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I'm usualy just a lurker around the board, but today i have a story... recently i been posting about long distance relationship because I really like this girl that lives in japan. but i live in australia so its really hard if i want to confess to her.. well this is how it all started...

Around 2005 April, i was picked on by some people at school because of my hobby, which is movie making. I'm really like a movie otaku, i love watching movies thats why my dream is to become a film director. most of the girls i knew, i told them about my hobby and they would all ne like "isn't that like really immature??" and later on wont ever talk to me.. it was around November when i was on a japanese pen pal website where i met the japanese girl, her name was Aya. we started emailing each other talking about school and life style ect. then i asked her if she used skype and she said she uses it so we added each other. we started talking in skype, (to those who doesn't know its like msn but you use microphone to talk). for the first time, i told her i'm into film making... she unlike the other girls was actualy intrested in it.. she asked me when can i show her my movie.

we talked almost everyday, mostly for 2 hours and we can always talk about anything like movies, anime, school, music ect.. then one night... we talked for 6 hours! i only had 2 hour sleep because i had to wake up for tennis lessons >"< we got more close after that. for christmas i bought her a bracelet and air mailed it to her, she liked it alot. one day i got her email but was really surprised... usualy at the end of the email she would just write "from Aya" but this time she wrote "Love from Aya". i had this feeling when i saw it. after that, i didn't hear from her for 2 weeks and then one night i got her email asking when can i talk to her... but after that... I've waited for a month and stil counting on... I emailed her before saying i have something to tell her because i planned to confess to her next time we talk.. but now i dont think i can do it because i reckon its highly likely i may get rejected since we are so far away _| ̄|○" the feeling with this girl is different from all the other girls i liked. should i confess or not??

501 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-25 16:42 ID:7f1Gg5a0

>>500 GET

502 Name: 映画男 : 2006-11-26 08:52 ID:A1fZ9cPh

maybe i should be more aggresive and harsh to her now lol, if being mr nice guy doesn't work, i think i should be the villain now.

503 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-11-26 23:07 ID:So8zkGks

How can you do that when you never even bought that Steyr AUG that was suggested to you several times?

504 Name: 映画男 : 2006-11-28 07:44 ID:kgEK9mLJ

because i dont have the money and licence to buy it yet lol

505 Name: 映画男 : 2006-12-04 09:17 ID:Cn45aIyM

i was surprised to recieve a email from aya who told me her computer has a virus LOL...

SIF u got a virus! anyway i was sort of rejected by lyss cos she told me i'm not her type but i'm a REALLY good friend and a REALLY nice person. so i guess i'll have to fix my body up a bit since i am a little fat ._. time to work out

506 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-05 02:49 ID:Heaven

you do that. take a break from all the girls, shape up and then worry about girls.

507 Name: 映画男 : 2006-12-05 13:27 ID:x+czrIsj

today i recieved a shocking email from manda telling me that her best friend commited suicide the other day. i'm the 2nd person she told and she said she told me cos she really trust me. shes blaming her self for the friends death cos the guy called her 3 times but her phone as off. i told her not to blame her self for that and that its not her fault, and that i'm always here for her if she needs someone.

we played maple a bit and i think it made he felt better, hopefully she'll get better cos from the sound of it at the moment shes stil blaming her self. always sad to find out ur friend died.. *sigh

508 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-05 19:21 ID:UXOt+hhz

sorry to hear about that. i had a friend commit suicide, it can be difficult to get over it. just let her know you are there for her. it takes time to get over it but eventually she will be fine.

oh it may be dumb to say but for those who are fucked up: dont take advantage of her sorrow for your own personal gain.

509 Name: strong guy : 2006-12-08 19:13 ID:d+dixbkk

now here got another guy with nick "映画男". like the famous "电车男"

510 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-10 08:39 ID:Heaven

the fuck?

511 Name: 映画男 : 2006-12-16 07:29 ID:Ww3gE7+r

>>509 lol yea another famous story like densha LOL SIF

anyway manda seem to be fine cept that one of her friends is telling people about the situation when she specificly told her not too, i was on the phone with manda 2 days ago for about 1 hour and 20 minutes and we talked alot. i'm away from home atm so she kept on asking me when i'm coming back and also text me saying "tell me when u come back :D" is she trying to ask me out? i kinda get that feeling cos on the phone she asked me twice when i'm coming back. lyss seems to be havin fun in japan atm lol

512 Name: 映画男 : 2006-12-28 17:59 ID:EnL76cUb

you guys wont beleive what happened!! ok i was talking to Aya (finally) who told me her computer was down for 4 months and she was too busy with school work and exams. we talked a bit about all the stuff we missed, i told her i missed her and she said she missed me as well. suddenly she said this...

