Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

1 Name: Anon : 2016-07-13 12:24 ID:zRGlmuDi

Thread to talk about the actor Tom Hiddleston

901 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 15:06 ID:Heaven

>>891 Basically. anonsy is right, it's better if he starts using emojis to express himself.

902 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 15:08 ID:Heaven

>>896 Even if the question was about that, he really needs to stop using words like authentic.

903 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 15:09 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>897 But remember, we know see that he's got his own problems with inauthenticity. He talks a good game, but he's not walking it.

And that may be the true downfall of this relationship: two manipulative, two-faced people who aren't being honest with themselves or each other. That's a fucking disaster of a relationship.

Or it could be the making...but then they have to keep up those personas FOREVAH. It would be a true test of TH's acting skills.

904 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 15:10 ID:Heaven

905 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 15:15 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>902 Ahh, but those are the words we all loved not so long ago. We swooned over his down-to-earth, authentic nature. I think he's partly being lazy and just trotting out his well-practiced answers but I also think that he's trying to re-butter the toast...after it's been dropped on the dirty, dust-covered floor, and a rodent (faced woman) has gnawed on it. He might as well give it a try because he's not got a lot of options at this moment in time.

906 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 15:24 ID:tmvu+J8S

March 2016:

"I was thinking about this yesterday, about the need to be true in everything. It’s not that I choose to stay in character or reinvent the Method. It’s just what people demand to see. I do too. We’re all moved by authenticity. There are certain magic tricks in creating an illusion. But commitment, risk and authenticity are the most powerful things in all art."

907 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 15:34 ID:tmvu+J8S

May 2013:

"The fate of Coriolanus dramatizes the conflict in the heart of every public figure: the war between integrity and popularity. It’s a play about soldiers, politicians and the people. It’s a play for our time; for any time."

908 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 16:35 ID:zRGlmuDi

“I have tried with all of my power for there not to be any inauthenticity,” he says. “There is no version of me presented to you that’s been created or is artificial. The people I’ve always respected have an integrity that is unassailable.”

909 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 16:49 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>908 Awww, he's doesn't respect himself...or his girlfriend.

910 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-24 17:25 ID:XVu0oPjZ

Ugh. I thought the People article was a retread of an older one from June or so. I've grown sick of the long ramblings. They're no longer charming - now they sound like issue-dodging.

911 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 17:34 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>910 Based on his one other statement about TS ("together and happy") and the fact that any other time Tom's mentioned "authenticity" it's been about a role, I'm going to say I think that quote was solely about The Work. But of course, People can't write an article about Tom without mentioning TS - they seem to be one of the publications that kisses her ass at every opportunity.

This doesn't change the fact that Tom saying anything about authenticity at this point in his life is tremendously asinine.

912 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-24 18:53 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>911 That's the thing. Even if he was asked that in the context of his work, People put it down as an answer to how he's dealing with all the extra attention. If he really is saying that regarding his persona life, it makes him look the complete opposite of authentic. Right now, Taylor is a liar in the eyes of the public and media, and Tom choosing to stand by her side through this shows him as accepting of that kind of lying and manipulation. Together these two are the most inauthentic couple. All his interviews from yday made me roll my eyes and scoff. Unless she's got him blinded to her true nature (highly doubt it they've been living together lately), he's probably exactly like her. It's really disgusting and disturbing.

913 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-24 19:35 ID:XVu0oPjZ

914 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 19:36 ID:zRGlmuDi

915 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-24 19:36 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>911 >>912 I hope someone reached his big brain this weekend and drilled some reality into it.

916 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 19:37 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>913 Staying at a hotel, hmm???

917 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 19:39 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>916 Looking at the pictures, it seems like he's actually leaving the hotel. Like he's getting his things out of his room and putting them in the back of the vehicle. Hopefully going back to Oz, alone.

But, staying or leaving, WHY does he have a hotel room when his supposed girlfriend has multiple properties in the area???

918 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 19:43 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>913 Jinx!

