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930 Name: MODD!5JrU4QOlH6 : 1993-09-8748 02:30

Yes and no...I don't think there was ever a really definitive golden era. It's more like a long history punctuated by high and low points. And I'm sure people would disagree on what were the best/worst threads.

Highlights for me off the top of my head are the original grandpa threads, the DQN rules thread, All Alone For Christmas (as usual), Pax Tsukuru, Title, September 5000 celebration, the THREAD, DQN Sandwich, Daddy Cool kidnapping incident, all the Yoshinoya Rant Parodies, the question thread, DQN short novel, that murder mystery thread with the Ministers, the demanding thread, the grinding noises/control tower story, the choose your own adventure thread.

Note that these are all spread out chronologically, and have always surrounded by plenty of shitposts, so it's hard to pin down a golden era. Maybe if somebody charted out all the best threads to make a definitive timeline of DQN, we could figure out when DQN was at its best. But dwelling too much on past nostalgia is sad, better to look to the future and post more new content.

DQN has definitely changed a lot in the past decade. Probably because we're all getting older, and a lot of older posters have left and new ones have trickled in. But DQN still manages to deliver QUALITY now and then, like the recent PUNCTUAL GOMEZ or . Even these "contentless" threads still have some QUALITY moments now and then.

I still have hope for DQN and look forward to seeing what new stupid shit we can come up with in the future. If you miss the "golden age" then you should make more threads/posts like the ones you miss!

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