[HELP] Single questions & Help Thread [n00b] (392)

1 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-05 20:53 ID:KxkIsG20

If you have a single (or some more) question regarding any of the tech topics of this board and feel that it wouldn't justify creating an own thread just for that, feel free to post it in here.

If you know the answer to any of the questions in this thread, please help us out here! I am sure it's going to be appreciated.

I am creating this thread since there's ben popping up too many threads lately with single questions asking for help that aren't really set out to create too much interest.

2 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-05 21:03 ID:KxkIsG20

Now, for my own question:

I want to take screenshots of videos with softsubs but cannot figure out how to do that. The subtitles just won't show up.

I've tried with VLC and MPC but with no success.

With BSPlayer, I have found some sort of workaround, because for some reason, hitting Print and then copypasting that into some image in an image editing program will work. However, that's not really convenient, I'd like to be able to take proper screenshots in one single step and just using the normal BSPlayer screenshot function ("p") won't work.

Please help me out here!

PS: Using XP Pro.

3 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-06 05:44 ID:Heaven

The only immediate answer I can think of is to use Virtualdub. Soft-Subs are rendered to a bitmap and sent directly to hardware to view, which means you can't "screencap" them. When they're inside virtualdub it draws them ontop of the video layers it uses, and at that point you can either PrntScr or you can Use Ctrl+1 to copy the image to clipboard.

4 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-06 07:12 ID:swN5wZ+N

Hm, thanks for that. It's still difficult, though, since the subtitler plugin for VirtualDub needs .ssa subtitle files and all I have is .srt.

I'll look for a converter later on. Thank you for helping!

6 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-06 07:36 ID:swN5wZ+N

Neat, I'll check it out. Thanks!

7 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-06 07:47 ID:swN5wZ+N

Wait. This kind of works, but it's still a matter of pasting the clipboard content into an image I have to create in an image editor, seperately.
That's pretty much what I already managed to do with BSPlayer... orz

8 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2005-09-06 15:38 ID:Heaven

If worse comes to worse, you might just consider taking the un-subbed screenshot into an image editor and using its type tool to type in the subtitles manually. This would be a pain for more than one shot at a time, though...

9 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-06 15:41 ID:swN5wZ+N

Yeah, that's a pretty ... useless sugesstion, but thanks for trying.

10 Name: 2 2005-09-07 18:50 ID:Heaven


11 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-08 00:30 ID:eBB3+08d

I'll go second! On a college network, is there any chance of using BitTorrent at all?

12 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 2005-09-08 05:16 ID:vsFBa46S

It depends on the network. What ports can you access outside?

If you don't need a proxy to access web pages, chances are you'll be able to use torrents too. I don't know of many places restricting bandwidth based on layer 7 (although admittedly the last place I worked specialized in this...).

However, it's becoming increasingly easy to do. Take this, for example: http://l7-filter.sourceforge.net/

13 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-08 07:47 ID:eBB3+08d

I don't think I need a proxy. Downloads haven't been successful, though. Healthily seeded torrents refuse to download with Azureus, despite toying with the incoming TCP listen port. I probably have no idea what I'm doing.

14 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-09 10:16 ID:E4Mr6Qx0

Yo peepz.
I´m searching for this tool that checks if you got any pictures twice in a folder (despite different size and name), but I forgot the name. Does anyone know this ap?

15 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-09 10:30 ID:Heaven

hello dear ghetto poster,
there are several of such programs, but i myself use dupdetector:

See also http://4-ch.net/tech/kareha.pl/1108139316/

16 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-09 10:48 ID:E4Mr6Qx0

many thnx from teh ghetto

17 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 2005-09-09 10:49 ID:TBL3gc4e

There's also Unique Filer: http://www.uniquefiler.com/

It has a better interface than DupDetector, particularly since you can do an unscaled side-to-side comparison, but it's also nagware.

18 Name: Dominic 2005-09-10 02:38 ID:FFvFiN9a

Hi. I'm on a college residence connection and I can't get BitTorrent to work. It was fine a few weeks ago, but recently they were upgrading the line to fiber optics and now it's slow and unreliable. Does anyone have any tips to get BT working again? (Hopefully, the line will be back to 'normal' if they ever get finished... But I'm not hoping for much.)

