Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

1 Name: Anon : 2016-02-19 08:08 ID:gDkQNPan

Thread to talk about the actor Tom Hiddleston

601 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 15:08 ID:W34cMLSy

602 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 15:41 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>600 Don't knock beige paint. It is very in at the moment ;)

I want a bit of hooking up, more purses and denials. It's all been going s,well. HR got great reviews, he is in every newspaper with ButtButt. Time for him/Luke/EO's thirst for a ree-lay-shun-ship (American pronunciation) to bring back the car crash!

603 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 15:44 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>600 I agree no guitar. Men who bring guitars to parties and insist on playing them to everyone - high scores on the twatometer. Men who travel internationally with their guitars for this purpose - very problematic.

604 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 16:14 ID:4z+3bWeD

>>603 And yet we know that he's the type! I'm almost certain that he'll do a concert thang like he did in Nashville after the LA premiere. I think the guitar went to Vietnam for practice and prep for that reason.

Maybe he and EO will 'rock up' during an open mic event at some LA club. They'll Sonny and Cher it with a few duos while making their love clear to all...I should be running his PR; I'd make it the proper circus it's always threatening to become.

605 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-18 16:40 ID:18YVG0bX

>>601 Eeeek haha....I was not prepared for the first one in the massage table face rest (are these the 'relaxation treatments' or is he taking 'vitamin facials' from uh, somewhere), which looks like his just-woke-up face. Honestly, I wouldn't mind that face at the ass-crack of dawn....

>>600 Why won't he have some hot, messy affair with someone, well, hot and messy? I've shipped him and Hayley Atwell forever...

606 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 17:18 ID:W34cMLSy

>>605 He just doesn't seem to want what we want for him, so beige it is! Given HA's most recent boyfriend, I think TH may be too beige for her!

607 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 17:19 ID:W34cMLSy

608 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 17:48 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>607 Positive ID. Compare books on shelves behind him with the books in this photo, which was taken at his home:

609 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 17:55 ID:Xfxv9xZA

Both TH and EO will be on Jimmy Kimmel next week I believe. This will be fun. Let the THEO fervor commence!

610 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:02 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>609 Please baby Jesus let the mean tweets be the kitchen door ones.

611 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 18:13 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>610 LOL! I want them to be about pap night and her wailing. God, pap night was a performance indeed. Since they can't get any Oscar noms for ISTL, somebody give these two a new award FORGED especially for that display. At least, EO deserves one for all her hard work.

612 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 18:21 ID:W34cMLSy

>>609 Together?!? Clapping hands ad infinitum! I don't watch JK, does he do mean tweets with every guest so that it's definitely going to happen?

613 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:24 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>611 Are they out of the game? I thought it had to be released in a certain number of theatres to qualify so maybe having pulled it in October they can say it didn't - and why would they be be publicising the Second Coming save for some remote hope of Oscar glory? It can't be for box office as it's clearly going to make about 2p!

614 Name: M : 2016-03-18 18:34 ID:BdWHuebY

Can someone please explain what is wrong with the kitchen door? ii keeps being mentioned here.... confused

615 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:36 ID:qAvx5iXW

For interest - a seriously poor review of HR in the Spectator, in both senses.

FYI The Speccy is a right wing weekly magazine (kind of like the New Yorker only more news focussed, so no feature length 5000 word articles). Views expressed range between centre right and crazy wingnut. You may be able to guess where Deborah Ross falls. She thinks she is dead clever and her reviews are almost always crap (eg 300 words about her problems with her babysitter and then 100 words tagged on the end about the latest film).

616 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 18:36 ID:W34cMLSy

>>613 I don't think SPC have given up on this nag. I think they may be saddling her up and putting her in the gates. There are billboards up: ISTL on IG is running a 'Spot the ISTL Billboard' contest - so there's got to be a few. There are 3 different US trailers, all slightly different for different markets - that's planning, thought, money right there. They've got TH on at least one morning show, and now a major late night show with EO. I'm not in the know, but it seems a good push. They may even do the re-release during the Oscar bait Oct/Nov time.

Maybe they're doing it for actor/actress noms because they know they're not going to get anything else.

