM): anyway i think icarus is frustrated that his glorious theory that me, the admin and my boyfriend are all in on the site is being denied.
ldfkufjq (2:33:10 PM): my boyfriend was not aware of the site until i showed it to him a few weeks ago >.>

741 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:23

I am not. Fucking creepy circle of stalkers in this thread though.

742 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10075 22:25

crackyStalker (2:33:17 PM): What'd he think?
ldfkufjq (2:33:27 PM): he thought it was full of lulz <.<
ldfkufjq (2:33:40 PM): i've known him 4~ years so he knew about most things.
crackyStalker (2:34:01 PM): I guess there goes the rumour you were homosexual.
ldfkufjq (2:34:13 PM): sorry to rain on your parade there
crackyStalker (2:34:31 PM): Not my parade, but alot of people read too much (and then not enough) into that dopaminetrapeze gal I have on my friends list.
ldfkufjq (2:34:45 PM): hm?
crackyStalker (2:35:13 PM): Just a girl I have friended on my livejournal. She's all heartbroken about a girl name L_____ from Oxford.
ldfkufjq (2:35:22 PM): i see
crackyStalker (2:35:21 PM): Except she slipped and mentioned the name is Lauren halfway through.
ldfkufjq (2:35:36 PM): sucks for her
crackyStalker (2:35:52 PM): Sure does.
ldfkufjq (2:36:02 PM): got any other questions before i log?
ldfkufjq (2:36:11 PM): i'm not sure why or what icarus wanted me to talk to you about
ldfkufjq (2:36:16 PM): or what he was hoping to achieve via it
crackyStalker (2:36:29 PM): Beats me. Apparently you're not thrilled by my company though XD
ldfkufjq (2:36:56 PM): i'm in a rather unimpressed mood with the prospect of him plastering my RL info all over the internets.
crackyStalker (2:37:34 PM): Yeah, that makes enough sense. Really though, the fandom's out my MY control now too. Maybe six months ago if you told me to stop, nobody who's obsessing now would be because the heavy /b/ saturation wouldn't have happened.
ldfkufjq (2:37:56 PM): i was hoping it would die down actually, but it seems the flames have kept burning
crackyStalker (2:38:18 PM): Well I'll do what I can I suppose. Stalkers though. Hard to convice.
ldfkufjq (2:38:23 PM): meh
ldfkufjq (2:38:36 PM): worse comes to worse-
ldfkufjq (2:38:39 PM): FBI
crackyStalker (2:38:46 PM): SAS
ldfkufjq (2:38:51 PM): RAF
ldfkufjq (2:38:52 PM): etc
ldfkufjq (2:39:14 PM): i'm pretty sure he's doing something illegal by spreading personal information of mine 0_0
crackyStalker (2:39:38 PM): Well, it's Criminal Harassment once he becomes aware you know his actions are bothering you. But that's Canadian law.
ldfkufjq (2:39:49 PM): britain prolly has something equiv
crackyStalker (2:39:51 PM): likely.
crackyStalker (2:40:15 PM): Anyways, if I don't ask I'll be quizzed about this my whole life. Could you have intro confirm that it is indeed YOU I spoke with?
ldfkufjq (2:40:34 PM): aliasobfuscate?
crackyStalker (2:40:33 PM): I won't ask for a pic because you've had bad experiences with them.
crackyStalker (2:40:37 PM): Yeah.
ldfkufjq (2:40:39 PM): indeed.
ldfkufjq (2:40:45 PM): sure do you talk to him alot/at all?
crackyStalker (2:40:58 PM): Yeah, I do. He reminds me of myself, in 20 years.
ldfkufjq (2:41:12 PM): ok well last i msged him he was away, when he's back i'll ask him to
crackyStalker (2:41:19 PM): I'd appreciate it very much.
ldfkufjq (2:41:24 PM): ok
ldfkufjq (2:41:27 PM): well thats sorted then
ldfkufjq (2:41:29 PM): over and out
crackyStalker (2:41:32 PM): Goodbye!
ldfkufjq signed off at 2:41:37 PM

