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Do you do something enjoyable away from the computer from time to time? If it's a hobby, and it doesn't belong on another board, talk about it.
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1 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-31 11:17 ID:EVGcBPwb


2 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-09-22 20:59 ID:WoZqBPWw

the site looks like it was made in angelfire

3 Post deleted.

4 Post deleted.

5 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-09-06 16:33 ID:Ton3ABIi

You need Jesus.

6 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-06-17 23:39 ID:ZkOonU8j

And their forum, which is still active as of March 2021, literally runs on phpBB. That whole operation is like a time portal back to 2006. lol

Aging this shit of my own volotion.

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Let's share funny something!! (18)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-02-16 06:31 ID:laHVrktf

9 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 10:56 ID:DaaoYgP5

That's a dead link ( youtube.com/watch?v=NHu0co9-eYY )

10 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 11:00 ID:DaaoYgP5

Something funny happened to me. I had a medium sized "block" of chocolate in a wrapper. It was part of an Easter bunny-shaped chocolate bar. It was the feet/bottom part of the bar, and I was recording a video of it with an iPhone 📱

Long story short I passed out in the bathroom.

11 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 11:17 ID:DaaoYgP5

JK, I'll fill you in.

So I turned on all of the lights in my room and was holding the chocolate and wrapper over a sorta big flat piece of white cardboard. I was making a video of the food which was in the plastic wrapper. I took the chocolate out of the plastic and was examining it with the camera. I was holding the sweet-tasting food in one hand ✋ 🎥 and the chocolate in the other hand 🖐 🍫 . I ended up intentionally breaking the piece of chocolate in half with one hand🤚.

What didn't go to plan was a result of the break: when the force was released via the breaking point of the chocolate my thumb or fingers were moving at a relatively high speed. Plus it happened so fast that my muscles were still applying about the same directional force that was previously a stressor on the chocolate, except now the chocolate was no longer holding the fingers and thumb stationary. If my reaction time was much quicker I guess I could have relaxed my muscles as soon as it broke which would have prevented the next event.

12 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 11:32 ID:DaaoYgP5



Also a dead link ☠️

What happened next is my finger(s), fingernail(s) or the chocolate smashed into my thumbnail. This resulted in the thumbnail being broken. The thumbnail on my right hand was split in the middle which went to the side a bit. Blood came out, maybe like 5 drops of blood 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 pooled around my thumbnail initially. I think I was really hungry at the time and maybe had a bit of a sugar high due to eating a medium-sized piece of chocolate. The hunger and maybe the high caused me to shortly pass out in the bathroom. It really didn't phase me to see blood/gore, but maybe my body still had some adrenaline due to the I guess unavoidable shock the injury caused to my system.

13 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 11:47 ID:DaaoYgP5



Dead link 💀

The thumbnail didn't split very far down. I went to the bathroom to wash my hand and put a bandage 🩹 on I guess. My head was sorta "spinning" or didn't feel right when I was leaning on the bathroom wall before I passed out (which resulted in me falling to the floor).

Part of the reason why I'm writing ✍️ out this story is because the 1080p video I had of the bloody event got corrupted. All of the bytes of the .MOV file became binary zeros 😢. So now the ~500 MB video file compresses into a ~80 KB .7z file. The MOV file was corrupted due to poor design of the electronic devices involved in handling/creating/moving the file.

14 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 12:04 ID:DaaoYgP5

I once operated a chainsaw while drunk. I once at night was spun around on a merry-go-round by friends while high on marijuana hash. That has comedic potential I guess.

So yeah, a video of a fairly interesting event in my life is gone I think. I would have liked to inspect 🤔 the video to see if the chocolate or my finger broke my thumbnail. I have videos of my thumb after the event though. If I had the about 500 megabyte video today, I could have uploaded ⬆️ it to the Internet with the title "In Soviet Russia, chocolate breaks you". The "In Soviet Russia…" meme is an old meme I think, but it still works. I've heard something like "break off a piece of chocolate" (Hershey's chocolate 🍫 or whatever) or "break the chocolate"/"break the chocolate bar" (into two or more piece to share with two or more people or whatever). The inverse would be that you get broken by the chocolate.