They're not officially out of contention, I don't think - I think NewAnon meant 'in spirit.'

617 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:38 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>614 The bicycle posted a series of tweets tagging him from last summer, from about a day after Pursegate, talking about hearing TH and EO having a row, her smoking in his garden and him running out to comfort her and them screwing against his kitchen door. Looked like the tweets came from a neighbour - or were fabricated to look like they did.

618 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 18:39 ID:W34cMLSy

>>614 Oh, M!!! Anon should really report back as she's the one that discovered them. But on the townbycycle there were some tweets which seemed to be from a neighbor reporting on TH and EO. She/he seemed to be able to see into TH's backyard/kitchen and tweeted that TH first admired his naked self in a mirror, and then had sex with EO up against the kitchen door...but only lasted two minutes!

619 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 18:48 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>613>>616 The movie never released officially so this all seems obligatory movie promo to me. It's not even big. It's all taking place during the week of whereas if it was a big push, we'd see a lot more appearances, a lot more TV spots, a lot of everything basically. Whenever movies get pushed for awards, you always slapped in the face with all the promo and with ISTL, it doesn't seem that big. I mean if you weren't a TH fan, this would all be blink and miss.

620 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:48 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>618 I will see if I can find them. They were hilarious. The person never said they could see in and I doubt TH would screw where he could be seen, as you can get arrested for that apart from anything else, even if it's on your own property.

But - there is a basement flat in his complex, a rental, which has the same number as his place so it must be pretty close by. You might be able to hear - and yo would know where the kitchen was if you lived underneath - you'd hear the dishwasher and the washing machine and stuff.

621 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 18:49 ID:W34cMLSy

>>617 >>618 And this right here sums up the different between Anon and Anon.!!
She was so factual and I was so sensationalist!

My latest work paper was about the Russians, Syria and chemical weapons. Anon would have titled it Chemical Weapons: The Possible Links Between Syria and Russia. I essentially titled it That Crazy Russian Bear-Wrestler Could Give Syrian Hitler Chemical Weapons!

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel will ask THEO about their 'great chemistry' or Syria?

622 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 18:50 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>619 I must say I thought they would let it die more quietly than this. I think they still have some - unrealistic - hopes!

623 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 18:56 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>622 Didn't MA say ISTL was his dream project? That he'd been dying to make a Hank movie? He's part of the promo so I think he's still pushing at Sony for his baby and that's why it's getting the mandatory level of publicity a movie of that budget and size might get. In my humble opinion. He went and reedited the whole thing so he's still holding out hope.

624 Name: M : 2016-03-18 18:58 ID:BdWHuebY

LOL so you can see in his yard and also in his kitchen? :)

625 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 18:58 ID:W34cMLSy

>>619 True. Maybe it is all by-the-books level stuff - I have no idea. Any sane person wouldn't spend this much money on promo for a movie that's not been a critics' darling, but then studios aren't sane.

I'm going to go see it the moment it opens because I feel like it will hit theatres and then disappear quickly. 'One for ISTL, please.' My greatest shame?

If anything, ISTL will go down as one of those movies that produced a great love affair, like Cleopatra...or Gigli.

626 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:01 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>614 Found them! I apologise to everyone for linking to the bicycle - though we all read it anyway on occasion and hey! it's Friday.

Anon. is right about the mirror and the 2 min part - I had merely forgotten these salacious details! The original series of tweets from the guy date from JArthy times. The second lot are from Pursegate times.

627 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:07 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>624 The house is in a private complex off the main road and has high walls - see the ice bucket challenge video. You couldn't see in from an adjoining property. There is a large apartment block behind but some distance away (see same vid) - I doubt you could see into the kitchen. You could probably see into the garden but you wouldn't hear a conversation. Hence my speculation at >>620 - if there is any truth in it at all. I did think it had the ring of an authentically pissed off neighbour though!

628 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 19:15 ID:Xfxv9xZA

I don't believe those tweets or the JArthy ones for one same reason - they all came out after both pap night and the Tom&JArthy pub sighting had been made public very obviously and it'd been news for a while. I think I'd put more bank if these tweets came out when there were only whispers of THEO before the TOBY pic and pap night. But that's cynical me \(•~•)/

629 Name: M : 2016-03-18 19:16 ID:BdWHuebY

So the same neighbour saw both JA and EO, at his place?