Aya: hmm i like to tell you something
Benson: what is it?
Aya: i really like you
Benson: uh...really? (in japanese)
Aya: really(japanese)
Benson: hmm since when?
Aya: since last year when december
Benson: hmm wow.. to be honest i am surprised
Aya: hmm do you like me?!
Benson: hmm Aya....can you give me a little time? i need to think about it
Aya: ok!

i cant beleive it, Aya confessed to me and shes the first girl to confess to me in my life! the problem is, i alrdy like lyss but then i'm thinking. what if i dont be with lyss and miss this chance with aya?! i'm really confused now, my heart is with lyss but i dont know, this is kinda like my dream come true. what should i do?

513 Name: fart man : 2006-12-29 16:27 ID:+3Nwo729

well u already know what answer u might get. so dont do that. she lives miles away anyway. living far away is absolutely an obstacle to have romance with her, but it may be the best help when u want to forget about her

514 Name: TEENAGER : 2006-12-29 18:30 ID:US+D+0p7

Man I just don't care anymore.

GO FOR THE MOST REACAHBLE ONE. Long distance relationships at this teenage years is rather bleh. Keep touch with her in case you have a chance to drop by her place.

I mean good god. If this is how things go in high school then I'm in for a real ride D:

515 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-30 02:12 ID:WUCnbbT2

i agree with >>513, this is the best chance to forget about her i mean this girl dumped you there waiting for so many months without saying a real reason and now she wants you back?! dont go that way, you'll just regret it in the future, stick with lyss.

516 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-30 02:20 ID:Heaven


517 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-30 06:09 ID:sWOtikpN

Before we can give any actual advice, could you tell us what Aya's favorite pokemon happens to be?

518 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-30 16:10 ID:Heaven

>>517 why does pokemone matters so much in this thread?!

519 Name: yugge : 2006-12-31 00:34 ID:cHlTg/da

I'm sorry to say, but for a serious relationship, that is, one other then the "I got a girlfriend in japan" bragging rights. Aya is out of the question...sorry =/

520 Name: 映画男 : 2006-12-31 07:31 ID:D8rqmE70

okk i had a real think about it and i finaly chose to reject aya, why? heres some reasons....
-she made me wait for so long without a proper answer
-I alrdy have someone i truely like, Lyss

  • as many people say long distance dont last long

-she hasn't really done anything that will make me like her now

there you go, i can think of more but thats the main reasons. i rather be friends then have long distance and regert later on. but i wont just rejet in her face, i'll explain it to her next time i talk to her.

521 Name: fart man : 2006-12-31 07:50 ID:+3Nwo729

dont worry. just reject her. she lives miles away, and havent even seen u before. she wont care as much as what u might think. she will be fine however harsh u reject her.

522 Name: Secret Admirer : 2006-12-31 09:59 ID:t2I+LtKC

It seems to be Korean common sense

Jesus Christ is a Korean

Tom Cruise is a Korean

Carl Lewis is a Korean

Michael Jordan is a Korean

Queen Elizabeth is a Korean

American ancestors are Koreans

A Korean forges it

523 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-01 13:12 ID:Heaven

>>522 wtf with all the korean?

524 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-02 06:18 ID:6W2f9K++


It's something that can immediately allow you to get an idea of someone's true nature. A person's favorite pokemon just says a lot about what kind of person he or she is.

525 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-02 06:57 ID:dYULOeaH


I really like mudkips.

526 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-02 08:44 ID:6W2f9K++

Well, that is a good choice. It tells me that you're either sensible or that you're easily influenced by peers.

527 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-02 13:56 ID:Heaven

this post tells me you're either retarded or not

528 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-04 06:52 ID:Vh+dvUw6

well i successfully rejected Aya without a problem, she was fine with staying good friends. anyway my parents are thinking of movine me to taiwan from australia, i told lyss the other day and she got upset about it and kept on saying "as long as your happy, then its all good. you better be happy there, if its for your own good, i wont stop you." well its not confirmed whether i'm moving or not but if i am, i'm planning on confessing to lyss, i was thinking of buying her a nice necklace here but i'm not sure if thats a good gift. any suggestions what to buy?!

529 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-04 07:23 ID:D3t+OVMc

tell her first and then worry about buying a necklace. save your money

530 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-05 11:09 ID:hKTSk8qX


Yeah, I luvvv Mudkips.

531 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-05 14:08 ID:xffLKgyg

today i went out with a girl i use to like, shes older then me though, it was only the two of us today. oh btw i'm not in australia, i'm in taiwan now for holiday, i only see her once a year when i come back, we normaly spend New years and watch the fireworks. well today when i met her i was rather speechless at the begining since i havn't seen her for so long, we walked around and chatted about what we been doing latley. she took me to see the university there and we walked around, then got tired so we sat down and was waiting for a friend. we talked for about 2 hours about our lives in 2006~ however the friend was busy so she didn't turn up. the girl then says next time they'll come to my house and cook, i said "sure! that'll be nice!" anyway we went to eat at a small shop then went to look at some gift shops and walked around. then we took a bus home, well didn't really do much but it was nice to go out with her, shes coming over to my place next week to cook haha. oh by the way anyone read the actual "Densha Otoko" novel? i just bought it today in the book store, its the whole message board format, intresting...