919 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 19:56 ID:tmvu+J8S

920 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 19:58 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>917 I think you're right anonsy, he is leaving. Torrilla has just posted photos of him and Luke boarding a commercial flight (!!!) - she says they are leaving from LAX. She is usually pretty accurate.

No sign of the limpet.

921 Name: M : 2016-07-24 20:00 ID:mOu5YVXG

922 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 20:04 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>920 Maybe our prayer circle worked! Alone at SDCC and what looks like alone back to Oz?! It's Christmas in July!

923 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 20:17 ID:Heaven

That's curious that he was staying at a hotel, although it would explain the different gyms (I'm guessing she wasn't staying with him or she would have been papped). Even more curious that he is boarding with Luke. Why would Luke need to go with him to Oz?

924 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-24 20:19 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>923 To help him get his shit straight. I'm being facetious, but really, Luke's his Cat Herder and Tom's in need of that right now. And I'm not even wearing my tinfoil hat.

925 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 20:20 ID:Heaven

>>922 I can go back hoping it was for a documentary video? (it's a false hope I know, it iwll only last until the next papstroll)

926 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-24 20:21 ID:Heaven

>>924 Luke is coming through for us! And his wallet.

927 Name: Savvy : 2016-07-24 21:24 ID:wwQhM+f3

Apparently, he's been a jerk to some fans during the filming of ISTL


928 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 21:30 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>927 Not sure what I make of that. That account says it is a pseudonym and it doesn't seem to have much activity other than to tell this story (I didn't scroll that far back but it was only discussion of this I could see). And "I went without groceries to send him his gift". Hm.

929 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 21:34 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>927 Saw that on tumblr, and a couple people raised some interesting points questioning its validity.

1) Security is there to protect the actor. They would never tell a random fan they couldn't take something and to give it directly to the actor. If they did, what's the point of security even being there?

2) There were stories, which I also remembered, of fans stalking Tom on set. I know we had discussed it at the time, so I went back and found two of the links posted by anonymous in our Tom Hiddleston 2 thread:

"Tom Hiddleston makes an amazing Hank Williams. It's just a joy when he comes in and makes Hank Williams come alive," she says. "He's such a pro. He's one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. We've had lots of Loki stalkers on this show. We've had to tighten security. There are some Loki freaks out there."

And this:

930 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 21:34 ID:BnzEW/6z

Don't hate me but that's her driver and car. It's the same one in the gym pics from the past few days and the driver you can see if you google any pics of her in LA. I think he was probably staying with her. His luggage came out of her car and then went straight into another one.

Why the switch was made at this hotel? Maybe Luke was staying there.

931 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 21:45 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>930 If he was stopping at the hotel solely to pick up Luke, I'd think Luke would be in the photos.

932 Name: Anon : 2016-07-24 21:53 ID:zRGlmuDi

Just as long as she wasn't on the plane back to Australia.

933 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 21:55 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>930 The SUV from the gym the other day is white. All the SUVs I can see in the photos from today are black, unless I'm missing photos.

934 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 21:59 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>931 Probably waiting in the second car furiously working on getting his boy out of the shit...or drinking, lots of drinking.

>>932 Now I just feel like she may follow. The clinging is real with this one. So real.

>>930 Her pics, not his. I don't know if that white car is also hers but I wouldn't be surprised. She's probably got a whole fleet.

935 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-24 22:08 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>932 Yes, this is really all that matters. Luke being around is a good sign as well - at the very least maybe damage control is beginning.

>>934 Ah, I didn't look at the pics of her. I try to avoid looking at her annoying smug face as much as possible. She probably does have a whole fleet of cars, though from all the other pics I've seen it seems like she prefers all black cars.

waves at lurkers

Hi lurkers! I see you over there on the Opinion Dominion! ;)

936 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 22:23 ID:BnzEW/6z

I'm hoping the shitshow is about to get a curtain. But I don't want to get my hopes up. I think this fish's head has started to go bad, but I'm not sure Mr. and Ms. Most Authentic are ready to throw it out. Have I used enough metaphors?