I broke said thumbnail at night, and it sorta hurt; then I went to sleep. When I woke up my thumb hurt a lot in the morning (I took one or more pain killer pills 💊) and for the rest of the day I think. In the next day and in the days after I think my thumb basically did not hurt 👍.

15 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 12:13 ID:DaaoYgP5

When I fell down in the bathroom I think I may have hit something which caused my shirt to get a medium-sized hole in it. I either ripped the shirt on something in the bathroom or outside of the bathroom at some other time. Either way, the tan(?) shirt had a hole 🕳 as a result of something.

Weeks or probably months before the chocolate may have caused me to bleed I cut/stabbed myself on a hard part of an apple 🍎 accidentally. I'm pretty sure that resulted in me bleeding too: blood from a thumb or a finger I think.

*I was holding the chocolate in one hand and the iPhone with its camera in the other hand.

16 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-09 14:06 ID:DaaoYgP5

I found the video boys. It turns out that the file "IMG_5937.MOV" (or some other similarly named file) was corrupted instead.

IMG_5938.MOV is the file with the event which caused me pain. I still feel sad that that one file was wrecked; I hope it didn't contain anything really interesting.

Hashtag lucky [four leaf clover emoji].


17 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-14 22:11 ID:rv9Ii4Df

I slapped my balls with a toilet pipe and ended up doing the best impression of some character of Sr Pelo I've ever done. Funnily enough, it was by accident this time.

18 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-06-04 19:45 ID:wTcYi+Fx

How the hell do you snap your thumbnail with your own fingers, what the fuck.

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I am Japanese.Do you have some question? (18)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-02-09 12:11 ID:Tq+JiL01

Sorry,if it is unsuitable for here.
I cannot speak English well.Sorry.
Please use simple words.
And,please dont use abbreviations slang etc...

If the sentence wrong,sorry

9 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-06-24 11:59 ID:DndpYyvh

Do you play Touhou?

10 Name: 米男 : 2012-07-14 17:19 ID:PHtEL/Zg


11 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-08-10 11:59 ID:eHktpbtg

I second >>6's question.
Is it true that you need to work really hard in Japan compared to other countries?

12 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2013-05-19 02:10 ID:VoZghrEN

We must work all day.
But We love work.

13 Post deleted.

14 Post deleted.

15 Post deleted.

16 Post deleted.

17 Post deleted.

18 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-31 04:35 ID:vlf582kT


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Breakin (8)

1 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-10 23:52 ID:WmZT47A/

Just got my mills

Holla if your a breaker.

2 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-11 00:41 ID:WmZT47A/

Im about to go and bboy right now.

3 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-02-11 05:24 ID:Heaven


4 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-02-11 13:20 ID:Heaven

All engines set to SAGE!

5 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-02-11 14:08 ID:Heaven

Aye aye captain!

6 Name: sage : 2021-03-14 11:27 ID:Heaven


7 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-07 05:39 ID:Y+aStVhT


8 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-31 04:35 ID:Y+aStVhT

Break the fast

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feedback please (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-27 04:40 ID:zp07V+5/


can i get alot of input for my tumblr?
I hope to make it crowded and gets alot of reblog and stuff.....

2 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-27 09:20 ID:oPMj9W0r

I like your drawings.

3 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-28 07:26 ID:uPXAjCqp

The default theme is pretty lame, you should get a custom one or at least modify it a little bit to add some flavor.

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ITT: What food made you sick/stomach pain, but it was worth it? (8)

1 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-30 22:38 ID:xPA06vhE

I ate the Cinnabon Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, and it was definitely worth the thumbprint of shit that was in my underwear by the time I got home. The Fried Mac and Cheese was good too, but not enough to justify the pain on their own. I do have to say that it tasted more like regular cake than cheesecake, but cake tastes good, so there are no worries.

2 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-02 15:34 ID:9DsUv6my

I made 40 garlic clove chicken once. I halved the recipe for 2 people, but kept the amount of garlic the same (so it'd be the equivalent of 80 clove garlic chicken). I was shitting constantly for 2 days straight and it smelled like burned rubber. I could taste the smoked garlic in my throat for days.

3 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-03 20:46 ID:Ti0ugBQg


4 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-03 22:33 ID:CKa+/uIs


5 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-12 00:35 ID:CDBpVm72

Too much beets in one setting turns your pee pink.