532 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-10 17:23 ID:EnL76cUb

i tried to ask lyss out on the email since i might be moving back to taiwan to study. but she said "yeah sure we could go out sometime...with Angela(my big mouth family friend) and peoples right?
We'll organize it when we get back, and can I bring along my friend who came
from Hong Kong and is staying with me for the remainder of the summer holidays." from the sound of it, i dont think i'm able to go out with her with only her and me. she also said "keep emailing me...even if you go back to taiwan" i guess i'm stuck in the friend zone...again. i might give up on lyss since i'm moving back, if i am then i will 100% give up and stay good friends with her, if not then maybe i'll give it another try.

recently i've been going out with that girl i use to like, shes 7 years older then me and we known each other for 3 years. today i went out with her and my older brother came along, he was really flirty around her, i kinda got jealous to be honest. during dinner, my brother kept on asking if he didn't have a gf, would she choose him. she said "yes", then my brother asked "what about someone whos 7 years younger then you?" and she replied "well.. they have to be mature since his younger then me". btw recently we're getting close since we are really close friends anyway, she suggested me to go to her school cos i told her i might be moving back and i myself know that she feels save around me. but the problem i stil have is that i stil dont have confidence with girls even though i've gotten much better, my brother kept on patting her head and grabbing her arms when crossing the roads. should i be doing that?! maybe thats why i never got chances but i just feel nervous and afarid that they might think wrong of me. i'm kinda starting to have feelings for her again cos when i see her, alot of memories rush in my head. shes really important to me, she saved me during a really depressing time. whats also bugging me is that i'm afraid if my brother is just playing around with her, cos my brother already has a gf and his acting as if his trying to pick her up. i really dont know what to do cos he could tell i was a little sensative when he was flirting with the girl. i'll be seeing her again in two days, if i move back i'll see her alot. also is it strange for someone to like a person whos 7 years older then you?? some people find it really weird but otherss find it normal, anyway i feel she treats me different this year, in a good way.

533 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-01-10 20:02 ID:Heaven

Jesus christ dude you are simply shooting blanks now.

You have known her for 3 years, and she is 7 years older than you, while you are 16.
Unless she is into teenagers, then you may be more or less, well, screwed.

Seriously dude, what I suggest you to do is to calm down and stop thinking about girls just for 2 days or so. Because right now you are simply getting boners at random. You need to pick one REASONABLE girl, then focus on her, not some swinging between Aya/Lyss/23yearoldfriendwhoyouhaveknownfor3years/Badmintongirl/whatever.
Honestly, I stopped paying attention a hundred posts ago once I got confused whom are you actually trying to get.

Also, you are moving to Taiwan. Lots of cute girls there (around your age), right?

534 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-11 05:05 ID:EnL76cUb

>>533 yeah, there is alot of cute girls around my age. well i'm obvioursly thinking too much again and i really should take my time to think. this really makes me look like a player
_| ̄|○" i think i'll stop posting till i find someone i really want to be with them, so far it was lyss but since i'm moving back i thought i'll give up since she doesn't really like me.

535 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-11 08:46 ID:Heaven

>i'm obvioursly thinking too much again and i really should take my time to think


536 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-01-11 13:38 ID:Heaven

It simply seemed that you are popping a boner, then dumping whatever the girl you were going for and go for the newfound boner-inducer.

What I want is you to cool down just for a moment, clear your head, and then think what you really need to do.

537 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-11 15:32 ID:EnL76cUb

>>536 i think thats been my problem for my whole life, i never really cool down and think clearly what i really want or need to do, even with my own life. i guess thats what i should have been doing in the first place then jumping around from one to one.

btw i gave up on alot of girls in this thread for either they rejected me(Manda), they disappeared (aya) or they dont like me (lyss). i still like lyss but i never got the chance to do anything with her especially with my annoying big mouth family friend following us everywhere. i'm trying to find a way to go out with lyss alone but i think shes not confortable doing that.

538 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-01-11 18:15 ID:6/W+5WEx

Well, I do have to admit, you have done much more in a few months than I have in... years D:.

Well, dude. I think it's STAGE CLEAR here. You MIGHT try out with Lyss, but don't hold your breath. But when going for Lyss, don't be so stressed out. You sound like stressed out like all the time. Like you have constipated for 9 years or something.

If luck is on your side, then luck will pull some strings and help you out. Believe me, miracles have happened even to the most common of folks.

Good luck.