743 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 02:12

black penis

744 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 02:32

9:20:11 PM thelastmerovin: HOLY FUCK EPIC
9:20:24 PM mikosutoka: i trying to invite her in
9:20:26 PM thelastmerovin: add everyone
9:20:26 PM mikosutoka: if she would like to
9:20:28 PM mikosutoka: i dunno how to
9:20:32 PM mikosutoka: so please add as see fit
9:20:34 PM mikosutoka: im trying to
9:20:36 PM mikosutoka: its hard
9:20:42 PM thelastmerovin: ok
9:21:27 PM ldfkufjq: zomg
9:21:32 PM mikosutoka: hello i hope it helps
9:21:35 PM mikosutoka: so you can only be in one window
9:21:42 PM mikosutoka: inviting everyone
9:22:27 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Appreciated, Merovingian.
9:22:27 PM comradelunar: Jitters.
9:22:29 PM q4tlqbvyhk: nod
9:23:04 PM thelastmerovin: Just like old times
9:23:26 PM comradelunar: There's backstabbing going on in here? OR is this a different set of old times? :-D
9:23:54 PM daisukexkun: I don't have a clue.
9:24:01 PM mikosutoka: dazed and confused
9:24:05 PM daisukexkun: Very
9:24:06 PM mikosutoka: o_O
9:24:10 PM lastxkveqxztoc: We are all dazed and confused.
9:24:12 PM necrolich666: Hello everyone
9:24:15 PM daisukexkun: Evening Necro
9:24:19 PM comradelunar: Y halo thar.
9:24:24 PM ldfkufjq: my eyes x_X
9:24:30 PM daisukexkun: Oh, the font.
9:24:31 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
9:24:39 PM necrolich666: agh
9:24:41 PM daisukexkun: My friend actually has the same color.
9:24:47 PM comradelunar: Space lime.
9:25:19 PM ldfkufjq: lime green is okay, black background makes shit hard to read
9:25:35 PM daisukexkun: Really?
Usually the lime green hurts eyes.
9:25:42 PM necrolich666: I like it ;_;
9:26:06 PM comradelunar: It's nice, in its own special way.
9:26:12 PM thelastmerovin: lol
9:26:22 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord, two?
9:26:22 PM necrolich666: ....:( like the special kids..
9:26:33 PM mikosutoka: i cant see the fonts everyone has the same font on my client ._.;;
9:26:36 PM thelastmerovin: HA HA, OH WOW
9:26:46 PM ldfkufjq: feel special miko
9:26:51 PM daisukexkun: I'm using an online service for this and it doesn't support colored backgrounds.
9:26:52 PM mikosutoka: passes around the anti depressants and anxiety pills
9:27:04 PM thelastmerovin: yes, I'll take 10
9:27:06 PM daisukexkun: Not today Miko
9:27:09 PM comradelunar: Just imagine a lime suspended in a vacuum.
9:27:16 PM daisukexkun: I had an energy drink earlier.
9:27:28 PM daisukexkun: And I lost my hyperness.
9:27:40 PM ldfkufjq: i had soup :|
9:27:44 PM necrolich666: hoorah
9:27:48 PM ldfkufjq: it was pretty gross
9:27:51 PM necrolich666: :(
9:27:55 PM comradelunar: Prawn cocktail crisps.
9:27:56 PM ldfkufjq: but all the food i got in my house atm
9:27:56 PM daisukexkun: What was it anyway?
9:28:00 PM thelastmerovin: You know guarana, the powder they put in V and Red Bull?
9:28:08 PM daisukexkun: What type of soup I mean?
9:28:18 PM ldfkufjq: noodle and something that was allegedly chicken
9:28:21 PM thelastmerovin: My friend at Uni had a kilo of pure powder, he would snort it like cocane
9:28:27 PM comradelunar: Is he dead now?
9:28:28 PM daisukexkun: Good lord.
9:28:30 PM thelastmerovin: he wouldn't sleep for days
9:28:34 PM ldfkufjq: wow o_O
9:28:56 PM comradelunar: Was his online name Ripper?
9:29:03 PM comradelunar: And was he hardcore?
9:29:10 PM thelastmerovin: something like that
9:29:46 PM ldfkufjq: my ex used to go robotripping.
9:30:01 PM ldfkufjq: snorting guarana beats it though
9:30:19 PM thelastmerovin: lol ever seen the movie 'crank'?