19 Name: 2005-09-10 15:23 ID:Heaven

Short Answer: University networks hate students using p2p and they'll do anything necessary to stop it, including packet shaping, closing ports etc.

So you wanna download filez and stuff and not worry about all that shit? Find a good usenet server.

20 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-20 18:49 ID:Heaven

bump for the heck of it

21 Name: Otaku ja nai 2005-09-29 02:17 ID:HXale4Cy

One cool feature of XBMC on the XBOX is that when you hit the screenshot button, it screenshots exactly what you see. So if the subtitle is displaying, it will include it. However, subtitles get in the way of a screenshot anyway.

22 Name: Dorkzohmaigaudspacepolticxz. 2005-09-29 17:36 ID:Heaven

Usenet is piracy love. I don't bother with p2p unless I have no choice whatsoever.

23 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-30 08:49 ID:Heaven

> Usenet is piracy love.

I'm loving it!

24 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-09-30 16:59 ID:Heaven

I find it's funny that about every new P2P network gets targeted by the authorities and Usenet hasn't yet. I guess it's due to the fact that you won't get good access for free anymore these days...

25 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-10-01 04:03 ID:Heaven


No, supplying "everything" of usenet makes you a common carrier, and thus can not be prosecuted for harbouring warez monkeys. However if the said provider were to restrict certain groups, then they would loose their common carrier status and be open to prosecution.

26 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-10-01 17:59 ID:vE+GvfJO

Any references for that?

27 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-10-01 21:35 ID:M/r+VNZ4


Nearly every news server restricts which boards it carries, and always have.

28 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-10-02 12:21 ID:s8Oj4h06

"unspecified" question

Today I look at one of my (Windows XP) folders and there is an underlined "unspecified" there.
It only appears if I put one icon or more in it.
All other windows don't have this, even newly created one.
Googling for "unspecified" doesn't help.

Anyone knows?

29 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-10-13 08:58 ID:ayWdU0UR

uhm... an "internet" folder?

30 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-10-13 13:00 ID:Heaven

>>29 Huh? That's just the name of the folder. Like "StartUp" or "Accessories".

31 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-10-13 14:14 ID:Heaven

It's smart to catagorize the internets.

32 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-10-30 22:03 ID:JEH3cFeb


Right click, "Arrange Icons By", "Show In Groups."

If you display the folder by details, it will organize by the header you click on. Like if you click on "Name" it will organize by name.

If you're grouping by something that it doesn't have, it will probably display "unspecified"


33 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-10-31 03:27 ID:XTBRl5JE

>>32 Oh I see. Thanks.

34 Name: GrrDraxin 2005-11-02 06:10 ID:W3/m64Cc

Alright, I've decided to post my question here, since I can't find any other appropriate thread for such a question.

Does anyone know of a file and directory sorting program?

If there is one, can it do the following:

1: sort selected folders by size of total contents of a folder and sub folders.

2: de-compile (unstack) sub-folders and place them into a specified "Root" folder.

3: calculate folder sized to be placed in another folder based on a specified destinaion size criteria. EG max destination folder size (100MB, 700MB, 4.38 GB, 8.76GB, 40GB, etc.)

Overall desired function: Standard DVD-R(RW) holds 4.44 gigs, but you usually can only use 4.38 gigs of it. The idea is to have this program sort and arrange selected folders to best fit onto a DVD 'before' I would need to burn it. Sort of to pre-burn preparation, for muliple disks to que for burning later.

For example: I want to eventually burn my videos I download from my torrents, but only say I want it to sort my completed series(anime being the best example of this), leaving the files or folders that have incomplete(in progress) series alone until I've DLed the last episode of a perticular series. Then sort the directories so that they will best fit on a certain type of media(ZIP, CD-R, DVD-R, Tape, etc.), instead of having to manually do it through a burning, or other backup program....

I usually end up scrambling around my 5 drives [used to be 7, but one drive (parti into two) failed] (totaling about 120 to 160 gigs) just to search for other videos , images or other files to fill the remaining space. If I could sort my directories using a catagory system, like file types, folder names, size of folders(+ sub folders if not de-compiling directories), # of files within folder, etc. I could effectively backup my video AND my image archives with the least ammout of wasted space on my backup media. I don't like wasting space on a DVD-R if I don't have to.

