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138 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9085 22:43

Sports are fine. The galaxybrain take is that it's basically just gamified exercise and anything that gets people up off their asses in this modern world is a good thing. It's just that sports reporters and sports journalism are dumb as fuck. I especially like when they interview a player after a game and they ask some dumb question like "What do you attribute your success in today's game to"? And the player has to give some retarded answer that makes them sound like a retard because literally what else is there to say? "Yeah I think I was successful today cause I went out there and swung the bat really hard, and also made contact with the ball". And you can see they want to continue on to say like "Duh? What kind of answer were you even expecting? I literally just walked in off the diamond, at least let me catch my breath before you ask me stupid shit so you can show it on TV later and make me look like a meathead".

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