630 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 19:22 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>625 Can you imagine if THEO had done the Bennifer level of public romancing?? A big fat rock on EO's finger with a grinning TH on the other arm. JArthy came SO CLOSE to that with Bora Bora. Standing with TH and two chefs in a known romantic restaurant at a known romantic hotspot as TH awkwardly hovers his hand behind JA is better than being ignored by TH as 6 hungry paps circle a wailing EO behind the Wolseley.

631 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:23 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>628 I know, I know - I mainly want to believe because they are so funny! THe self-love in front of a mirror, the 2 minute duration, the listening to her talking drivel in the garden. This is why Jimmy has to ask them!

632 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:29 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>630 Do you think JA came close? Bora Bora seems to have been a "thank you and goodbye" holiday. I love her for getting him to pose in that restaurant - perfect revenge. They may be about to split, and he is suffering from hover hand, but she WILL get that photo of them in island paradise onto social media. Sigh. I miss her. Even people on CB miss her. She would has done Pursegate right.

633 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:31 ID:qAvx5iXW

have done

634 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:33 ID:qAvx5iXW

have done

635 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-18 19:34 ID:W34cMLSy

>>629 Maybe. Or it could have been the same very creative twitter troll.

>>630 Young lady, knock on wood, real quick! I don't mind a little cardboard viewing, but ain't no one wants that.

OT: I'm leaving on a mini-break and won't be able to watch TNM as it airs. And likely won't see it until Tuesday (of course, now that it's getting good!). So, no by-the-numbers review. Maybe someone else wants to pick up the mantle? It's not really that important of a mantle. It can probably just stay on the ground!

Have a great weekend. And to those seeing HR in the UK, I hate you!

636 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 19:38 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>635 Enjoy your mini break!

There will probably be no further itty bitty buttock shots, tho preview photos suggest combats and fondling guns. If I have watched it on Sunday I might give a run down to keep you hungry.

637 Name: M : 2016-03-18 19:39 ID:BdWHuebY

>>635 Have a great weekend, too!

638 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-18 19:46 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>632 That's what I meant. Even if it was a breakup holiday, JArthy got Tom and Bora Bora, closest thing to a confirmed something happened between them. Whereas EO got nothing. Even Hawaii was her showing up there while he worked and still many think it's not EO but Erin Moriarty. Girl can't get a leg up with TH anywhere unless her team leaks it. >>635 Have a lovely mini-break! And I knocked on wood and threw some salt over the shoulder while doing it!

639 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-18 20:55 ID:MKxlMUgY

>>635 Enjoy the weekend Anon.
>>638 >>632 says prayer for the Blessed Jane Her determination is sorely missed.

640 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-18 23:01 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>600 I think we'll see a difference between who he has a good time with now (beige cardboard ladies) and who he ultimately ends up with (probably someone with a bit more substance). If he's 100% into his career and not ready to "settle down" into something serious, he likely avoids getting involved with women he'd be tempted to marry or move in with or whatever his idea of commitment is.

641 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 23:24 ID:qAvx5iXW

Breaking news: they are not on Jimmy Kimmel on the same day!

Which means either:
1) they split and it's all too embarrassing
2) they are still together and it's all too embarrassing.

Take your pic, ladies!

642 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 23:25 ID:qAvx5iXW

Pick, even. Damn you, Apple!

643 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 23:28 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>640 I think you're right. EO may be straining to bring this one home, but I don't feel it. I wonder if he might go for someone not in the business as Eddie Redmayne did. No competitiveness and it makes scheduling, childcare and having some kind of married life a lot easier.

Can we now call all of his shags BCLs for short?

644 Name: Anon : 2016-03-18 23:29 ID:qAvx5iXW

645 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-19 00:01 ID:Xfxv9xZA

>>644 She's promoting ISTL and he's on it for Night Manager. It seems like it's more different projects than couple awkwardness.
But that's no fun! So I'm going to go with >>640 and >>643 stick with beige cardboard lady no. 2 (or EO) tried to wrangle him into a happily ever after after unceremoniously dumping her fiance but Tom aka Mr. Ambitious with Buns of Gold denied her offer and continues to focus on his work. His work. It's all about the work you guys.

