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162 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8501 05:54

I know what you mean. There really is no god. So who is out there to judge me. If I dress as a dog and live off of welfare, what rules have I broken (spoiler alert: that's what I do :) ). All these people who think that they're better than everyone else or think that they're at least better than transgender diaper babies. All those people are just coming up with a definition of "better" that suits them.

Most of these people spew the word objectivity and science to back up their beliefs like they're Ayn Rand. I don't even really know the definition of objectivity. I mean, even mathematics has godel's incompleteness theorem, which I think states that no formal system can prove itself to be consistent. But I'm set in my ways, and I think I've already figured out just about everything about this world. I mean other people's philosophies and perspectives just complicate things. Everything should just be able to be explained very simply. There shouldn't be gray areas. Otherwise, it can't be true.
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