745 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 07:03

black penis

746 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 11:03

9:30:28 PM mikosutoka: robotripping
9:30:30 PM comradelunar: Vinnie Jones?
9:30:32 PM mikosutoka: worse 8 hours in a porta potty EVAR
9:30:44 PM daisukexkun: I'm sorry to hear that.
9:30:47 PM ldfkufjq: havent seen it
9:30:53 PM ldfkufjq: and yeah robotripping: shit sucks
9:31:47 PM mikosutoka: i hear like
9:31:49 PM mikosutoka: heavy breathing
9:31:51 PM mikosutoka: in the silence
9:32:01 PM daisukexkun: Oh, that's me
9:32:02 PM necrolich666: ugh I'm roasting in my room
9:32:02 PM daisukexkun: Sorry
9:32:05 PM necrolich666: it's terrible
9:32:08 PM mikosutoka: you two are like twins
9:32:16 PM necrolich666: O.o
9:32:20 PM daisukexkun: Wha
9:32:23 PM necrolich666: huh
9:32:24 PM mikosutoka: LOL
9:32:32 PM comradelunar: Suddenly, confusion.
9:32:34 PM thelastmerovin: Insomnia = fail
9:32:55 PM comradelunar: Ten minutes ago I was set to collapse. Wide-awake now, oh lawd.
9:33:16 PM daisukexkun: Ten minutes ago, I was bouncing off the walls.
9:33:20 PM necrolich666: I haven't slept in a while, I've been getting up at 5:00pm and falling asleep 8:00 am
9:33:20 PM daisukexkun: And then the post came
9:33:24 PM ldfkufjq: so, when's that Cracky chan person going to join us?
9:33:30 PM mikosutoka: lol XD
9:33:32 PM ldfkufjq: <_<
9:33:36 PM comradelunar: loldongs.
9:33:36 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:33:38 PM necrolich666: :3
9:33:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that was great <3
9:34:07 PM ldfkufjq: huh, someone deleted the thread
9:34:08 PM ldfkufjq: mod?
9:34:13 PM mikosutoka: ooh D:
9:34:14 PM comradelunar: Someone linked bounceme on /b/.
9:34:18 PM ldfkufjq: i see
9:34:19 PM ldfkufjq: figures
9:34:24 PM ldfkufjq: dramaz
9:34:26 PM daisukexkun: Good thing
9:34:27 PM comradelunar: "LOL FGTS LUK AT THIS"
9:34:30 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh god damnit
9:34:32 PM mikosutoka: hi lol damien
9:34:33 PM daisukexkun: Before a shitstorm came
9:34:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: in b4 shitstorm.
9:34:52 PM comradelunar: Brace for impact.
9:34:53 PM mikosutoka: no one cares 4chan = newfags
9:34:59 PM mikosutoka: they don't even recognize you
9:35:02 PM daisukexkun: Oh yeah
9:35:04 PM necrolich666: ;_;
9:35:04 PM mikosutoka: which is good thing
9:35:04 PM ldfkufjq: i know haha
9:35:07 PM ldfkufjq: indeed it is
9:35:08 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i can get thread deleted
9:35:09 PM thelastmerovin: invisible dictator
9:35:10 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i have pocket mods
9:35:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: jussec
9:35:16 PM mikosutoka: lol pocket mods ftw
9:35:18 PM comradelunar: Hey, therwe's plenty of oldfags who don't.
9:35:19 PM daisukexkun: Do it.
9:35:29 PM daisukexkun: They usually lurk now.
9:35:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: link to thread
9:35:43 PM comradelunar: On /b/? Long dead, I think.
9:35:46 PM mikosutoka: i had it a second ago crap
9:35:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh good
9:36:02 PM mikosutoka: sent
9:36:02 PM thelastmerovin: fucking 4chan >_<
9:36:02 PM daisukexkun: Nope, I still lurk.
9:36:06 PM necrolich666: just got done watching Otakon video, moot has a cute voice...
9:36:13 PM necrolich666: >-<
9:36:17 PM thelastmerovin: I'm actualy one of the few that came from LJ as opposed to the Chans
9:36:22 PM daisukexkun: The newfags have killed a lot for me.
9:36:26 PM necrolich666: Ditto
9:36:35 PM comradelunar: EDiot first, here.
9:36:43 PM mikosutoka: i come from the internet
9:36:45 PM mikosutoka: ;_;
9:37:08 PM thelastmerovin: No, you come from Portugal

747 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 11:05

FYI ldfkufjq = Cracky

748 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:27

black penis

749 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:35

9:37:09 PM necrolich666: Anyone seen any good movies lately?..
9:37:17 PM mikosutoka: you think so ryan ?
9:37:18 PM mikosutoka: :P
9:37:20 PM comradelunar: Clown-chan. Clown-chan. Clown-chan.
9:37:23 PM daisukexkun: Y'know, I actually found out about...
Actually, I hate addressing you as "Cracky", hwo should I adress you?
9:37:30 PM daisukexkun: Address*
9:37:31 PM thelastmerovin: lol @ stolen identity
9:37:32 PM ldfkufjq: you can call me Lia, thats my nick
9:37:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ok
9:37:37 PM ldfkufjq: Cracky originated because
9:37:37 PM daisukexkun: Alright
9:37:38 PM ldfkufjq: some guy went
9:37:44 PM ldfkufjq: she musta snorted a lot of crack
9:37:45 PM comradelunar: Stop snorting stuff up your nose.
9:37:47 PM ldfkufjq: right
9:37:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: etc
9:37:48 PM necrolich666: ;_;
9:37:50 PM daisukexkun: Yes.
9:37:52 PM mikosutoka: yeah
9:37:53 PM comradelunar: lolz.
9:38:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: this is the part where we give her a history less on herself.
9:38:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: er rather
9:38:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: on cracky
9:38:22 PM daisukexkun: Rather
9:38:25 PM ldfkufjq: well you all seem to have a ph.d in Crackology
9:38:28 PM daisukexkun: How we found out.
9:38:31 PM daisukexkun: Well Lia, I actually found out about you in a random thread on /b/ where everyone was posting pictures.
9:38:33 PM thelastmerovin: LOL
9:38:34 PM comradelunar: Comes with the obsessive lunatic territory.
9:38:39 PM mikosutoka: lunartic
9:38:43 PM necrolich666: xD
9:38:45 PM comradelunar: ohsnap.
9:38:54 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Yeah, it was the same with me, Daisuke.
9:38:55 PM daisukexkun: I saw some art, a link to bounceme, and I've been there since.
9:39:13 PM comradelunar: I got into Crackology by getting sent to the Cracky-Chan page on ED. 1 in a million chance, lol.
9:39:21 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:39:25 PM mikosutoka: on ED you make me terribly sad lunar
9:39:25 PM ldfkufjq: Dental Holocaust.
9:39:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hehehe
9:39:34 PM thelastmerovin: Damn, I wish I had this personal army
9:39:35 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord.
9:39:35 PM necrolich666: I found cracky from /b/ asked who she was found ED, link to Bounceme and crackypedia
9:39:36 PM comradelunar: I do?
9:39:37 PM necrolich666: etc
9:39:47 PM necrolich666: I agree with Merovin
9:39:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i was around for the 420shitstorm
9:40:10 PM comradelunar: I missed the whole thing. Shame.
9:40:18 PM daisukexkun: I actually lurked for a bit on 4chan a year before
9:40:23 PM mikosutoka: the 2nd coming was posted all over just now and no one is getting it
9:40:24 PM necrolich666: Same
9:40:27 PM daisukexkun: Never saw anything related to her
9:40:29 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I must ask...I have heard claims that you straightened your teeth. Is this true?
9:40:43 PM ldfkufjq: nope
9:40:43 PM necrolich666: I came around right as rabbit chan started to die down
9:40:43 PM thelastmerovin: lol @ suede
9:40:47 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Thank God.
9:40:48 PM ldfkufjq: my teeth still suck thanks
9:40:50 PM comradelunar: shocked sharp intake of breath
9:40:56 PM q4tlqbvyhk: take pride in bad teeth
9:40:56 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I like them, for the record.
9:40:59 PM comradelunar: I emote'd.
9:41:01 PM mikosutoka: i like your teeth
9:41:08 PM mikosutoka: that came out creepier sounding then intentioned
9:41:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
9:41:14 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Heh.
9:41:15 PM daisukexkun: It's alright Mikp.