646 Name: Anon : 2016-03-19 11:29 ID:qAvx5iXW

OT (a bit - it is still TNM-related): The Sun has an article today entitled "Failed romances and party lifestyle of sex thimble Tom Hollander"....!!!!

647 Name: Anon : 2016-03-19 12:25 ID:qAvx5iXW

New to me. Apologies if it has been posted before. TH interviewed by Empire in HR:

648 Name: Anon : 2016-03-19 12:31 ID:qAvx5iXW

Interview in The Tennessean with TH and others:

650 Name: Anon : 2016-03-19 13:39 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>607 If you were wondering about the origin of the rather dreadful painting at Maison Hiddles, this explains it:

651 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-19 19:58 ID:89pEWkso

>>647 Nice interview. I can appreciate the effort he puts into his long, drawn out answers in other interviews, but they can come off as arrogant. This time, he really shines in these short, to-the-point, intelligent replies.

652 Name: Anon : 2016-03-19 20:08 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>651 I think he's been edited!

653 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-20 05:30 ID:89pEWkso

>>652 Dang. It is a good edit.

654 Name: Anon : 2016-03-20 09:34 ID:qAvx5iXW

655 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-20 09:41 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>654 "Bashful" about the social media attention to his arse? Oh come on, Tom. You snake-hipped those bare buttocks on purpose.

656 Name: Anon : 2016-03-20 10:11 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>655 And when Liddle Hiddles made an appearance on Twitter, you tried to tweet-bomb us!

657 Name: Anon : 2016-03-20 10:33 ID:qAvx5iXW

659 Name: Anon : 2016-03-20 18:26 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>658 We should proffer a board question!

660 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-21 05:46 ID:89pEWkso

This just popped up:
from British Esquire photo shoot at Casa de Arroyo in Pasadena, California. Looks like we'll be seeing another magazine spread soon.

661 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 12:10 ID:qAvx5iXW

I watched it - very hard to do this without spoilers so it is somewhat truncated, but:

No of times TH showed that he would be an excellent presenter on QVC: 1
No of times TH said "shhh, shhhhh" and my panties flew across the room: 1
No of times TH wore combat trousers and my panties flew across the room: too numerous to particularise
No of times I was glad not to be a trophy girlfriend: 1
No of times I was glad not to be a trophy gay hanger-on: 1
No of times I really did think RR was the worst man in the world: 2
No of times TH's voice slipped and he sounded about 18 and also unbelievably posh: 1 (prize for identifying when)
No of not quite gratuitous shower scenes: 1 (in the dark. Suzanne, what's up with that? Why do you tease us like this?)
No of cliff-hanging, panty-wetting, edge of seat moments: 1

662 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 12:23 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>660 Is that his ISTL suit? It looks kind of.....brown!

According to tumblr this is for an imminent edition of Esquire. If so I assume it was done in January when he was in Pasadena for whatever it was (TNM publicity? I can't remember) and is being dropped now as a teaser.

663 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 13:35 ID:qAvx5iXW


And the cause of the leak was - sending out pre-ordered DVDs several weeks early! How hopeless is that?!

664 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 13:49 ID:Ep2jQcLc

>>661 Still haven't watched it. the final ep leaked, but I want to wait till next week to watch.

665 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 13:52 ID:Ep2jQcLc

>>663 Ha. I need to refresh the page more.

Pretty sure he wore most of his own clothes for TNM - maybe not the military gear, but that black v-neck looks familiar.

666 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 14:04 ID:+8fv0/sI

>>662 These might have been taken in Jan but TH is likely in LA because Eo was spotted having a PDA moment on a street corner. yep, that's how my reasoning works with these two! no confirmation it was TH and no pic. I won't link the account for reasons, but the person is not a fangirl or a gay porno pap!

667 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 14:57 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>666 I am assuming he is in LA for the premiere tomorrow and for Jimmy Kimmel - is it recorded in LA? That red carpet will be interesting. You don't snog someone on a street corner, especially when he is on every magazine cover in town due to his new tv show, unless you want the news out there.

