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411 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9095 22:12


>"why communism is super cool and DQN is a bunch of problematic racist neckbeards"

I think helping people when they're in need is good and I don't like when people post the n word or other slurs here. What's wrong with that?

>"I live in the ghetto and it sucks and this is somehow the fault of the LIBTARDS"

I do indeed live in an area with high crime, and SJWs are indeed annoying. I am not an SJW. I also like the environment. Someone posted the n word when talking about where I live, and that's not okay.

These things do not contradict each other. If you think they do, it's because you think people's views need to be a.) static and b.) exactly like caricatures of political parties.

Real life views aren't as simple as being 100% stereotypically group A or 100% stereotypically group B. People are also allowed to change their opinions over time. I am neither a republican nor a democrat.

>not every thread has to be about you and your super important opinions

I didn't make the posts about myself. I sometimes make posts about ideology or politics, but that's not about me -- that's about issues. You try to make it about me. I don't.

I am simply responding to posts other people have made, such as your post. Don't derail this thread, focus on me, and then blame me when you're the ones talking about me. I don't come up with a name for myself -- someone else calls me "iOS-chan". I do not post with a name or tripcode, nor am I interested in being known with a name here. I am not making this thread about me. Someone else (or multiple other people) are. That is not my fault. Stop derailing the thread.

Stop posting about me. That's not what this thread is for.

Lastly, you seem to think sarcasm is "schizo" or trolling or something. Sarcasm and satire are perfectly legitimate. If I posted something like "I just LOVE when people make posts like that" I might really mean I don't like it at all. That's not dishonesty, that's just sarcasm. If you can't understand sarcasm or satire, it's not my fault.

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