>>935 Lurkers?! No surprise, we got good shit. Can you link to the lurkers?

937 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 22:30 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>927 We've all been jerks and as we've seen, he capable of some dodgy stuff. But this may be one of those Loki loons that anonsy's quote mentioned. Because if you're going to drive all that distance to give it to him and then go without groceries to pay for the postage to send your homemade Loki inspired lamp shade, then you're likely a Loki Loon. And I bet security probably had a whole trailer full of crap dropped off for him. They take stuff like that all the time for celebs.

938 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-24 22:43 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>934 I have the same feeling. I think she'll follow him at a later date. I don't think they're done. Why get papped arriving into LA together holding hands if you're through? Or why bother getting her car and driver dropping him off to take the other ride to LAX if you're starting the breakup rollout?

Then I remember she was papped kissing Calvin after their holiday together but they left separately, and then a few days we got the breakup news.

I don't think they're over but him going back to Oz with Luke shows someone told Tom to knock off this relationship parading and concentrate on work while he's on Marvel's clock. Otherwise I'm sure we'd be getting the same fanfare departure and arrival.

939 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-24 22:49 ID:n8Ob+5ev

TH fans leaving:


If he thinks SDCC was an indication of his fanbase still adoring him...oops. Will the Swifties will support their idol's bf's work events and work in general if she's not physically there by his side?

940 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-24 23:20 ID:BnzEW/6z

What if she joins him a few weeks because 'they just couldn't bear to be apart' or 'he begged her to come to Oz because he was lost without her.'

I wouldn't be able to deal people. I'd need to be talked down off the metaphorical ledge.

>>939 I actually linked to this site, I think. It was a quickly updated place with a good number of pics and articles, and easier to access than Torrilla. But she stopped updating after the Rome 'holiday.' That Roman holiday broke a lot of people.

They'll continue to support him until the break up, then they'll put their fangs into him like they do with every other ex.

941 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-24 23:41 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>940 oh god, that's so damn cheesy yet I can totally see People or E! printing that with pics of her arriving in Oz and another date night stroll. Maybe a beach stroll. They love their beach strolls.

I think the TH fans are done with him. It's only the Loki fans left now and they honestly don't care what else Tom works on as long as he does a good Loki. And the Swifties obviously will always support Taylor and everyone else who says otherwise is a sexist and programmed by society to hate on a successful confident woman like her eyeroll

Btw, did anyone see this video clip of Kevin Ehrlich saying Taylor received an advance copy of Famous? I found the link and info from a CB comment. He retracted later but now I wonder if she forced him to retract. She's good at this threatening and screwing ppl over for her benefit business.

942 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 01:13 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>927 >>928 >>929 I remember that. It went along with 2 other stories of that time: an extra that got kicked out the production after a makeup person noticed she was wearing a loki t-shirt during costume fitting, and another person who wrote a script and tried to move heaven and earth to get it to him during filming.

943 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 04:08 ID:BnzEW/6z


Look at these two lovebirds. He looks ready to exit via the emergency slide. The caption about sums it up...TS and her new bf. Must have been LAX to SYD or SYD to the Gold Coast

944 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 04:58 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>943 Ah yes, back two weeks ago when they just couldn't stop being photographed everywhere and totally had to fly commercial. Back before the private rented jet and getting into Los Angeles without being photographed.

945 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 05:07 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>936 They're pages back now I'm sure, but one was relaying your info about TS's drivers and SUVs, and another my comment about the different colors of the vehicles. I thought maybe it was coincidence but then one of them said something about not being able to answer questions about their info because they were getting the info from another site. And I went "Another site?! That's us! We're tumblr famous now!" The messages were showing up on TOD just a few minutes after we posted the same info here, so the timing as well made me think this board was the source.

946 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-25 05:37 ID:cK9Y/avg

>>945 I've been noticing direct crossovers especially on TOD for a while, even mirroring words we've made up. This is the only place I post so I can guarantee I'm not the leaky sieve.

