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262 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9091 00:23

It's funny how leftists are calling people "bootlicker" now, considering that they're in favor of pro-statist shit like gun control, higher taxation, etc. So they're insulting people for seemingly being okay with authority (i.e. not hating cops just because they're cops?), yet they themselves are very much ok with authority. Just as long as it's their brand of authority. And you can also tell when a liberal gets all their news from the same mainstream media sources, since they all use the same buzzwords, like toxic masculinity, white fragility, white privilege, bootlicker, etc. They pretend that they're intellectuals who have come to their own political conclusions, but is it really a coincidence that their views line up with mainstream media outlets exactly? And they just so happen to use the same new-age terminology?

Or, more likely, they are just succumbing to propaganda. But they'd never admit that.

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