My example of the manual method: Using Nero, I search though my drive(s) looking for stuff that fills a DVD as best as possible. Content to be written are anime videos DLed from the net. I get 5 folders of videos, and 2 extra videos that fill it with little space feft over. folder #1 is 815 MB, folder #2 is 464 MB, folder #3 is 1.74 Gig, folder #4 is 598 MB, folder #5 is 511 MB, and the 2 files(fillers) 175 MB + 132 MB all total 4.37 Gigs used on the DVD. Later burned to DVD-R.

It normally takes 20 minutes on average hunting these folders and files down and comparing them in combinations with other folders & files to make this nearly perfect DVD-R compilation.

Esentially, is there something to auomate that process?

35 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-11-02 13:26 ID:ogW+UZ3T

Is there a simulare free service for web developers like GOOGLE MAPS that covers europe better? The city I need a map of is Stavanger, Norway.

36 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-11-03 02:10 ID:hV2XIMSw

NASA Worldwind?

37 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-11-21 04:04 ID:RoTg6Kxy

is there any decent swf player that will work on freebsd 6.0 amd64?

38 Name: Redhatter 2005-11-21 05:06 ID:Heaven

http://gplflash.sourceforge.net might work... but I've had little success on Linux/x86 and practically none on Linux/MIPS.

Have you tried using Linux Binary emulation? You should be able to run a Linux/x86 version of Firefox, and use Macromedia's plugin inside that?

(I share your pain though... there are times when Flash is useful on a site, but it's totally useless without a working plugin.)

39 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-11-21 15:57 ID:RoTg6Kxy

gplflash is slow and i'm not getting any sound...
i haven't been able to get linux/x86 anything to work...

40 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-11-30 18:16 ID:yKxJSqXB

I have added a router (US Robotics) and since then, every time I power the computer, exactly 1 hour later I lose my net connection.
Weird thing is that the P2P stuff continues working, but browser/mail is gone until I do a "Repair TCP/IP". Then it's fine for the rest of the day.

41 Name: Redhatter 2005-12-01 08:24 ID:Heaven

>>40 Does ping work at all when the net connection stops functioning?

Have you tried running something like Ethereal[1] during the outage to see if any packets are getting back to your machine?

  1. http://www.ethereal.com

42 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-01 14:19 ID:mWTqqV02

>>41 Yes, ping works. Tracert as well.
BitTorrent works.

Browsers don't work (Firefox, IE, Opera).
Usenet doesn't work ("cannot locate remote host").

43 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-12-01 14:42 ID:lPibTPpK

Sounds a bit like it's just DNS that dies. Any connections that are already open will work, but no host name lookups will. Try connecting to a site by IP after the hour has passed and see if that works. (Try it before too just to make sure the site isn't virtual hosted.)

44 Name: Redhatter 2005-12-02 02:29 ID:Heaven

Bittorrent will continue to work most likely under those circumstances, because it will be relying on the IP addresses of hosts (as many of them are other users downloading files).

Perhaps if it turns out to be DNS, it's worth setting up your own caching nameserver? BIND9 I've found makes a reliable workhorse for this task.

45 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-02 15:00 ID:mWTqqV02

>>43 Yeah it connects to the site by IP. Well, the two IP I tried worked, maybe I should have tried more.

Weird thing: I can still go to the pages I have visited before the hour is up, even using another browser.

Also, today I didn't visit 4-ch.net, and I could not ping 4-ch.net when the hour was up.
http://4-ch.net/ is strange. If I go to http://4-ch.net/ I get the portal. If I go to I get a Japanese Apache page. I could browse after the hour was up but not 4-ch.net/ -- different sites I guess.

46 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2005-12-02 16:51 ID:RoTg6Kxy

>http://4-ch.net/ is strange. If I go to http://4-ch.net/ I get the portal. If I go to I get a Japanese Apache page. I could browse after the hour was up but not 4-ch.net/ -- different sites I guess.

that's virtual hosting.

47 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-02 19:22 ID:mWTqqV02

>>46 I see. There seem to be a bunch of these around.
I have tried to ping a few sites and most of them don't have the same IP as their site address.

48 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-03 14:02 ID:mWTqqV02

Curiouser and curiouser.
After the hour was up today, I couldn't ping named addresses.
Then I pinged an IP number, it worked, then I tried browsing the named address, and it worked too. Now everything works normally, and I didn't have to do a "Repair TCP/IP".