6 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-21 00:32 ID:CKa+/uIs

too much green tea makes for green pee

7 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-21 05:05 ID:CDBpVm72

Cinnamon toast & sweets

8 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-26 10:44 ID:2Z3gnKjK

Car engine

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Hunting the Undead (53)

1 Name: Enthusiast : 2006-02-21 06:25 ID:bVr+CheO

Hello all, my hobby is fighting the undead. The undead includes but is not limited to:

Underworld gods
and those that serve the undead.

Most people have their own little way of fighting the undead. Some people use magic, others use a special amulet or even the power of the sun.

Me I usually use assault rifles(I prefer the AR 15), chainsaws, longswords and spirit cards that I obtain through negotiation with demons(usually NOT undead).

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44 Post deleted by moderator.

45 Post deleted.

46 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2014-10-01 03:27 ID:Rt34HqVe

gooby plz

47 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-21 07:40 ID:PiL5w1Zv

Zombies are everywhere!

48 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-23 01:08 ID:pGcRVx33


49 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-23 04:38 ID:L4wfPgoS

is your surname Belmont

50 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-27 09:47 ID:PiL5w1Zv


51 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-30 09:50 ID:Heaven

52 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-30 13:12 ID:Heaven

53 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-07 05:39 ID:pGcRVx33

New Castlevania on Netflix

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Help me choose a new hobby (89)

1 Name: Maredsous : 2006-04-29 07:07 ID:Wl7genXi

I just started to look at this site and decided this place might be a good place to ask a serious question with anonymity. I have a small problem. I'm 23 and my two main interests, video games and anime/manga, are started to become boring to me. After so much exposure, more than enough for a lifetime even, I think I should truly move on and look for something new.

I talked with some of my friends and a couple ideas sparked my interest. Here's a short list of ideas I have that I've liked so far:
Target shooting w/rifles
Beer brewing

I've thrown out hobbies like photography and music(anything related) due to general apathy. I'd like something that would keep me somewhat active (why archery and boxing are there), but would like something that can be truly affected by changes that I can make (why rifles and beer brewing are there). I tend to like the idea of messing around with something to make it better, which is why I liked playing some cRPGs and some racing games with tuning. I like beer and wine, but I'm not exactly sure I'd want to suffer through the experimentation of making my own. Boxing sounds fun, but would be tough to find space for the stand and bag. Rifle shooting sounds like the best option, but I don't have the money for what I want yet (I liked the feel of the Ruger Mini-14 which is ~$600).

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80 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-09-06 19:35 ID:eP8TvyaR

you could try cycling, you can explore your local area and enjoy nature trails
You could also get into solving puzzles or reading because you can take those with you on your rides. Reading can expand your thoughts and experience, but only if you read the right books, ones that make you think and not only long fantasy series that are "good vs. bad".

81 Post deleted.

82 Post deleted.

83 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2015-09-08 14:25 ID:K3IUOWRz

dis nigga replyed to a 9 yo post

84 Post deleted.

85 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-05-30 03:20 ID:ZaFFgD/7

Become a micronationalist and start your own country. It will teach you how government works and give you a false sense of power to inflate your ego.

86 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2018-05-30 14:19 ID:Heaven

Cool things I've dabbled in that I wish people had told me about earlier:

-Learning a language: not as hard as people say. Even if you only learn a little, it's guaranteed to come in super useful unless you're learning a dead language like Scottish or something. But that's cool too.

-Rhythm Games: a once-popular but now recovering field. There's a growing network of Dance machines in America and Europe and other Rhythm Games like beatmania or maimai are starting to make appearances too. A low entry barrier, high learning curve hobby with a lot of fantastic music to discover, though it helps if you are already into Japan or Korea.

-Board Games: not much to say here other than if you haven't closely examined boardgames before, there's a lot more to offer here than monopoly or cards against humanity. Look for a board game meet near your home and try out some nice tabletop games with a complexity designed for adults. A great way to pass the time.

-Blockchain: regardless of whether you believe in cryptocurrencies, there's a lot of cool solutions offered by blockchain technologies. Though part of my interest may be due to the fact it's still an emerging field as of this post.