I literally snored through his interviews but I gather he was consistently unremarkable at CC and is now being chaperoned by his wife Luke back to Oz. Things are seemingly back to normal then. For the time being.

As much as I want them to stay oceans apart I think she will follow once she has developed a more convincing plan of authenticity, since authentic is now their new catch word.

Thoughts on Shit Island trailer?
There's some tough competition, it was one of the least exciting trailers I watched from CC but I love John Goodman and if his role is substantial I may just make it to the cinema.

947 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 06:04 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>946 I haven't watched the trailer yet. I can't be arsed. I won't be making a special effort to see it like ISTL. I'll have an actual human being who is totally dependent on me for his/her needs at that point, so that $17 is going to go on diapers. I'll watch it when it's on Netflix or tv. Or pick it up in the DVD bargain bin at Duane Reade.

Yep. As I said, the clinging is so real - maybe with both - but with her especially, so I fear this separation will not be a long one. I hope for the opposite, of course. If they spin their 'reunion' as I mentioned earlier, all my shit will be lost!

The whole authentic thing is so hollow. Yes, please tell us how authentic you are, you know because really authentic people need to constantly remind people how authentic they are. They can't just let their actions speak for themselves. Well, he can't now, that's for sure.

948 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 06:08 ID:Heaven

Seriously speaking, I agree with Anon. and NewAnon, they are not done, at all. And Luke presence doesn't mean much I'm afraid. She will go back to Oz.

This "not be seen together so much" might have to do with TH campaigning for his Emmy. He needs not to be seen as a laughing stock, so the less they are seen together the less mocking. The less mocking the higher chances that voters might not think of TS as soon as they read his name.

949 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 06:10 ID:Heaven

>>946 I thought it was very clichè in the distribution of roles, but I appreciated that the trailer focused on SLJ and Goodman. The silhouette of Kong looks a bit ridiculous. But as trailers go, it was good. I doubt the film will though.

950 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 06:12 ID:Heaven

>>947 word!

951 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 06:25 ID:Heaven

According to an anon at TOD TS's took her jet and went to Nashville. TH's destination is unknown, so far.

952 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-25 06:26 ID:cK9Y/avg

>>947 I may start referring to it as Diaper Island in your honor.
I've never witnessed a couple who have had to try so hard to be believable other than wives of Tom Cruise. They actually failed to register as authentic when demonstrating their wordless world love tour of pda action.
>>948 It would seem someone has had a word and told him to dial it back- maybe his agent since he furiously tweeted after that visit.
>>949 The silhouette looked like my kitten when he stands on his hind legs. Roar!

953 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-25 06:42 ID:cK9Y/avg

Posting this for the 2nd photo, captioned 'Tom is "authentic"'- mein got that's going in my 'get over Tom' file

954 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 07:01 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>943 Scared me, thought that was from Sunday until I looked at the date.

>>945 >>946 I haven't followed TOD since she came back with the new URL because they're mostly breathlessly frantic swiftie anons. I looked at it around dinnertime and there are pages of talk about the SUV and assumed travel plans. I didn't realize they >>951 They keep insisting he went to London not Oz.

955 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 07:09 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>953 "He added: "The nature of being a public figure is that everyone will have an opinion about anything you do, and as long as you know why you've done something and you've committed to it with authenticity then you're OK."
WTF is that? Is this "something to write home about" or not?

956 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 07:12 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>948 He should probably let his gf know he's trying to lay low because in the absence of pap strolls, she can't help herself from releasing "Tom just loves Taylor so much and wants to prove himself to her" tabloid leaks to E! and People. The world must never forget the 8th wonder of the world, Hiddleshit.

At this point, if she doesn't follow him to Oz, I'll honestly be shocked. I'll be glad but shocked.

957 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 07:16 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>955 Lol I really hope it's not his something to write home about because it honestly sounds like he's talking about a role. I said a couple of posts above that's it's hard to figure out if he's talking about his relationship or his work because of how People published the quote first. Either way if I were his girlfriend, I'd be extremely cross with his verbal diarrhea everytime someone asks him about me or us.