49 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-03 14:36 ID:mWTqqV02

>>48 ah, scratch that. It locked up 1 hour later again and pinging a number now doesn't fix anything, I had to repair.

Browsing by number/ip works.
Browsing by named address doesn't work.

So, what should I do?
Is that US Robotics router defective or what?

50 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-12-03 16:47 ID:M/r+VNZ4


Your router is breaking DNS requests for some unfathomable reason. However, your OS caches DNS lookups, so addresses that were looked up before the router went crazy may still work, because they're in the cache.

What to do about this is a bit of a mystery, though. Does your router have some "Break DNS after one hour: YES/NO" feature?

51 Name: Redhatter 2005-12-03 18:29 ID:Heaven

What IP address is your desktop using? Is it pointed at the modem, or at your ISP's IP number?

If it's the former, try looking up what your ISP's official DNS servers are, and enter those in instead of relying on the ones supplied via DHCP.

52 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-12-05 13:51 ID:Heaven

Okay, I checked "Renew IP Forever Enable (Auto-reconnect)" and now it doesn't lock up anymore. Whee.

53 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-11 20:19 ID:QOZzZgn2

I hate how xterm scrolls half a page at a time when I press Shift+PgUp or Shift+PgDn, rather than a full page. It's so confusing and disorienting and stupid.

Is there a way to change this behavior and make it scroll a full page (or better yet, a full page less one line) at a time? I know there's a manpage, but it's tl;dr and I wasn't able to find anything relevant by searching it.

54 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-12 11:28 ID:RoTg6Kxy

from the xterm manpage:

> It is possible to rebind keys (or sequences of keys) to arbitrary
> strings for input, by changing the translations resources for the vt100
> or tek4014 widgets. Changing the translations resource for events
> other than key and button events is not expected, and will cause unpre-
> dictable behavior. The following actions are provided for use within
> the vt100 or tek4014 translations resources:


> scroll-back(count [,units [,mouse] ])
> This action scrolls the text window backward so that text that
> had previously scrolled off the top of the screen is now visi-
> ble.
> The count argument indicates the number of units (which may be
> page, halfpage, pixel, or line) by which to scroll.
> An adjustment can be specified for these values by appending a
> "+" or "-" sign followed by a number, e.g., page-2 to specify 2
> lines less than a page.
> If the third parameter mouse is given, the action is ignored
> when mouse reporting is enabled.
> scroll-forw(count [,units [,mouse] ])
> This action is similar to scroll-back except that it scrolls in
> the other direction.


> The default bindings in the VT102 window are:
> Shift <KeyPress> Prior:scroll-back(1,halfpage) \n\
> Shift <KeyPress> Next:scroll-forw(1,halfpage) \n\

55 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-13 01:55 ID:+vyJO/iK

Problem: the Finder (10.4.4) and all Open dialogs no longer list my Desktop as a folder in my home directory. I can only access it from the Terminal and the Sidebar. No other accounts on this computer display this problem, and restarting / repairing permissions doesn't help. Ideas?


56 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-13 02:12 ID:+vyJO/iK


Nevermind, fixed. Had to delete the Desktop folder in the Terminal then log out & in. Weird.

57 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-13 02:33 ID:QOZzZgn2

So how exactly do I change these resources? I can't find any hints in the manpage about what file to write them in or anything...

58 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-13 12:53 ID:Heaven

from the "FILES" section of the manpage:

> /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm
> the xterm default application resources.
> /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color
> the xterm color application resources. If your display supports
> color, use this
> *customization: -color
> in your .Xdefaults file to automatically turn on color in xterm
> and similar applications.

the files are in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults on my system.

59 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-13 20:23 ID:QOZzZgn2

Changing system-wide defaults is an awfully ugly way to adjust programs to my personal settings. There must be a command-line option "read resources from this file instead" somewhere..

60 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-25 23:09 ID:2zzbFe3A

does anyone know how to set up wine on freebsd amd64?
i've heard it's possible (using a linux x86 binary package), but i haven't been able to get it working. i use other linux binaries, so i know linux compat is working...
i tried searching on google, but haven't found anything useful...

61 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-26 14:32 ID:Heaven

Cedega only recently started working in 64 bit native, and that is only their drivers iirc. Are you talking about a 32-bit linux chroot or not?

