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934 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8748 09:03

I miss more original content character thread stories, but I don't mind the "posting things from other places" threads. However, what was good about those was the content was cpm@pt`khsx; for instance, it felt like the wikipedia thread and the youtube thread, each post was a fragment of a property of what DQN "meant"... windows into esoteric interests related to that common thread that ties us to this board, whatever that is. Today it more often just feels like more "internet-random-lol" content I'd expect to see at SAoVQ. The Beyond DQN one is interesting when it's strange quotes from obscure dead message boards, but it's very boring when used as a soapbox to relay petty meatspace political opinions.

Am I wrong in guessing this is old users leaving and new users arriving with less awareness of their new surroundings? It reminds me of a September but I can't remember which one

>>932 The scavenger hunt thread has had 2 posts in 1100 days, I don't call that active!

Yoshinoya variations are my favourite I think. Maybe I'll get it tattooed, what do you think >>934?

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