(Also don't also say BUT DISASTERS ALSO HAPPEN. Well, that's the whole thing with the yin and the yang. Shit happens, then you win the lottery. Etc.)

539 Name: sage : 2007-01-12 03:06 ID:2kw958ZH

From my past experience, I suggest that you stay away from friends. I think that probably like me, the girls see you as a nice guy and are just getting friendly with you.

Friends of friends are ok tho. That's about how all of my friends found their girlfriends and boyfriends.

I guess you could call me a believer in the friend-zone.

You're also moving to Taiwan right? Unless you plan on coming back to Australia, perhaps you should concentrate on your studies more for the time being. You wouldn't want to look back in 10 years time, still single, and regret not focussing more on your studies to get a decent job.

540 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-01-12 03:14 ID:Heaven

If you really want more advice, wait until University/College before you find a girlfriend. Lot's more choices.

541 Name: fart man : 2007-01-12 07:58 ID:+3Nwo729

Love and Romans University is on this board

542 Name: 映画男 : 2007-01-12 07:58 ID:dxU3VNQI

>>539 well i was planning if i do go back to australia, i'll stop on the girl chasing things and concentrate on my studies since its my last year of high school, get good grades and get into a good university. like you said which i reckon is a great idea.

if i do move back, i dont think i'll have time to go on msn and talk to anyone since the studies here is really strict and most students dont have much free time. they only sometimes go out on the weekends as a group of friends which i reckon is pretty good. i'll be able to meet new friends and stuff.

well i'm stil thinking carefully whether i'm going to stay in Taiwan or not.

>>538 hahaha i wont say that, i know if bad things happen the good things will happen, like you say shit happens anyway and we gotta live with it.

543 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-04 05:26 ID:JTIkV9tN

long time no see everyone
quiet alot of things happened when i came back to australia...
so far i completly have no contact with lyss now cos we had this little fight which is complicated, basicly i asked her to the formal but got rejected and all these weird stuff happened in between. i've met quiet alot of people in class that i attend now, so far nothing intresting is really going on, also i recently moved house and the worst thing is... my house is right next to lyss, i was exctied at the begining but now its so akward. anyway i'll report back if something DOES happen,

also my close friend is trying to make me look good or something, shes took me to a stylist for my hair cut and is telling me to exercise alot so i can loose weight etc, prehaps something may happen in a month or two xD

544 Name: anonymous : 2007-03-04 05:35 ID:kJrIc8My

well, i see that you're progressing further than any of us have. my best wishes [[;

545 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-04 10:05 ID:Heaven

>also my close friend is trying to make me look good or something, shes took me to a stylist for my hair cut and is telling me to exercise alot so i can loose weight etc, prehaps something may happen in a month or two xD

Finally. A girl you can listen to.

546 Name: Kira : 2007-03-05 09:44 ID:NcN2WJH/

Well if you have someone that you like... wouldn't it be natural to confess. Well anyways I think there are lots of opportunities in the future even if you don't get any girl right now. But I hope that your love life will turn out well. Fighting!

547 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-06 08:48 ID:AyIJ1vYO

whats funny was i asked lyss to the formal as good friends but she said shes afraid i'm gonnna like her again and she doesn't wanna encourage it. then my friend went up to her and called her a coward and she think it was me which started the fight. well we havn't talked at all now, her friend said to give her time.

at the moment, theres this girl in my tution class that i went out with the other day for lunch, first time i talk to her and we seem to get along pretty well. shes seems like a nice girl and i havn't talk to her on msn yet since been busy latley. i think i'll just find my chance to talk to her in class then.

548 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-14 08:17 ID:C5PaiNaU

i've come to the end where i have no social life, i seem to have gone back to my old life before i met aya, lyss or manda. i try to talk to people but they seem to ignore me or see me as some not normal person, i just say "hey hows your week?" and they say "eh....ok...", i really dont know what to do now and loosing more confidence then ever, i really want to give up_| ̄|○

latley i'm getting really anti social, dont really talk to people or socialize even if i did i just get ignored. what is going on!!

549 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-14 09:08 ID:Heaven

you hadn't noticed that everyone always answer "eh... ok" when you ask how their day/week/etc was? it's a generic answer, because it's a generic question.

550 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-14 13:51 ID:hfIf48m/

I wouldn't give up on meeting people. The very fact that you've been and still are close to several people is testament to the fact that you're successful at talking with people and holding a friendship with the potential of a relationship.

It seems like right now, though, you don't have a clear goal, so this thread is becoming a form of blog of your daily life, as all these different people seem to keep coming and going. Sooner or later, you're going to have to choose someone and significantly try with that person, even if you get turned down initially, rather than just continually bouncing from person to person, with people you've been with before, or are looking at now as next-in-line.