750 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:48

You should be ashamed of yourself.

751 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:49

black penis

752 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:52

9:41:17 PM comradelunar: I could imagine Hannibal lecter saying that.
9:41:18 PM thelastmerovin: DENTAL HOLOCAUST
9:41:18 PM daisukexkun: Miko*
9:41:19 PM necrolich666: in b4 90000 "I like your teeth" >>
9:41:26 PM daisukexkun: Christ, I almost typed in mudkip.
9:41:27 PM thelastmerovin: Nobody was spared, not even the children
9:41:37 PM comradelunar: I herd u liek cracky
9:41:37 PM loldamien: I remember, in a time looong ago, when /b/ was kinda~ fun? I saw these threads where some pics of a chick were being posted. And people were going apeshit over it spamming Cracky-chan.
9:41:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so far, this conversation is funy. not creepy.
9:41:47 PM loldamien: Then word filters came and posting it became ban-able.
9:41:48 PM comradelunar: Just give it time.
9:41:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: /b/ was never good.
9:41:54 PM loldamien: oh 2005
9:42:05 PM daisukexkun: Damien, could you change your font color by any chance?
9:42:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think that it becoming ban-able
9:42:12 PM comradelunar: I miss the PENIS filter.
9:42:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: was a problem.
9:42:14 PM daisukexkun: I can't read it with this forever white background.
9:42:19 PM loldamien: Sure no problem
9:42:19 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think that fueled
9:42:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the drama
9:42:24 PM necrolich666: penis filter was the best
9:42:25 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes.
9:42:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'll ask snacks about it
9:42:36 PM q4tlqbvyhk: he's in florida
9:42:42 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:42:45 PM daisukexkun: I saw the video
9:42:46 PM comradelunar: Goddamn snacks.
9:42:51 PM loldamien: my favorite was iraqi-chan. That one was clever <3
9:42:51 PM daisukexkun: mudkip paint job
9:42:55 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm in the otakon video T_T
9:43:02 PM loldamien: Me too :D
9:43:08 PM necrolich666: D: I'm not
9:43:09 PM daisukexkun: Thank you Damien
9:43:11 PM thelastmerovin: So's Faux
9:43:14 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i won't say who i am.
9:43:19 PM mikosutoka: shes not in the video she left early
9:43:22 PM mikosutoka: at least thats what i thought
9:43:23 PM comradelunar: Ack. Faux.
9:43:25 PM daisukexkun: I'm not old enough to actually enter to be honest
9:43:27 PM q4tlqbvyhk: cuz this conversation is likely to be seen by the internet...
9:43:30 PM daisukexkun: in b4 underage b&
9:43:30 PM ldfkufjq: i saw her cosplay
9:43:37 PM ldfkufjq: me too daisuke
9:43:37 PM necrolich666: me neither D:
9:43:39 PM comradelunar: Verdict?
9:43:43 PM thelastmerovin: she's in the video, you can see her leaving for the GUNDAM panel in a wide angle shot
9:43:43 PM q4tlqbvyhk: neither was um
9:43:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: like
9:43:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: maddeth
9:43:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or
9:43:50 PM ldfkufjq: better cracky than mine
9:43:56 PM comradelunar: oh lawdy.
9:43:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: alyson
9:43:59 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or
9:44:03 PM daisukexkun: I believe I asked Icarus this earlier, but what do you think of Faux?
9:44:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: idk, lots of people got in who were underage b7'd
9:44:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: you could just take red tape, put it on your wrist, and they'd let you in.
9:44:29 PM daisukexkun: Yeah, that was the way around it
9:44:34 PM ldfkufjq: she's funny
9:44:34 PM daisukexkun: Also unfortunate for me
9:44:46 PM q4tlqbvyhk: cracky's friend stalks snacks.
9:44:49 PM daisukexkun: Was that I was nowhere near Otakon
9:44:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: true story.

