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942 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9115 09:48

>>927 That wasn't me, and I saw only one follow notification spring up. Probably to discourage that sort of behaviour, I guess.


>edgy profile pic and banner

Yeah, I've been considering going for a look changeover, but I think it still needs to be shitty. I've got this new art program though, and I'm still having trouble being sufficiently shitty with it.

>border radius

People can still see it if they somehow conjure up the effort to view the shitty profile's avatar, and I'd rather not concede to bad design decisions. I'd imagine most people have changed the CSS with greasemonkey by now.

>banner too busy

How dare you, that banner is my charm point! By the way, everything in the banner WAS done up to scale, but I'd compose them over eachother. I disabled all forms of anti-aliasing, but that's just because I think AA is an atrocity in general.


In any image I've seen with a caption, they tend to detract from it so much that I avoid liking it. The meaning of an image is generally self-evident, I think, adding text is just redundant. I can see how captioning a retweet would make my account seem much, much less barren, but that just feels even scummier to me.


I've been meaning to post more, but I find that I just don't have interesting thoughts all that often. It's a serious personality issue. And when I do, I can't help but think that they'd be better spent on textboards such as this.


I had none earlier, that one's just inspired by this stupid line from a book. I know it looks fucking stupid, a little more than I find fitting for even my own profile, but the moment just formed such an impression on my mind. I'll probably change it, as you suggested.

>narrow focus

This'll probably fix itself when I start to post more.


That image is probably the only image of me that exists on the clear web, aside from that one image of my moustache on this very site. Furthermore, I probably haven't posted my name on that site. Even if it does pop up somewhere, looking it up on search engine brings up entirely unrelated things, because of a funny coincidence. As for the composition of it all, I was trying to go with a look that says "this guy looks like a total asshole" for the joke, but it doesn't really translate well. I guess people have seen others do things more ridiculous than wearing 2 sets of sunglasses while taking themselves completely seriously.


But I want to follow them.

>engage with your mutuals

They always ignore me, a symptom of the aforementioned issue of me being an entirely uninteresting person.

Sorry if this post was a little long.

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