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667 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8670 12:46

Continuing the why-am-i-killing-myself-with-nostalgia-for-shit-you-remember-as-being-shit quest, I have wasted ungodly time online today coming up with only scant evidence that one of the most popular Internet game music radio stations and in particular its only talk program ever even existed, never mind the content itself. There are people who were on it and kept the same names. There are some inbound links still up that have managed to never be updated. Knowing that it jumped stations a couple times hasn't helped dredge up more, nor would I want to really contact anyone from it or waste any time listening to the many hours of it because there was no relationship there. Why am I doing this.

tl;dr podcasting killed the podcast star. please send help, my chicken tendies have hit the floor hours ago.

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