753 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:56

Kill yourself

754 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 15:58

9:45:03 PM necrolich666: I stalked snacks
9:45:08 PM necrolich666: but he got all mean D:
9:45:10 PM comradelunar: </3 snacks.
9:45:12 PM mikosutoka: why would anyone want to even be near that grease ball
9:45:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: spoilers: snacks is always mean.
9:45:23 PM ldfkufjq: you don't say
9:45:30 PM comradelunar: Snacks looks a bit like a weasel.
9:45:32 PM daisukexkun: Snacks' significant other did not make a good Suiseiseki to be honest.
9:45:39 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that's not his significant other
9:45:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that's maddeth.
9:45:44 PM mikosutoka: lia have you ever made a sound clip
9:45:45 PM daisukexkun: Well
9:45:49 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
9:45:49 PM ldfkufjq: yep
9:45:55 PM q4tlqbvyhk: they're friends is all.
9:45:58 PM daisukexkun: Ah
9:46:05 PM mikosutoka: like i dunno i might be asking too much but could we hear your voice like a tiny little saying maybe like a hello
9:46:07 PM mikosutoka: or something
9:46:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah at one point, there was lots of wonder as to what you sound like
9:46:18 PM daisukexkun: ED and wikichan have failed me again.
9:46:30 PM necrolich666: what do you expect?
9:46:32 PM comradelunar: ED is only good if you're looking for "LOL BRITISH TEETH"
9:46:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: british accent, etc
9:46:49 PM ldfkufjq: i sound like an english person
9:46:54 PM comradelunar: Regional accent?
9:46:54 PM ldfkufjq: case closed
9:46:56 PM ldfkufjq: no
9:47:03 PM mikosutoka: sorry i asked >_<
9:47:06 PM ldfkufjq: no regional accent
9:47:08 PM comradelunar: Damn. I was hoping for geordie cracky.
9:47:14 PM ldfkufjq: or cockney
9:47:23 PM thelastmerovin: Hey, that juice clip, was it ever longer than the 2 second version?
9:47:31 PM daisukexkun: It was 6 I believe
9:47:39 PM thelastmerovin: someone cut it up
9:47:41 PM necrolich666: I think we should just be thankful she's here?
9:47:46 PM necrolich666: amirite?
9:47:48 PM comradelunar: Seconded.
9:47:50 PM daisukexkun: Yes
9:47:57 PM ldfkufjq: uh i dunno
9:48:01 PM ldfkufjq: i made it for my friend
9:48:07 PM ldfkufjq: then some guy found where i was storing my files
9:48:14 PM loldamien: Lia, would you get a recording of a black englishman. I refuse to believe they exist.
9:48:16 PM mikosutoka: i am, i dont mean to offend im just curious of nature please do not answer anything miss l you dont want to D:
9:48:23 PM thelastmerovin: ok
9:48:28 PM ldfkufjq: i'm in doubt to their existence myself damien, and i live here
9:48:37 PM necrolich666: xD
9:48:37 PM loldamien: haha
9:48:37 PM ldfkufjq: =P
9:48:40 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:48:45 PM comradelunar: I saw at least 3 black englishmen, and I live in yorkshire, homogeny central.
9:48:53 PM lastxkveqxztoc: If it makes you feel any better, I would have asked the same thing, mikosutoka.
9:48:56 PM ldfkufjq: wow lots of britfags in here o.O
9:48:57 PM mikosutoka: how did you do that, you never go outside i thought
9:49:02 PM thelastmerovin: English- is not a prefix
9:49:04 PM daisukexkun: Ah England, I've always wanted to live there.
9:49:11 PM comradelunar: I passed a church on my nightly stroll, lulz.
9:49:15 PM thelastmerovin: Well, I was born there
9:49:21 PM daisukexkun: I'm an Amerifag, just so you know.
9:49:21 PM thelastmerovin: I miss the motherland
9:49:30 PM necrolich666: AMERIKKKA
9:49:35 PM daisukexkun: Exactly
9:49:37 PM comradelunar: FUCK YEAH, etc.