551 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-17 04:56 ID:ozHx5vjh

i think the problem i had was i kept bouncing around, so far the only girl i'm socializing with is a close friend of mine who we talk on the phone every day. it seems to be a habbit since i didn't call her for 3 days and she wondered what happened to me. at the moment i kind of like her but i'm not too sure my self, she seems nice and all but i dont think she will like me.

552 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-17 12:11 ID:vjBSqPRJ

Well, if you're talking on the phone every day, and you both seem to like each other, then just ask "Hey, do you want to catch dinner tomorrow? My treat?"... Perfect way to start getting more serious if another relationship's what you're really after right now...

553 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-18 04:34 ID:xVDGQkLL

>>552 i'll give it a try, its easy for me to ask her out at the moment.

554 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-23 04:55 ID:1gCpvBI3

*help! i got the date but i'm not sure where to go, any suggestions?!

555 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-23 06:51 ID:Heaven

umm, take her somewhere you would like to go with her

556 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-23 14:14 ID:hfIf48m/

Depends on how well you know her; If you are fairly casual in your relationship, a little diner or cafe or something similar would probably be nice... If you're not that well-off as far as being close with her yet, try a larger, more expensive restaurant...

Either way, you can bring up why you chose the place with a phrase similar to: "I always wanted to try this place, and I thought you'd be the perfect person to invite!"

557 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-24 12:52 ID:Oz3PMmvA

well we are very close since we talk everyday on the phone, she tells me stuff she dont normaly tell people. i was thinking of taking her to a nice italian restraunt for dinner, would that be good?

558 Name: Not this again. : 2007-03-24 14:00 ID:Heaven

I for one, am sick of this thread.

I was vaguely interested in your internet love interest, and I could deal with your issues with Liz. But freaking hell, your little issues never seem to end. Without fail you seem to conjure up some new trivial problem about a girl every couple of months.
You would think that by now you would have either gotten past the "I'mma so desperate for a girlfriend" stage, or you would have improvised with the endless stream of advice that you've gotten from here (which all say the same thing anyway).

Are you so socially inept that you have to discuss every single girl that crosses your path and turn them into an opportunity??

Seriously dude, your life sounds like it revolves around getting your first girlfriend. Well here's a protip buddy: If you cared a little less, then you would probably pull in a couple of decent chicks. But as it stands, you think WAY TOO MUCH about it, and therefore you project yourself as a desperate guy, driving away all the girls.

559 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-24 15:07 ID:Heaven

>>558 i know i may sound desprate on this thread, and it is true that i seem to have problems with every single girl i meet. i have a problem with girls is because i dont socialise enough with girls to understand them, sure i had a few close friends last year like lyss and manda but that was about it. i look desprate becasue i dont even have friends that are girls, the only girl i talk to now is the one i'm taking to dinner this week. if you really must know, i use to be a hikkikimori and a very antisocial person. last year was the only time i started socialising with girls so thats why i kept asking questions about them because i dont know what to do. unlike a friend of mine at school who actuali is desprate because he would plan things to get peoples attention. he tried to pick up lyss last year but i stuffed up all his plans. with lyss and manda, i just naturaly got close to them because they found me as a good friend and someone they could trust but not someone to be a boyfriend. i never had a single girl that likes me because people in the past found me weird as i dont talk much. right now i'm not even trying or doing anything with this girl, shes the one who calls me every night and talk about these things that happen in her life.

right now i have bigger issues and problems then with girls at the moment, so if you think i'm those people who ONLY think about how to get a frecken girlfriend every minute, then sorry you mistaken the wrong guy. i for one aint like those faggot players who has like what...4 girlfriends at a time and acting all trihard like they are some sort of gangstars.

560 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-25 20:01 ID:S+juMddB

Sigh... Again...

You did not "used to be a hikkikimori"... You were shy, and antisocial, but the fact that you had any friends, and left your home for more than food & water makes you definitively not a hikkikomori... Please, everyone, yourself included, stop using that word to describe yourself being shy with girls, or just emo in general... That's not what it means, and it's just embarrassing even to we readers, to hear people describe themselves that way...

Anyway... You should, by this point, after going through about 3 or 4 girls here, be able to competently handle this... Of course Italian or any place would be fine; And I think already, several suggestions have been made about places to go, as well as sort-of pickup lines to use while having dinner...

You need to take that advice & go with it! Now get out there & take her to a dinner, and try to get to know her even better!

561 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-25 20:09 ID:Heaven

>i dont socialise enough with girls to understand them

show me a man that does understands women, and i will show you a fool

562 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-26 09:04 ID:W0Nvd+os

>>560 i guess ur right, its just people these days use the word "emo" and "hikkikimoro" alot to describe us antisocial shy people .___.

anyway i got good news, last night me and lyss are back to normal, we're back to good friends again. i dont think i wanna question her anything incase she gets pissed about it.

i'll have to read some old posts, i remember there was one desribing everything you should do in a dinner. thanks everyone!

