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236 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8040 10:25

That sucks >>231-sani= F=)
Something similar happened to me when I was living the NEET life, in order to keep getting my dole the jobcentre forced me to go on a call-centre training course (when I signed up I said I would be happy doing any work, just not a call-centre). It was literally "Okay, this is a computer, and this thing is a mouse, and you use it to move the pointer on the screen. Find the thing called Microsoft Word! We use this program to write letters and things." So it was 3 days of typing example letters from a book into Microsoft Word then printing it.

Now, there were a couple of older guys who I could understand would benefit from this (they asked things like "How do you drag something, do you just click it and hold it?") but on the 4th day of the 5-day course we had to write about what kind of experience we had, and our ambitions etc. The tutor read about my computing degree and work experience and was like "...oh! My god, this all must be quite insulting for you? Why are you even here?"

Everyone on the course automatically got an interview at a call-centre a week later; there was a written test as a sort of formality, and though I tried to do badly I got high marks, so I just said sorry and ran away.

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