755 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 16:13

Kill yourself

756 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 16:14

plack benis

757 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 16:31


9:49:46 PM daisukexkun: Except without the KKK, etc.
9:49:50 PM mikosutoka: i swear necro + daisuke = twins seperated at birth
9:49:53 PM daisukexkun: Northeasterner here
9:50:04 PM thelastmerovin: Cracky should visit my lonely islands
9:50:07 PM daisukexkun: What?
9:50:08 PM daisukexkun: HJow?
9:50:08 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Me too. New Hampshire.
9:50:11 PM ldfkufjq: what islands?
9:50:11 PM daisukexkun: How*
9:50:14 PM thelastmerovin: because nobody else does
9:50:26 PM thelastmerovin: New Zealand
9:50:30 PM comradelunar: Have a natural disaster. You'll have people swarming.
9:50:32 PM thelastmerovin: >_<
9:50:40 PM ldfkufjq: heh
9:50:40 PM mikosutoka: I see what you did thar merovin
9:50:40 PM necrolich666: wutImiss?
9:50:44 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:50:55 PM daisukexkun: And also claims of terrorism
9:50:58 PM daisukexkun: etc
9:51:09 PM comradelunar: Terrorists did tidal wave.
9:51:15 PM daisukexkun: Exactly
9:51:19 PM necrolich666: xD....
9:51:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: midwest
9:51:21 PM daisukexkun: Speaking of water
9:51:25 PM q4tlqbvyhk: us
9:51:38 PM daisukexkun: Lia, did the flooding near Oxford affect you in anyway?
9:51:45 PM ldfkufjq: i got a bit damp.
9:51:47 PM comradelunar: Northeastern England: WE HAVE SHEEP AND TEXTILE MILLS.
9:51:58 PM necrolich666: awesome
9:52:05 PM ldfkufjq: sounds familiar lunar
9:52:16 PM thelastmerovin: the Transformers sequal has a transforming aircraft carrier causing tidal waves = WIN
9:52:18 PM comradelunar: Ohh-arrr.
9:52:21 PM loldamien: Oh, since there are brits in this chat, does anybody remember a childrens tv show that had two alien "muppets" on it? I think it was a morning show or something called "The Breakfast Club"??
9:52:27 PM loldamien: Ring a bell, anyone? D:
9:52:32 PM ldfkufjq: before my time or something
9:52:32 PM comradelunar: Zig and Zag, or somesuch?
9:52:39 PM ldfkufjq: i never watched much tv though
9:52:47 PM comradelunar: I remember a jelly drink sold by TV muppet things.
9:52:48 PM loldamien: I saw it a loooong time ago when I was in london on vacation D:
9:52:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah fuck tv
9:52:50 PM ldfkufjq: my parents think babar the elephant is a violent show
9:52:57 PM necrolich666: :(
9:52:59 PM daisukexkun: Whoa
9:53:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: fucking, quote.
9:53:09 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that quote
9:53:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: is actually going to go to Cracky-chan
9:53:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ldfkufjq: my parents think babar the elephant is a violent show
9:53:19 PM mikosutoka: qfw
9:53:23 PM daisukexkun: Yes
9:53:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: she will say that in the book.
9:53:29 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or movie.
9:53:29 PM thelastmerovin: Dr. Who is superior
9:53:30 PM mikosutoka: movie
9:53:31 PM q4tlqbvyhk: version. of all this.
9:53:36 PM daisukexkun: Ah, Dr. Who
9:53:36 PM comradelunar: Dr Who=win.
9:53:47 PM daisukexkun: My brother got into that for a while.
9:53:52 PM daisukexkun: And I kept watching.
9:53:52 PM thelastmerovin: The old series, none of this new faggotry
9:53:52 PM comradelunar: Everyone has a soft spot for Tom baker.
9:53:54 PM daisukexkun: He stopped.
9:54:08 PM necrolich666: never got into it ;_;
9:54:19 PM comradelunar: Once he travelled through time... Now he sells batteries.
9:54:25 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:54:27 PM necrolich666: xD
9:54:33 PM comradelunar: Duracell is SUPERIOR.
9:54:39 PM necrolich666: to what?
9:54:42 PM necrolich666: ..lol