668 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 15:01 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>666 PS I am in awe of you for finding this stuff because her tag is full of the most dreadful junk. It's not even heart eyes emojis - it's all spam for unrelated beauty products or celeb gossip sites!

669 Name: NewAnon : 2016-03-21 15:36 ID:Xfxv9xZA

There is an ISTL Q&A today with TH and EO so TH should definitely be in LA. >>666 the person saw EO getting cozy with someone today or yesterday?

670 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 18:00 ID:o+0kcRrj

>>661 How was the acting? I'm home. We left NH early to avoid the snow - spring, my ass. I'm going to watch it soon. Ready for the panties to fly at 'shhhh, shhhh!' That's my new favorite TH line.

>>667 I think they think they're undercover in LA as long as they don't go to celeb spots. Tweeter might have gotten it wrong, but I just don't think all these sightings are fake. Shoulder shrug.

Here's an EO ISTL interview from Nylon. TH is mentioned so it's not completely OT (Linked without snarky comment - I know, I know!)

671 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 18:07 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>670 No, I don't either. The "hooking up" continues!

I can't wait to see how he/she/they play it. The balance of power has changed a lot. In May last year a lot of people commented that she was a bigger name (at least in the US, and off the internet) and speculated that he had more to gain by this pairing than her. Now he has huge visibility from TNM and HR has been well-received in the UK, which bodes well for the US. He has a public image which I am sure he will feel benefits by appearing to be footloose and fancy free - and women lying on their backs as far as the eye can see. Will he hold hands/kiss on the RC? This is more gripping than ep5!

672 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 18:16 ID:qAvx5iXW


PS the acting, erm:

OC: A+ (again - touching scenes with Mr B)
TH: B+/A- (I can't put my finger on it. There is a slightly uneven tone to his acting through this series I find hard to put my finger on. I feel like he hasn't mastered who Pine is underneath all the roles he plays, so we see a disjointed series of personae that don't quite gel)
HL: Ranged from B to A (he gets some awful lines at the start which don't help, but when he has the material he is outstanding)

The plausibility is thinner than a size zero at this stage by the way. If I were Roper I might be able to join an instant line between new bug joining organisation in odd circumstances and secrecy suddenly going to shit, but as we saw last week he remains mystified by these coincidences!

673 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-21 18:48 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>666 I've been through the last three days of her tag and I didn't see it. Was this an evil joke for post 666? Devil's number and all? ;)

674 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 18:50 ID:o+0kcRrj

>>672 Okay, seen it. I missed the 'shhhh, shhh' part, but I'll re-watch. Agree about TH - sometimes he gets it, sometimes it's a little wooden/forced/mannered. I don't know, perhaps he's being too cerebral and thinking back to RADA lessons rather than becoming the character in that gut way some actors do. Maybe he needs a pork pie hat like MR. Maybe that's the secret to great acting - a pork pie hat?

I think we're meant to believe that all hasn't gone smoothly with deals/secrecy (the first deal with Hamid/Apo/the need for the trick with the trucks), hence the inability to pin down the snitch. Supposedly he asked Corky to bring Jed because he suspected her too - as another 'new addition'. Still, you're right, and we might be in 00 range - the runway standard! Were I Roper, I'd know just from the annoying, sycophantic chuckle TH shuffles out whenever Roper tells a joke. I wouldn't trust that laugh.

676 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 19:00 ID:o+0kcRrj

>>673 No, I didn't even notice that. :) I promise it's real. I suspect someone will stumble upon it soon but that won't be on me.

677 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 19:02 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>674 Did you spot the posh, slightly braying voice bit?

Unfortunately two of my most favourite to series ever were the Le Carré pair starring Alec Guinness. He is such a consummate performer - and they too were adapted from densely plotted novels - but somehow without feeling as though we were skating over essential character motivation that was there in the book.

Thinking about it again, part of TH's problem is that his character acts purely to advance the plot right from the start. He meets a bit of Egyptian skirt and 5 minutes later is sending her private docs to his mate at the Embassy? Give me a break.

678 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-21 19:10 ID:o+0kcRrj

I'm crap with accents. Was it after he and Corky were spotted on the slope? Before the 'crunch.'