62 Name: CyB3r h4xX0r g33k 2006-02-26 17:55 ID:2zzbFe3A


>(using a linux x86 binary package)

63 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-14 06:15 ID:BQ6Asi5I

I needed to run Share, so I got a friend to send me a vmware image of Windows XP. One problem though, how do I install japanese language pack without the XP CD?

On a related note, why do I need a CD for that?

65 Name: >>63 : 2006-03-14 18:20 ID:Heaven

An IME would still be nice though

66 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-16 03:50 ID:r48WV+zM

i need to print 6 images on a page (2 columns 3 rows) such that when i cut the page into 6 and stack, the images overlap exactly. does anyone know an easy way to do this? i've tried doing it by calculating margins and manually plonking the images in word, but this seems somewhat imprecise. and i imagine doing a 6 slide per page thing isn't going to work cos you can't adjust the spacing between slides?
also, i'm trying to get away with using small margins (0.5cm sides 1.35cm top/bottom) but word says the images will go outside the printable area; will these margins work on another printer?

67 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-16 10:23 ID:hM3Mwixw

i'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do, but...

>also, i'm trying to get away with using small margins (0.5cm sides 1.35cm top/bottom) but word says the images will go outside the printable area; will these margins work on another printer?

the last time i used ms word, if i set the margins too small it would pop up a dialog telling me that the margins are too small, and the dialog had a "fix" button on it...

68 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-16 12:50 ID:n9eWjU9r

Don't use Word. Use something that's actually meant for this kind of work. I'd suggest Adobe Illustrator, but that's fairly pricey unless you have it already, and if you're using Word, you probably don't. Corel and such would do, and maybe even some open-source program like Inkscape could handle it.

69 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-17 05:28 ID:Heaven

I need a good freeware or unrestricted shareware firewall. The one I use is old, and went pay only a couple of years ago.

70 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-17 06:00 ID:DRoiOfs2

>>67 yeah i got the same thing, but fix made the margins large and unsymmetrical
>>68 thanks, i might look into that
>>69 kerio is ok i think

71 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-17 13:52 ID:hM3Mwixw

pf, ipfw

72 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-17 15:56 ID:8ucajj2U

too short, couldn't decipher

73 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-18 07:37 ID:Heaven

google, do you use it?
pf -> second result -> http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/
ipfw -> second result -> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/firewalls-ipfw.html

74 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-18 13:56 ID:Heaven


He was obviously asking for one for Windows, genius.

75 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-18 14:44 ID:Heaven

But on that subject, what about personal firewalls for Mac OS X? I've only been able to find a single one, which is commercial. Aren't there any free ones? And no, ipfw is not up to the task. It's still focused on preventing incoming connections, when the bigger threat these days are outgoing connections.

76 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-03-19 17:41 ID:Ter2GmtM

77 Name: 76 : 2006-03-19 20:57 ID:Heaven

I forgot, this forum is absurdly helpful too: http://discussions.info.apple.com/

78 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-11 13:36 ID:4vOg4NT0

I want to remove the "Documents" folder on the Start Menu, is there any way to do that? I don't care if I delete that folder permanently, I have never used it in my life, and I am tired of clearing it whenever I visit my (hidden) hentai pics folder.

79 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-11 17:43 ID:Heaven


  1. right click on start button
  2. click on "Properties"
  3. click the button that says "Customize..."
  4. go to the "Advanced" tab
  5. uncheck the box next to "List my most recently opened documents"
  6. click "OK"
  7. click "OK" again

80 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-12 19:32 ID:szWhBnjX

Ok, here's something I just know I'll regret asking.

I have a phone that can do mail by POP3 and SMTP. I also have a Gmail account. However, the phone won't do SSL, and Gmail won't work without it. I also have a Mac OS X machine that is always on. So I'm thinking, couldn't the Mac relay my mail between my phone and Gmail?

This probably involves postfix somehow. I can just tell this will be painful. Anybody have any hints how to do this with a minimal amount of screaming?

81 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc : 2006-04-12 22:00 ID:oh3Yv4Zq

I think the easiest, if not the most l33t, way to do it would be to use OS X's Mail client in combination with a little AppleScript. Set it up to access Gmail via POP http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=13275 , then set up a filter to have it send each incoming message to your phone.