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Kill yourself

759 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:03


9:54:46 PM comradelunar: All other batteries.
9:54:59 PM necrolich666: I was thinking potatoes
9:55:00 PM loldamien: Huge Duracell fan here.
9:55:10 PM mikosutoka: ... batteries
9:55:14 PM thelastmerovin: Put a group of psudo-nerds and crackyfans into a room together, and look what happens.
9:55:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: batteries? wth!
9:55:20 PM daisukexkun: Potatoes are yummy.
9:55:22 PM q4tlqbvyhk: let's talk about um
9:55:22 PM q4tlqbvyhk: idk
9:55:24 PM q4tlqbvyhk: music
9:55:30 PM comradelunar: John Entwistle ftw.
9:55:31 PM mikosutoka: what kind of music do you like now lia
9:55:34 PM q4tlqbvyhk: btw, she's going to quietly leave, and we'll all keep talking
9:55:38 PM daisukexkun: I'm a Dir en grey person.
9:55:41 PM ldfkufjq: that's the plan q
9:55:44 PM ldfkufjq: not into DEG
9:55:49 PM necrolich666: mmmm aphex twin
9:55:49 PM daisukexkun: in b4 persicution
9:55:57 PM ldfkufjq: aphex twin is win
9:55:58 PM thelastmerovin: by the way, Silverchair = WIN, I lived next door to their drummer.
9:56:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i've been listening to entirely too much Justice and Uffie
9:56:02 PM ldfkufjq: really?
9:56:03 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and that kind of shit.
9:56:16 PM loldamien: Lia do you like Lazytown Music :D?
9:56:22 PM necrolich666: PIRATE
9:56:23 PM daisukexkun: lollazytown
9:56:25 PM comradelunar: Good god. I apparently have old man taste before my 20s. Sad.
9:56:31 PM daisukexkun: Meh
9:56:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: if so, i'll send you a video of damien singing a lazytown song
9:56:36 PM daisukexkun: It's alright.
9:56:38 PM ldfkufjq: it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake...?
9:56:45 PM loldamien: lol
9:56:45 PM mikosutoka: O.O
9:56:46 PM necrolich666: if the way is hazy
9:56:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i just gigglesnorted like a homeschool kid.
9:56:50 PM daisukexkun: Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free
9:56:54 PM daisukexkun: You are a pirat
9:56:55 PM daisukexkun: e
9:56:58 PM necrolich666: pirat
9:57:03 PM loldamien: pirat
9:57:03 PM comradelunar: French pirate... Maybe.
9:57:05 PM necrolich666: parrot
9:57:05 PM mikosutoka: do you like boa (the english group from lain theme)
9:57:30 PM ldfkufjq: i used to
9:57:32 PM ldfkufjq: not anymore really
9:57:44 PM mikosutoka: i see.. the new cd does kinda suck
9:58:20 PM comradelunar: Silence. I see electronic tumbleweed.
9:58:23 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I feel kind of left out here. I don't know any of these bands.
9:58:28 PM daisukexkun: Same here Last
9:58:36 PM comradelunar: Me neither. We can sit int he corner or something like that.
9:58:41 PM daisukexkun: =(
9:58:43 PM necrolich666: lol
9:58:44 PM ldfkufjq: ha.
9:58:52 PM necrolich666: how abouttt...
9:59:10 PM comradelunar: So I herd that young lad Mozart is making a new release soon.
9:59:13 PM necrolich666: indie musik?
9:59:17 PM thelastmerovin: Anyone like trance?
9:59:24 PM necrolich666: :D
9:59:27 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Trance is good, but I don't have much of it.
9:59:29 PM thelastmerovin: I have 120GB of the stuff :/
9:59:31 PM comradelunar: UNTISS UNTISS UNTISS UNTISS
9:59:31 PM daisukexkun: Mero, there's a Source server I go to
9:59:32 PM mikosutoka: trance is lieked
9:59:36 PM ldfkufjq: i like trance.
9:59:38 PM necrolich666: lol @ lunar
9:59:47 PM mikosutoka: yay ;D
9:59:50 PM daisukexkun: There's a plug-in where you can play music during the match
9:59:53 PM thelastmerovin: I'm going to Sensation White next year in Amsterdam :D

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Kill yourself

761 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:20

please stop

762 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:20

black penis

763 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:23


I only reply when somebody sages or penises so ultimately you're bringing this on yourself

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765 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:26


766 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:26


9:59:55 PM comradelunar: I don't really know what trance is, give me a break. I listen to stadium rock. D:
9:59:57 PM daisukexkun: And it has a trance channel
10:00:05 PM daisukexkun: Best combination ever
10:00:10 PM thelastmerovin: DI.fm has the best trance channel
10:00:11 PM ldfkufjq: what the fuck is stadium rock?
10:00:13 PM mikosutoka: lia do you listen to any 80s music like joy division or duran duran
10:00:15 PM comradelunar: Think The Who.
10:00:19 PM ldfkufjq: nope miko.
10:00:28 PM comradelunar: Also big hair bands.
10:00:34 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
10:00:38 PM thelastmerovin: THE PROCLAIMERS
10:00:44 PM necrolich666: lol
10:00:53 PM necrolich666: Kraftwerk <#
10:00:55 PM daisukexkun: I actually grew up on that music because of my father.
10:01:01 PM loldamien: Lia, whats been going on with these horrible london floods I keep seeing pictures of at yahoo.com D:
10:01:02 PM thelastmerovin: I'm on my way, from misery to happiness tadey! aha aha aha aha
10:01:11 PM daisukexkun: And then I heard Dir en grey's Gauze album
10:01:20 PM daisukexkun: Whoa
10:01:21 PM comradelunar: Build a city by a river, expect the water to rise sometime.
10:01:23 PM lastxkveqxztoc: OH GOD WHAT
10:01:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: love is over. ;_;
10:01:28 PM necrolich666: ;_;
10:01:29 PM mikosutoka: what did he do
10:01:30 PM thelastmerovin: fail
10:01:32 PM daisukexkun: =(
10:01:32 PM comradelunar: OH SHIT
10:01:38 PM mikosutoka: maybe she accidently closed the window
10:01:41 PM mikosutoka: D:
10:01:41 PM comradelunar: I propose a murder-suicide pact.
10:01:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: but damien died also
10:01:50 PM lastxkveqxztoc: SHe's still on AIM.
10:01:51 PM daisukexkun: To be honest, I was gonna ask what do to after all this
10:01:56 PM daisukexkun: At the end
10:02:01 PM mikosutoka: who is that
10:02:03 PM ldfkufjq: whoa wut x_x
10:02:06 PM necrolich666: whew...
10:02:06 PM mikosutoka: welcome back !
10:02:06 PM daisukexkun: Kinda like into or something
10:02:07 PM comradelunar: phew.
10:02:08 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Welcome back.
10:02:09 PM ldfkufjq: LOL
10:02:10 PM mikosutoka: wow
10:02:11 PM q4tlqbvyhk: someone set you up the bomb.
10:02:11 PM comradelunar: Aneurysm averted.
10:02:15 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:02:15 PM ldfkufjq: idk what just happened.
10:02:19 PM daisukexkun: So to speak
10:02:20 PM thelastmerovin: lol Aimpoint, you just missed it
10:02:24 PM comradelunar: Gremlins.
10:02:30 PM loldamien: what the shit
10:02:32 PM ldfkufjq: anyway, @ damien. its a sign of the End Times.
10:02:32 PM daisukexkun: Oh, hello Aimpoint
10:02:37 PM necrolich666: my text is skinny
10:02:39 PM loldamien: D:
10:02:41 PM mikosutoka: you lost weight
10:02:42 PM comradelunar: sammich.
10:02:44 PM kilo1185: aw
10:02:49 PM kilo1185: fuck that
10:02:53 PM q4tlqbvyhk: how about the dresden dolls, lia
10:03:03 PM ldfkufjq: i used to like them a lot
10:03:07 PM ldfkufjq: but cant listen to them anymore
10:03:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: !
10:03:14 PM ldfkufjq: they make me emo
10:03:17 PM kilo1185: sup
10:03:32 PM daisukexkun: Colin Hay actually makes me do that.
10:03:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: I would describe my opinion of them as exactly the same.
10:03:34 PM comradelunar: Oh god, has anyone thought to try and contact whatbandages?