563 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-26 15:19 ID:Heaven


>right now i have bigger issues and problems then with girls at the moment..

It certainly doesn't sound like it from way you even bother to maintain this thread.

>>so if you think i'm those people who ONLY think about how to get a frecken girlfriend every minute, then sorry you mistaken the wrong guy. i for one aint like those faggot players who has like what...4 girlfriends at a time and acting all trihard like they are some sort of gangstars.

Well, if you're desperate it doesn't mean you're a "trihard gangstar". And you most certainly wouldn't have 4 girlfriends at a time. I think anyone would have worked that out by reading your first post.

>>i seem to have problems with every single girl i meet. i have a problem with girls is because i dont socialise enough with girls to understand them..

To reiterate, you are way too young to be so desperate. Don't try to understand the other sex at your age.

Besides, it's not as if you listen and carry out our advice anyway. You always end up doing something different, because you had already predetermined what you were going to do anyway. I recall telling you that Lyss was your typical asian ditz. Any effort would be wasted on her. Did you listen? No. Instead you went after her like there was no tomorrow. What happened? She was playing with you and had some other guy up her sleeve. You got hurt. But it's okay, because you had a rebound called Manda. Hey, as long as you got one of them right?...and so the tragic story continues..

564 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-27 12:51 ID:d0F9EZ7X

>>563 Lyss wasn't playing with me, i was just not her type and my friend is working on that at the moment, shes that girl who took me to get my hair cut and is making me exercise to loose weight etc. me and lyss are still good/close friends right now and i'm happy with that at the moment, i dont know why but i just want her to be happy.

I'm techinicly in my last year of high school and we have massive stress from test and homework so thats why i said i got bigger issues then finding a girl friend.

i admit, i didn't really listen to the advice about lyss cos you guys kept thinking she was playing on me but she wasn't, she just happens to be really nice to her friends and since we were close she helped me alot when i was in a mentally unstable time last year. manda was also like that and i thought you guys told me to give up on lyss and find someone new and at that time i met manda. Lyss and Manda are the only two girls who understands me and are really ncie to me not to mention changed my life last year. apparently i'm the only guy lyss is close to and at the moment, we're back to normal after a long fight that i managed to fix =D

565 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-03-27 13:25 ID:r4yG6EPj


>>I'm techinicly in my last year of high school and we have massive stress from test and homework so thats why i said i got bigger issues then finding a girl friend.

Interesting, I'm in my last year too. Well, seeing as you're probably the same age as me, I'll stop nagging about how young you are. It's your life, I'll stop being such a bitch. Right now I don't really have time to be checking posting here let alone be in a relationship (rejected a friend a few weeks ago partly because of this), so in that respect I can sort of relate.

Also, being asian, I know the way a lot (not all) of asian girls work. They have guys eating out of their hand whenever they please. It's so unhealthy to watch. When you described Lyss and posted her convos on here, she fitted that stereotype. But I do admit that I don't know her in person, so whatever. If you think differently, then that's your judgment. I suppose it is better to have her as a friend because if you had a ditzy asian girl as an enemy, you would have a lot of trouble.

Anyway, remember your priorities. Peace.

566 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-03-27 13:39 ID:bTSW3OX1

Aw, come on guys. You're being too harsh on him. He's just like me in the future!

Come on, bud. Teenage years are kinda bummer.
I myself already have enough trouble just talking to strangers. But it's gonna be all right. It's just who I am. 8)

Chill, bud. Whatever happens, happens.

567 Name: 映画男 : 2007-03-29 10:03 ID:fyNxb2jf

well my date with the girl last night was pretty successfull. we met and took a train to the restraunt, i took some old adivce from previous a previous poster about dinner, it went ver well as we talked and ate. after dinner, we took the train to the city and took sticker photos and had a drink. we talked alot when we went for a drink. well shes going over seas for the holidays but i dont think we can be together and stuff since shes not really my type and she does have a guy she like, we only like brother and sisters -____-

>>565 i know what you mean how lyss fits to that sterotype of girls, cos i know some girls that are like that in the past which tricked me. for an asian, you should know we dont really get along with our parents..... thats prob why i told lyss those personal stuff cos she helped me alot in the past. as i'm typing this post my dad is yelling at me in the background but i cant be fucked listning anymore.

