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872 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8480 21:43

That mention of text adventures reminded me of a text adventure I made myself a few years ago, which I just went back and played through. This was from when I was still very new to programming. Code features:

  • Literally zero comments
  • A grand total of nine functions, of which six are just one clumsily constructed dialogue tree
  • Function definitions randomly interspersed between variable definitions at the start of the code
  • The main game loop is more than 800 lines long and composed pretty much entirely of if and print statements. At one point it has ten nested conditionals.

Despite all that, the game itself is surprisingly solid. I remember I bugtested it to death, and it really is, as best I can tell, genuinely bug free. And the puzzles and game mechanics are quite interesting, even if some of the solutions are a bit abstruse.

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