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50 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8027 11:20

As much as I prefer to stay out of things, OS "wars" remind me of the Blub paradox: "what I'm using is good enough for me, and there surely can't be anything better; these things I keep being told are better are actually just different and/or weird." (Paul Graham's essay, Beating the Averages, introduces this concept in the context of programming languages).

Computers have a disproportionate return on investment. If you put a little time or effort into learning how to use these powerful tools a little bit more efficiently, you will be rewarded in a way that makes you wonder how you ever made do beforehand.
For some people, this will make them sound smug on the Internet. Don't use their personality defects as a reason to totally ignore the core of their message. Instead, be open to trying new things.

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