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673 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8672 08:51

Yeah I also have a life as a non-anonymous poster, and all these people going "boy am I glad I grew up in the 80s none of my teenage shit is online" might not realize that the same is 99% true if you just happened to put it in chats/IMs or on some site that hasn't lasted (in my case, EZBoard forums), and if you never drew the ire of someone who would assiduously document your shit.

BTW, if you have something you were hoping to save and it's on a floppy, there is a significant chance it's not retrievable now. Better go check. Or you can just decide it's not important and toss it, which is probably more realistic.

Like, some people (think the "IFLS teehee I am such a nerd" crowd) still act like the Library of Alexandria burning was some cataclysmic event causing us not to have books of the ancient world (perhaps unaware that it probably happened more than once), but historians assure us that the real problem is that paper decays and nobody had invented the photocopier back then; it takes extreme effort to copy a book by hand, and there wasn't even enough time to copy every work people cared about, much less insignificant works. The Dissolution of the Monasteries was probably worse, honestly.

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