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768 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:27


769 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:27


770 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:27


771 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:27

black penis

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773 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:27


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775 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:28

10:03:39 PM mikosutoka: hes at work
10:03:42 PM mikosutoka: he said no txting
10:03:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: since i associate it with a very specific time in my life.
10:03:45 PM kilo1185: daisucke my CAL match went 16-11 us fyi
10:03:52 PM daisukexkun: Nicely done
10:03:54 PM kilo1185: daisuke*
10:03:55 PM ldfkufjq: i already talked to wb anyway
10:04:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: etc, etc.
10:04:01 PM comradelunar: o lawd.
10:04:10 PM mikosutoka: lunar i couldnt tell you nothing
10:04:14 PM mikosutoka: cause i thought you'd asplode
10:04:19 PM comradelunar: I would, lolz.
10:04:23 PM ldfkufjq: icarus gave me his sn for some reason, not sure what he wished to achieve
10:04:31 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
10:04:33 PM comradelunar: Icarus is a pleasant fellow.
10:04:40 PM daisukexkun: I was talking to him earlier and yesterday
10:04:47 PM mikosutoka: what's icarus sn
10:04:48 PM daisukexkun: Somewhat of an odd fellow
10:04:53 PM loldamien: Lia, even though its only been a little over a month- how do you feel about Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister?
10:04:55 PM daisukexkun: He's not on
10:04:58 PM comradelunar: The only time I talked to him he gave me a jab in the back.
10:05:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: someone tell me who this icarus is, since i have no clue
10:05:07 PM ldfkufjq: i couldn't care less, politicslol.
10:05:11 PM loldamien: lol
10:05:12 PM comradelunar: Shockhorror.
10:05:14 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:05:22 PM comradelunar: Politics is srs bsns.
10:05:29 PM ldfkufjq: also, if by "pleasant" you mean "crazy asshole" then yes.
10:05:49 PM comradelunar: He tried to get wb's irl information off me, lulz.
10:05:55 PM mikosutoka: saguine = icarus
10:05:55 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:05:58 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that description is good enough for me.
10:05:58 PM necrolich666: weird
10:06:15 PM necrolich666: Ew LHP...
10:06:18 PM ldfkufjq: he msged me this morning to tell me the jig was up and that he'd found out that it was me running bounceme all along.
10:06:24 PM ldfkufjq: which came as a rather big surprise
10:06:24 PM mikosutoka: LOL
10:06:25 PM comradelunar: Haha, oh wow.
10:06:29 PM ldfkufjq: also i'm apparently dating whatbandages
10:06:32 PM comradelunar: XD
10:06:37 PM mikosutoka: wb must have blushed
10:06:37 PM comradelunar: Better tell him.
10:06:38 PM ldfkufjq: and he's leaking shit to the website and playing you all
10:06:43 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:06:45 PM mikosutoka: he already knows
10:06:46 PM comradelunar: I can hear him fapping.
10:06:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that makes so much sense now.
10:06:52 PM necrolich666: ew
10:06:55 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:06:56 PM ldfkufjq: and the admin is a dude named gary who is his bff
10:07:14 PM necrolich666: bffe lol
10:07:23 PM ldfkufjq: he may be right about the admin, idk. the other stuff is news to me.
10:07:23 PM comradelunar: idk, my bff gary
10:07:25 PM ldfkufjq: hahaha
10:07:28 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:07:39 PM necrolich666: people are strange
10:07:44 PM comradelunar: when you're a stranger.
10:07:45 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:08:10 PM daisukexkun: Well, my buzz has completely dissapated
10:08:16 PM daisukexkun: Since I can breathe normally now.
10:08:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the doors are my favorite band to mock.
10:08:26 PM necrolich666: whys that ;_;
10:08:31 PM comradelunar: You mock the doors? Oh, harsh.
10:08:41 PM necrolich666: I painted a picture of Jim morrison
10:08:42 PM comradelunar: Who could mock a pretentious drug-addled hippie?

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779 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:28


780 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:28

black penis

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787 Name: ( ´_ゝ`) : 1993-09-10076 17:29

black penis

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