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87 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-03-28 08:54 ID:nOLaXpUA

88 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-12 00:37 ID:+gFHXmmL

89 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-07 05:38 ID:+gFHXmmL

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profit from games and anime and comic (3)

1 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-28 07:33 ID:EWntcxqp

will making fanart actually sells lol

im trying to start the game biz thingy
but i either start original which should be
legally safe or do i rob existing franchise
like probably everybody ha

2 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-28 12:28 ID:fVNynj7h

why bother

3 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-05-05 22:31 ID:a/NNLa26

You can make fan art and sell them at conventions or take sell commissions online. I doubt you will be able to make a living unless you are really good, or if you make porn

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Weeaboo... they just want to be Japanese, or any Asian is okay? (140)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2007-07-26 02:03 ID:bJ1eQ2eE

I have always wondered about that. It seems like some weeaboo only wants "authentic" Japanese things, ie Japanese girls, Japanese music, and Japanese people to be friends with, while others seem like they'll take anything/anyone that is Asian. This guy I know is dating a Chinese girl, and he's weeaboo. So, does it depend on the individual weeaboo? Or will they accept all things Asian (Japanese being the best)?

131 Name: Stfup : 2012-07-19 09:19 ID:6mHsvN0e

So what ppl are obsessed with japan. Everyone's obsessed with something in their life. And if u aren't then ur life sucks. It's just facts of life everyone has goals and sometimes create them without seeing the whole picture. Yes yes I'm obsessed with Asian culture and I know Japan isn't as awesum as I see it on the Internet through the j dramas or j pop stars but why do ppl wanna be assholes and say oh they are just anime obsessed star wars fans. What's that supposed to mean? What's wrong with star wars? What's wrong with liking Asian media on all levels extremity? Whats wrong with anme porn? U know what's the problem? Is having society brainwashed by negative jerk offs, thinking that people like things other than sports, and mainstreamed crap are nerdy and repulsive freaks. That ppl should stick to their own ethnicities and countries norms. Stupid haters u only hate weeaboos because u hate ur self and are too shame to try new things outside of what ur friends and family do.

132 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2012-08-10 12:01 ID:Ag3RcSan

I live in central Europe, and most of weeaboos here are into Japanese stuff only. Some of them also like k-pop, but that's all.

133 Name: a : 2012-08-25 07:57 ID:blsJ86E1



Use free↑

134 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2013-01-12 07:32 ID:NyOix4Zb

I find it interesting that all the people who are defending weeaboos and saying things like "so what?" automatically follow up their argument with a bunch of stuff that basically makes them a weeaboo. Thank you; I lol'd.

135 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2013-01-15 16:20 ID:DZ9PMLRS

I don't mind liking another culture. I like to read about other cultures, and I think some of them are better than American culture. I like Europe personally, but there's a point where it becomes ... just too much. I am American, and as much as i like James Bond, Dr. Who, and whatever else, I'm still American, and not British. I'm not really Bosnian because I know a few words and like Sarma. What bugs me about weeaboos is no their love of Japan, but their need to become Japanese, to ignore their own culture and their own country and so on to be more "Japanese".

I'm an American. I like Euro culture, especially of late Eastern Europe, but at the end of the day, I'm American, and I'm not going to pretend to be Polish or Russian or Bosnian or even British because it's a lie.

136 Name: Kevib : 2013-03-16 06:05 ID:Sx9iGlDV

Don't you think if you have a smile, it's easy to make friends with foreigner?
Hey guys!! When do you have a smile?
Is it when you see your granny?
Absolutely it's when you see a cutie!!!
But are you satisfied with seeing cuties only in your country??
I gathered cute teenagers in the world!!
Cuteen,don't miss it!

137 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2021-03-08 01:37 ID:2tzSNUZW

I'm interested in seafood; so fresh fish.

138 Post deleted.

139 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2021-03-10 15:48 ID:RP/sRAOi

weebs will be sent to the penile colony

140 Name: Anonymous Hobbyist : 2021-04-29 05:03 ID:HKxpo1/V

now? do i found it?
is this it? a 5 hour thinking only?

why now?

of all time?

is this a joke?
all the things to avoid?
and its now?


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