958 Name: M : 2016-07-25 15:03 ID:mOu5YVXG

>>945 I check tumbrl from time to time but I have never commented there

959 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 15:05 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>958 I think there are a few people who just read the board here and don't comment, but occasionally pass the info along to tumblr.

960 Name: Anon : 2016-07-25 15:12 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>959 We do still get some of the best stuff here. For example Anon's Twitter plane pic from yesterday I haven't seen anywhere else. Theo Anons did have some good stuff but TOD doesn't have a source with real Twitter skillz, by which I mean finding the things that are hidden deeply in the feed.

(and PS I am guessing connecting flight because of the upright seats and the proximity to the proletariat - there often isn't a first class on internal flights, hence the "we are slumming it" expressions).

961 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 15:20 ID:tmvu+J8S

From July 22, at the Four Seasons Hotel:

962 Name: Anon : 2016-07-25 15:23 ID:zRGlmuDi

A comment at CB (no link) led me to this small but truly golden nugget of Tom irritation:

963 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 15:26 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>962 You can just feel the love pouring out of him at the mention of her name.

964 Name: N8Anon : 2016-07-25 15:38 ID:3dNWdQHm

>>962 he looks so pissed off. Get used to it, buddy.

965 Name: Anon : 2016-07-25 15:40 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>963 I have seen him use the word "buddy" before as an expression of intense hatred for the recipient. Wish I could remember when!

His face really changed when the T word was mentioned. Makes me think of this great line from Jeeves and Wooster: "Ice formed on the butler's upper slopes."

966 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 15:42 ID:Heaven

>>965 hahaha that's the perfect description! But you know he is authentic, don't you dare doubt him!

967 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 15:46 ID:Heaven

I don't if it's true, but this one's funny.

"According to a source, the British actor has been advised by the Shake It Off singer to switch gyms so there's no danger of him bumping into her ex-boyfriend."

TH would totally lose in an actual fight.

968 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 16:14 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>962 >>963 >>964 >>965 He literally put his tongue in his cheek and swirled it around before answering. Seething.

Captcha screams 'war' !

969 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 16:19 ID:XVu0oPjZ

>>967 And while mention of him being her puppet kicks off the article, it becomes another way for the press to write about TS vs. Calvin and insert the Kardashian name.

970 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 16:20 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>962 Hehe such authenticity. He just really adores her.

>>967 LOL! That definitely adds to the manly Bond factor. These kind of tabloid pieces make him look wimpier and wimpier.

971 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 17:12 ID:tmvu+J8S

So these pictures >>961

These were taken the day of the meeting with his agent, before Comic Con. Same clothes, and driving the same car. He's arriving back at the Four Seasons Hotel - the photos aren't captioned as such, but the pavement tiles are a match, as are the gold luggage carts in the background.

972 Name: N8Anon : 2016-07-25 17:19 ID:3dNWdQHm

>>971 Yes, I was trying to work that out too! I think you're right.

973 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 17:20 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>971 That would mean he spend the night at Taylor's after SDCC and then returned to his hotel to check out and switch into the car provided by Marvel (if he's returning to Oz).

974 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 17:21 ID:Heaven

>>971 Then I'm a bit puzzled over why he was unloading his stuff from TS's car in front of the hotel. Or he was loading her car to go to the airport?

975 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 17:30 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>973 >>974 Here's what I've come up with. I think it makes sense and explains everything.

July 22: Tom was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. He had a meeting with his agent, which he went to by himself in the beige SUV, and was photographed arriving back at the hotel afterwards.

July 22 pm or July 23 am: Tom leaves Los Angeles for San Diego. He brings his small luggage and backpack with him.

July 23: Tom goes to Comic Con. Instead of driving back to Los Angeles at night when Comic Con is over, he spends the night in San Diego. Maybe catches up with his Skull Island friends - they have been known to party.