When you reply to these messages, it'll go to your Gmail account, so set up another filter (you'll have to put this filter before the above one in order of execution) that detects if the message came from your phone, and if so, executes an AppleScript that then forwards your outgoing message to the proper email address. (Perhaps have the address the message should go to as the first line of the body of the email so the script can pick it out or something.) I'm no good at AS, so you're on your own at this point, but I think it should be possible.

Or, if your phone supports it, you can simply set it so all of your outgoing messages have the Reply-to: header set to your Gmail address, and then reply to them directly from your phone.

82 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-13 01:11 ID:szWhBnjX


No, that won't do at all. I don't want any program parsing and messing with my messages and headers, and I don't want to have to keep Mail running all the time.

I really don't need any more than something that accepts connections and forwards them with SSL, or possibly a simple mail queue.

83 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-13 03:24 ID:Heaven

>I really don't need any more than something that accepts connections and forwards them with SSL,


84 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-18 13:20 ID:n9eWjU9r


Tell me more!

85 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-18 17:51 ID:hM3Mwixw

86 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 11:42 ID:Heaven


That's not what I'm paying you for!

87 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 18:14 ID:4vOg4NT0


It only works with the XP-style Start menu...Is there any way to remove the Documents' Folder on the Classic-style menu? Because I don't really like the XP style..orz

88 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 20:22 ID:hM3Mwixw

i don't know of a way to do it with the classic-style menu...
why don't you like the xp-style one?

89 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-20 12:46 ID:Heaven


Try TweakUI, maybe?

90 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-21 20:44 ID:Heaven


I don't like it because it is too wide, also it shows all the folders instead of hiding those which are rarely used


Thanks, I'll go google for it and see what it is

91 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-06-30 21:34 ID:rAmZ5vyR

age because people aren't using this

92 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-05 16:14 ID:O9uk0hUV

repost from other thread:
I just bought a USB webcam thing, and it worked fine. Once. Now after disconnecting and reconnecting it, it's only detected as "Unknown Device" no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the drivers. Still works on my laptop, so I don't think the camera itself is the problem. Any ideas?

93 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-06 18:02 ID:g7zJLO6Q

Are you plugging it into the same USB port or did you try different ports?

94 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-07 19:09 ID:O9uk0hUV

tried different ports. and all of the ports still work with other things.

95 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-08 19:48 ID:g7zJLO6Q

Someone there had a similar problem, seems to have been caused by a spyware conflict. Do you have any files called vimicro.exe? Have you run virus/spyware checks recently?

96 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-08 23:49 ID:O9uk0hUV

nope, no signs of any such files, and i've run virus and spyware scans since the problem started.

97 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-08 23:57 ID:O9uk0hUV

Well, it works now. No idea why, I didn't actually do anything.

98 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-07-09 05:32 ID:XvkGn01D

I have a kinda-tech question.
I moved and my new place has only two-holed grounded outlets. So to use my computer I installed a three-hole adapter and plugged its power strip into that.

But now the computer is running much, much slower than it did before. Nothing new has been installed. Computer's a six-year-old G4.

So I don't know much, is the slowdown caused by not getting enough power?

99 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc : 2006-07-10 03:53 ID:JiCcAs9s

No. If your computer was not getting enough power, it wouldn't start at all (if the low power was steady), or it would randomly restart (if the low power occurred in occasional "sags").

Besides, "three-holed" outlets don't put out any more power than "two-holed" outlets. The third hole just does grounding.

Check System Profiler and make sure it's reporting your system specifications as correct, especially your RAM. It's possible that your RAM card(s) got unseated while you were moving your computer to your new place, and now your system is trying to get by with less RAM than it used to have. If things are amiss, make good on the fact that those G4 towers are so dang easy to pop open and check to make sure everything's seated properly. (Remember to discharge yourself of any static electricity before you touch anything in the computer.)

100 Name: 98 : 2006-07-12 14:08 ID:Heaven

Thanks, >>99.

All the RAM is being read correctly, and everything in the box is firmly in its usual place. Seriously, absolutely nothing has changed with my system to make it become so incredibly slow.

One other strange thing that's happened is that fairly often my speakers make a series of weird staccato buzzing noises, and rarely my monitor flickers in a similar manner and my alarm clock makes the same noises. So, could something like this be connected to the problem? Wtf is going on?

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