568 Name: 映画男 : 2007-04-12 10:41 ID:zAiE3FkY

hey everyone
i have decided to end this thread because after a long long think i have finally decided to settle down and just be with lyss, why?! after a long thought i figured out why i couldn;t get over lyss, because i really love her and i have been rejected a few times by her last year. she also managed to bring me out of my shell and change my life not to mention she is the first girl i met managed to do that. so i have decided just go in the natural flow, me and lyss are even closer then before. i know its prob a really stupid idea but thats how serious i am with lyss, if i wasn't i'll prob be like poping a boner and going for another girl. which i dont want to do that anymore cos its just gonna make me look like a player. i'll just wait....just like what i did with Aya cept this time its different. I'm sure i know what to do now so i just wanna thank EVERYONE who posted in this thread even the flamers lol. i'll be lurking around 4ch from now on xD Good luck to everyone and thanks for everything :) really appreciated all your advice on this thread =D

569 Name: TEENAGER : 2007-04-12 13:53 ID:rHArlvj4

Woah, dude.
You are actually doing THE RIGHT THING this time.

Whatever man, good luck. I need some too 8)

570 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-04-13 10:02 ID:Heaven


i'm amused that you bumped the thread to say that, but good for you!

571 Name: 映画男 : 2007-05-06 08:31 ID:A80KkE75

uh seems like i'm in a trouble atm....

i have a school formal in about 3 months but atm i cant find anyone... i seriously have Noo one to ask = / it'll look sad if i go by my self. lyss alrdy rejected and we're kinda in um.... a time out atm, this other girl i was gonna ask is taken alrdy. i really dont know if i should go now .___.

572 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-06 09:29 ID:B+SwIErL

Bring your sister.

Excuse me whilst I pop my boner over that image.

573 Name: 映画男 : 2007-05-06 10:36 ID:JqwjZ9gi

>>572 i dont have a sister .___.

574 Name: 映画男 : 2007-05-06 10:38 ID:JqwjZ9gi

>>572 i dont have a sister .___. and no i aint gonna bring my mum either

575 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-06 22:16 ID:Heaven

i thought you were ending this

576 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-07 01:52 ID:Heaven

retards actually mean continue when they say end

577 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-07 11:18 ID:Heaven

i lol'd.

tis true.

578 Name: 映画男 : 2007-05-07 12:51 ID:JqwjZ9gi

i wouldn't have come back if i didn't have trouble. i'm rather having alot of troubles atm especially with lyss which has been happening for about 2-3 weeks now. none of my friends are able to help me either so thats why i came back to this board otherwise i wouldn't even touch it.

579 Post deleted by moderator.

580 Post deleted by moderator.

581 Name: 映画男 : 2007-05-08 08:46 ID:Heaven

>>580 wtf

582 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-08 13:06 ID:Heaven

>>580 what are you on about? you've been doing that in most threads

583 Name: argg : 2007-05-08 22:23 ID:D7pML9FS

what did 580 say?

584 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-05-09 09:07 ID:Heaven

580 wrote "lame lame" in almost every thread

585 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-07-19 13:00 ID:LTS8Zvdt

>>578 a bit late to say this but... what r u troubling?

586 Post deleted by moderator.

587 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-17 15:41 ID:LTS8Zvdt

>>585 this place has died out lol

588 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-18 09:33 ID:Heaven

Well, in the case of this thread, it was legit.

589 Name: Sweet memory : 2007-08-18 14:25 ID:f46Ybdb6


need to contact her again i think ^^;

590 Name: 映画男 : 2007-08-20 03:56 ID:LTS8Zvdt

currently i'm doing quite good with this girl who i met a month ago, we talk on the phone everyday and see each other at least 2 times a week, which is mainly at my house lol. but shes a girl whos use to being around a bunch of guys since half of her classes are in a boy school. but she tells me stuff that others dont know about even her friend who shes close to, we get along really well. the problem atm is that shes still has some feelings for her ex bf whos over seas, is there something i can do for her to make her move on? i've done quite a alot for her like i came to see her at midnight when she was really sick, been there when she needed someone to talk to and cheered her up when she was crying.

591 Name: Sweet memory : 2007-08-21 02:40 ID:vOhl5z9P

like my male friend did from me.. and i felt very confused about my feeling now T^T

well.. that was a good job ^^ just need a time to show her that you love her..

but.. what about the japanese girl who you talk to us from the first time?

592 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-21 06:22 ID:d2fqHGG3

This reminds me of that show.

593 Name: 映画男 : 2007-08-21 07:19 ID:LTS8Zvdt

>>591 haha the japanaese girl has once again disappeared, that was back from last year.

594 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-27 20:45 ID:X6af5tF7

I read this WHOLE thread last night (over an hour of reading), and although at the beginning your intentions were good, you just started to come here and ask the dumbest questions. Honestly, make a move or not, don't wait for a week.

The only reason you are loosing girls is because you get beat by other guys. MAKE THE FASTEST MOVE.

595 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-08-28 12:21 ID:kAIsD4Bp

There's a song by a band called Blue october where he sings a few good tips on how to get a girl.

"One, you gotta take it kinda slowly.
Two, you gotta hurry up and make your move.
Three, you gotta tell her that she's pretty!
And four, you gotta be the perfect gentleman.