679 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 19:18 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>678 Oh yes. Wan Hundred Per Cent!

Remember this? I found it after I'd been a fan for a while and I did think that IRL he was a LOT more like the slightly bleating Old Etonians with whom I work than I had initially thought. He has definitely got a deeper "acting" and interview voice which is also less honkingly posh.

680 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 19:35 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>675 Torrilla has some more shower shots. I love how the canvas camp shower has mysteriously lost its front panel mojo, sagging down to reveal his abs. I used showers like these on safari - put it this way, I didn't see any 3.5 sided ones! The gratuitous nudity has achieved joke status at this point.

681 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-21 21:56 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>676 Well, as it turns out, Marc Abraham is in Los Angeles and did at least one of the ISTL interviews today with Tom and EO, so maybe HE was the one she was PDA-ing!

682 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 22:18 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>681 You're so naughty! Heart eyes!!

683 Name: Theeeemeee : 2016-03-21 22:33 ID:8nuBIjc8

A possible THEO sighting that supposedly happened but cannot be found by anyone else but one person on this board who isn't willing to share the link.

Sounds legit. Lol.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

684 Name: Anon : 2016-03-21 23:12 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>683 Anon. has been commenting on here for a long time. She often picks up tweets that nobody else saw, and she used to post links to those tweets. Unfortunately we acquired a troll who used those links to go on Twitter and harass and abuse the person who tweeted the sighting. So by mutual agreement we stopped posting the links to any possible Twitter sightings of THEO.

Since then she has mentioned a number of tweets I was able to find pretty easily. She also posts a lot of links to other stuff like IG pics and articles that make this board worth visiting to lurkers like you.

I am not surprised it was impossible to find this particular tweet because if you check out Elizabeth Olsen's tag it is full of spam - repeat postings of airport pap pics from last year and a boatload of similar crap.

So yeah, I do believe her.

685 Name: Theeeemeee : 2016-03-22 01:57 ID:8nuBIjc8

Sorry but I also went through EO's mentions going back months and there was nothing. Nada. Usually when there is an THEO sighting it's either in her tag or his and there's no special thing anyone has to do to find these sightings. They just appear. There are people who plant sightings just as there are people who bash THEO and attack the people who tweet the sightings. Just saying...

And yes I am a lurker thanks...

686 Name: Theeeemeee : 2016-03-22 02:02 ID:8nuBIjc8

Besides all of these Twitter sightings don't matter. Tomorrow at the premiere I think they are going to finally come out as a couple and end all of the speculation. And you know what, good for them.

687 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-22 02:24 ID:Ep2jQcLc

>>681 It certainly runs in the family. Do we want to place bets on whose hand EO will hold at the premiere? I feel like TH's lack of touchy-feely-ness with EO is almost proof of something between them; he's nearly fathered the children of most of his co-stars on the red carpet, and lately that of his female director. But with her, nothing. It's almost like reverse psychology.

>>683 I'm not trolling. I saw it, I reported it - as I've done many times here.

>>684 Heart Eyes! Thank you, sir knight. What little reputation I have around here hopefully points toward my status as a non-troll.

>>686 I'd be perfectly happy for that to happen. It would lift both of them in my estimation. These PR games - we're hooking up in May, theatre/dining it in July, not dating in Sept, laser tagging it in Nov - are tiresome.

688 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-22 02:38 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>687 They were pretty touchy-feely in Nashville, though, more like Tom's usual - the awkwardness and denials were pretty centered on TIFF, I think because it was so soon after Pap Night. It'll be interesting to see this week if they continue with the normal interactions like we saw in Nashville, or if they go back to the TIFF standoffish behavior.

689 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-22 04:23 ID:89pEWkso

>>672 Re: TH's acting - I finished watching all episodes tonight and I think I get what you're saying. He's too good of an actor (debatable, perhaps) to play Pine flat. He must have been directed to play a lot of his acting through his eyes but it wasn't right, and I kept waiting for the rest of his face to catch up, or for Pine to say something. When he smiled in some scenes, it felt out of place, or maybe it was the timing...hard to put my finger on it. Intimidated by HL?

>>687 Lizzie's about to come on Jimmy Kimmel. I'll report back.