July 24: Tom was driven back from San Diego the morning of July 24, when he was photographed at the hotel again. He stopped at the hotel to pick up the rest of his things. The small luggage and backpack, which he had with him in San Diego, were transferred from the car that dropped him off to the car that was going to take him to the airport.

The end!

976 Name: N8Anon : 2016-07-25 17:30 ID:3dNWdQHm

Did he maybe stay in SD that night for functions / parties and fly back the next morning? So transferring his overnight backpack into the car at the hotel that has been loaded with his stuff to go to LAX?

977 Name: N8Anon : 2016-07-25 17:32 ID:3dNWdQHm

Jinx! Though yours is a much better description anonsy.

978 Name: Savvy : 2016-07-25 17:35 ID:nf2LOs3b

>>975 what?!!! He went from Sain Diego directly to the airport without visiting Taylor Swift? Unless she's waiting for him at his destination, that is very unlikely.

979 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 17:40 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>978 Why?

980 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-25 17:43 ID:Heaven

>>975 "The small luggage and backpack, which he had with him in San Diego, were transferred from the car that dropped him off to the car that was going to take him to the airport."

Which one of these cars was Swift's? Because if it was the one that dropped him off, then something doesn't fit. If instead it was the car loaded, it's all good.

981 Name: Anon : 2016-07-25 17:45 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>975 I think the only flaw in this argument is the idea of Tom having large luggage and small luggage!!. I think the small wheeled bag we saw was the totality of Tom's luggage for the entire trip to the US. He may well have gone to San Diego with only the backpack for a single night - he then returns to the Four Seasons to collect the small bag.

Did I see something about TS's plane having gone to Nashville?

If so anonsy' theory seem sensible. They arrive in LA. He checks into the 4S becaus of reasons (allergic to cat hairs, wants to pretend to her parents they aren't sleeping together, still keeping up some bizarre facade for the press, whatever). They spend the night of 21.7 together, probably at her place, and are driven to the gym separately the next day because she is going home and he is going to the 4S then to his agent. He goes to agent then to SD. She stays home night of 22.7 then flies to Nashville the next day. Or flies to Nashville that day. Hence no stop off to see her before checking out of the 4S. She's already left LA.

982 Name: anonsy : 2016-07-25 17:47 ID:tmvu+J8S

>>981 Her plane flew to Nashville yesterday.

983 Name: Anon : 2016-07-25 17:48 ID:zRGlmuDi

Now I believe every word of the Sun's story!

They rush to debunk all the true ones, I am beginning to notice. She's split with Calvin, she never had a boob job....she isn't a loser limpet who was banned from SDCC....

984 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 17:58 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>960 I've not been my usual sleuthing self with twitter or IG - for several, obvious reasons. But I wanted to test myself yesterday to see if 'I still had it.'

His twitter tag is a mess. I won't be going back; I'm happy to let others find the gems. IG is even more disastrous because of the saturation hashtagging that goes on there.

Both are like a gold mine that's almost been mined out. The nuggets will be smaller and less frequently found.

985 Name: Sosorry : 2016-07-25 18:07 ID:xwST2yE1

>>968 1. Luke had THs glasses hanging on the front of his own shirt for him in that video? Adorable. Luke is loyal. He rocks. And TH looks great with glasses. He should rock them or carry them with him with confidence.
2. 2 hours from SD to LA. But SD has an interl airport where TH could have left from for Australia, however, he returned to LA. Why didn't TH just check out of the hotel before he left for SD? And if he stayed overnight with TS after comic con, why didn't he check out of the hotel before the convention, and why didn't TSs driver just drive TH all the way to the airport himself from her house?
3. Games are afoot. If TH has his own hotel room in LA, either he is a normal bachelor who needs a space brace with a woman after an overly long couples vacation. Or the coupling itself is fictitious, wherefore, TS's driver drove TH to SD and back to the hotel in order to be papped with TSs accoutrements, since the "couple" has not been papped with each other in a few days. Luke is there for the Emmy campaign and to help TH navigate this coupling in the press since TSs team is taking the lead with leaks for her best POV.