When you shake the wall, you gotta make it bend.
You gotta show her that
She's the balance beam
and I keep falling all around her fairy tale." <- I suggest you listen to blue october =) he has a huge variety in songs.

596 Name: 映画男 : 2007-09-03 11:32 ID:TdsbSZe1

OMFG....THAT GIRL IS THE BIGGEST BITCH I KNOW.... i cant say its entirely her fault but i'm being the biggest fucktard in the world by buying her a camera for her bday and organizing it for her... like i said before i've done alot for her and been really nice cos apparently shes into the really nice guys or sweet guys. shes been leading me on like flirting around with me and she let me hold her hand in the movies -___- and she doesn't even treat me like a fking friend. shes the tpye of girl who uses people without realizing it so shes the really innocent type. basicly i had a fight with her last friday before her bday party because she told me she doesn't care if i go or not cos shes gonna ignore me at the party and by the way i was the one who ogranized all her food and drinks, even bought them for her for fks sake! then i was asking her if shes back with her ex bf but she wouldn't tlel me so i'm like "why u wont u tell me?! afraid i'm gonna ignore u or something?! so everything i done for u is nothing?!" so we end up arguing on the phone and i hung up on her cos i was on a frecken payphone (dont ask) cos i was out so when i got home i txt her "if everything i did for u was nothing, then u really hurt me as a friend, i did my best to make u happy, supported u and done everything i could for u" she only replied "is that how u think, then ok" so i got pissed and said "yeh i know u dont care cos u got ur fkn adrian (her ex bf) , he should be the one doing wat i was doing" so she replied me "hey y u need to put adrian in this? if ur angry with me then angry with me not him ok = = yeh if i didnt consider u as a gud friend then i would let u die last mon, if u wanna think dat only u have pout much effort for me then fine aiihh, anything u wnat to say, i even told u not to put so much time on me and not to be so nice to me and now ur blaming all the stuff on me, thank u very much" then we end up fighting more on the phone so we ended our friendship there.. cos i'm tired of being treated shit and doing all those stuff for her, theres plenty of fish out in the sea as my friend keeps sayign to me

the only thing she said to me was "i think u spent too much time on the girl u like" and that was 3 weeks ago, so i kept a distant away from her but she kept coming back to me and lead me on again... all my friends said she was just using me and one of my friends even had a fight with her cos of me cos he went up to he and said "u gotta stop using people unconsiously, stay a distant away from him" but she got pissed about that so i guess she really was using me without her self knowing and now shes with her fuking ex bf so basicly all my effort was for nothing. right now i dont think i even wanna be friends with her again cos if thats how i'm gonna be treated then fuk this shit, as u can see i am very pissed off

597 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-09-03 12:42 ID:kAIsD4Bp

Welcome to life.
Thats pretty much what ALWAYS happens (to me at least)
Women are abusive. You just gotta learn from this and next time don't fall in love, a crush or "oh she's cute" is enough.
Falling in love, 90% always results in heartbreak.

I've pretty much grown away from having any feelings like these.

598 Name: 映画男 : 2007-09-05 07:01 ID:OjEAOyX/

shes doing the attention seeker thing atm, my friend whos also keeping a distant away from her is suddenly being treated nice out of no where, shes blabbing on how shes sick and crying at night now. i'm just ignoring her but i bet shes waiting for me to start talking to her again, my friend told me to get my camera back but i'm just gonna leave it like this so everytime she uses that camera it reminds her of the stuff i done for her. at the look of the situation, apparnetly she lost her ex bf cos i saw on her msn name "i just lost wat i just won T_T"

say if she does talk to me, should i just ignore her for wat she did to me? or just act normal and nice as uaual cos my friend said if she does talk to me just be normal and nice like you usualy are but my other friends are like "ignore that bitch! tell her to give back your camera and fuck off!", which one is better?

599 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-09-05 16:15 ID:Heaven


Women are not abusive any more than men are. You can't put women on a pedestal and say that a cute girl can do no wrong, but you also can't say that all women are apt to cause men only pain and suffering... Women and men are pretty much the same on the inside, I think. We just have such a hard time communicating our feelings to one another that our real emotions get lost in translation.

Girls on the other hand, almost always hurt you. You need to look for someone mature who isn't going through teen-angst-zOMG-death first. In other words, find a woman, not a girl.


Don't demand your camera back like that... That's just being a low-life. Obviously this girl has some issues she needs to work out before she can form real friendships with anyone if she's subconsciously using everyone close to her. She needs to grow up. That's about the end of it. Let her deal with that stuff on her own. Until then, I don't really think you should have very much to do with her. Focus on finding people who aren't going to jerk you around to be friends with. Don't ever regret the time you could be spending with her; if she makes you miserable, leave her behind and never look back. Your feelings come first.

600 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-09-05 16:15 ID:Heaven

Also, 600 GET.

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