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DQN Guide to Making a Cool Halloween Gift
October 19, 2016
Halloween can be a hectic time of the year for your average user of the BBS website 4-ch.net/dqn. Finding gifts for your fellow DQNs can be quite the hassle. This year, save yourself the trouble and follow this easy step by step guide to making a Cool Halloween Gift.
  1. Find an image of your favorite anime character.
  2. I chose Momo for mine (VOʁOV)
  3. Write down your holiday feelings.
  4. When I think of Halloween, I think of ghouls and goblins. Most people might be afraid of this time of year, but I embrace the scariness. When people ask me "Trick or Treat?", I always get a kick out of their reactions when I say "trick" (z̈́z). Of course, I always remember to be practical with my tricks and never hurt anybody. I wish everyone a safe and scary Halloween!
  5. Find some stamps and emojis
  6. You can choose from my set of stamps and emojis here
  7. Make a collage!
  8. Although you are free to be creative, here are some good tips to get you started:
    • Place your anime character in the center of your collage
    • Place your holiday feelings somewhere below your favorite anime character
    • Draw a cute border around your image (you can even add more pictures of your favorite anime character!)
    • Try not to overwhelm your viewer with too many stamps, but also try not to leave too much blank space either
  9. Send your gift as a reply a on DQN
  10. E.g. Hey >>1! I liked your post, and wanted to give you thisR(*LցM*)) as a token of my gratitude
That's all there is to it. Have a happy Halloween!!
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