986 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 19:34 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>983 GC should just pack it in. All these 'debunking articles' do nothing but seemingly confirm the opposite.

987 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 20:15 ID:wnrGDVCc

I think he went to Taylor's after SDCC. I don't think he attended any of the after parties because I think it would've showed up on someone's IG or snapchat. Then he went back to his hotel in the morning and checked out then, hence his SD luggage from Taylor's car and the bigger luggage being piled into the other car because that's the one that was in his hotel room. Thats the only way her car and the extra luggage makes sense to me now after seeing the July 22 pics.

Maybe they ended the contract and had their final goodbye bang and that's why he looks so happy! One can only hope 😒

988 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 20:25 ID:BnzEW/6z

Michael K has done us a service with the graphics on this one.

989 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-25 23:08 ID:XVu0oPjZ

990 Name: Anon. : 2016-07-25 23:39 ID:BnzEW/6z

>>989 Probably doesn't want her 10-year-old fans to think she's having sex. Ewwww. They're just holding hands and closed-mouth kissing - all PG-13, kiddies.

991 Name: NewAnon : 2016-07-25 23:56 ID:n8Ob+5ev

>>988 Her face on the snake emoji! LOL! Omg that's amazing! She really is thin-skinned. Having IG come up with a new tool just for her. Special snowflake princess that she is eyeroll Since Tom thinks he's a special authentic snowflake, do they fight over who is more special and unique lol

992 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-07-26 04:27 ID:XVu0oPjZ

Detailed analysis of this past weekend by toddy:

993 Name: Anon : 2016-07-26 06:31 ID:CWqcgpWM

I cannot quite believe this but the stylist is owning the SDCC "outfit". Whaaaa?

994 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-26 06:31 ID:Heaven

>>992 I agree that TH was staying at the hotel, the evidence it's all there and clearly TS wasn't with him. also clearly they didn't see each other since he left for SDCC.

But Anon. said that was Swift's car because it was the same driver she saw some place else I don't remember now.

So maybe when they arrived he had his things at her place, then something happened (end of contract/break-up) and he moved to the hotel?

995 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-26 06:33 ID:Heaven

>>993 yes, can you believe it? And she merely recycled stuff from his press tour in April, down to the shoes.

996 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-26 07:00 ID:Heaven

"joshuahorowitzHappy/Sad/Confused. With Tom Hiddleston & Brie Larson & Jason Mitchell & Corey Hawkins & John Goodman."

997 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-26 12:01 ID:216Sc04H

Sooooo funny, I laughed through the entire article.

I just can't get over the sheer amount of GC articles on these two.
If they are only debunking truths then they are in a fake relationship, she has fake boobs, he is a gigolo, she's pregnant/ trying to get pregnant, she was banned from CC and they're getting married soon.


998 Name: Anon : 2016-07-26 12:38 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>997 I love how this scores 1/10 and not 0/10. Tom is a gigolo but only for the private plane!!

999 Name: Anon : 2016-07-26 12:43 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>997 Also, "Gossip Cop is assured that Hiddleston picks up tabs for meals and other expenses." Is this the reference to the coffee he bought at the service station? It still makes him sound like a freeloader. Where is the sentence saying, "he paid for the €2000 a night suite in Rome" ??

I am getting to think it is so interesting what they deny and how they put it. Swifties on tumblr are convinced that GC is in league with her publicist. I start to think that is true even when they don't say "her rep" - and that the publicist is using it to disseminate some truths and some lies.

I bet they are only mentioning the meals becaus that is all he paid for and because a concierge at the hotels would be able to say that he didn't pay. Very careful not to lie outright....

1000 Name: Savvy : 2016-07-26 12:44 ID:6/a92bHX

>>998 And the cars... and the houses... and the pornographically expensive penthouse in Australia and the bodyguards... And probably the elite gym...

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