690 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-22 04:42 ID:89pEWkso

Okay, EO on Kimmel:

  • she met Harrison Ford backstage (he was on before her), and was star struck because she is big Star Wars / Indiana Jones fan, had box sets of toys as a child.
  • Jimmy made a big mention that she was recently "injured." She was working on a movie in Park City, UT with Jeremy Renner for 7 hours and became snow blinded. Her eyelids were sunburned, eyes bloodshot red. Jimmy showed a closeup of her bloodshot eye; she over giggled/ laughed, sort of a combo between embarrassed and hysterical.
  • Jimmy segued into ISTL by talking about working with Marvel stars - from working with Jeremy to working with Tom, and she said something like 'yeah I can't get away from Marvel'. She stopped giggling and got really serious about the movie. Jimmy talked about her having to sing in the movie, how comparatively bad Audrey's singing was, and she had to find a balance where Audrey sang worse than Hank but not so bad that Audrey would be completely ignored by professionals.

That's it.

691 Name: anon1 : 2016-03-22 05:12 ID:u4c3xNxL

>>683 I saw the tweet too.

692 Name: anon1 : 2016-03-22 05:12 ID:u4c3xNxL

>>690 Thanks for the recap.

693 Name: Anon : 2016-03-22 10:17 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>687 My pleasure.

You've set a hare running though - someone has whizzed over to the bicycle asking her followers to find the tweet!

I'd respect them more if they did acknowledge they were a couple - no more PR games. Not sure if they will though. I think he's better served from an image perspective by appearing to be single. Also if they admit it today, every interview they do over the next week (for ISTL or his other appearances for TNM) will be about the relationship. I can't imagine they want the headlines about those projects to be "TH and EO finalleeeeeee admit relationship (ps was that a lie we heard in Toronto?)"

However I wait with baited breath!!

694 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-22 10:36 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>693 I still think it is/was casual enough that labeling it a "relationship" would have been an exaggeration, thus the denials coupled with the occasional sighting. Most people don't want to remain sexless for extended periods of time, and I'd imagine as someone in the public eye it's difficult to find a partner you can trust - and why invest all that time and effort in building trust with a stranger when all you're looking for is something casual? It makes sense that they'd hook up. They've known each other for a few years, they filmed together, they're promoting together, they're in and out of each other's home cities, and they're both very career driven at the moment and probably not wanting anything too serious.

As for the premiere, I believe the only thing we can be certain of seeing on the red carpet is a bad gown. But who knows? Maybe she'll surprise me.

695 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-22 12:12 ID:Ep2jQcLc

>>690 thanks. Let me guess...she wore black? Ill-fitting? >>694 Her stylist seems to be taking the piss, or her sisters tell her what to wear. Either way, her dress will probably be somewhere to the west of right.

>>691 Thank you. I knew I couldn't have been the only one.

>>693 well, now that the hounds have been let fly, it will likely come to light. As I said, it wasn't much of a tweet and with no confirmation of it being TH or even EO, but neither was that Hawaii tweet that everyone dismissed.

>>693 Talking about the relationship might make for better press than talking about the film itself. Rotten Tomatoes has new reviews from Feb and Mar up and they are not pretty. If MA did re-edit, he employed the same cack-handed techniques he used originally.

696 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-22 13:34 ID:Ep2jQcLc

OT and for Anon:

MR...naked...with a dead fish...and a pork pie hat. Yes, the DM will show up in your browsing history, but think of the rewards!

697 Name: Anon : 2016-03-22 13:40 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>696 That's a tad more of MR than I want to see!

Where is TH in this photoshoot with his manhood encased in a giant scallop? I feel cheated.

698 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-22 13:58 ID:GYWgTYj1

>>697 HA! Giant scallop indeed! What would be his marine life prop of choice? An octopus with nine tentacles? Or just one gooey duck!

699 Name: Anon : 2016-03-22 14:45 ID:AOIk9hfw

>>698 Well, he has a limpet....

700 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-22 16:17 ID:tFQrbSQi

>>695 Black dress, peekaboo shoulder lace, high-waisted, pseudo-waif-manic-pixie-dream-girl aesthetic. Like she was going to a goth prom as a fairy but without wings.

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