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What studio is awesome/sucks and why? (12)

1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2014-09-19 19:35 ID:GgDC/VHn This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

I often read something like XX-studio sucks but because I often don't notice which studio produces which anime so seldom do I know what they're talking about. I'd like to read some opinions, any opinions. Also what do you think about Shaft? (I love Monogatari series)

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2021-01-29 21:01 ID:/3VNhHab

anime is for fags

4 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-03-24 21:01 ID:fqPCQ/nS

me too, the shinbo style of direction and animation is very unique and interesting.

5 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-03-25 01:07 ID:9fWvHZZD

Everything old-school Gainax I have seen has blown me away. Stuff like Otaku no Video, Daicon MV, FLCL, Cutie Honey, Eva, PSG, TTGL,
I haven't watched anything that recent but it seems like a lot of the same minds went on to work at TRIGGER, and you really get a sense of the same style and love in work like Promare & Luluco. Seems clear they love what they do.

6 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-03-25 02:07 ID:gITyYhk4

PSG and TTGL are "old-school Gainax" now? What a world we live in.

I like Tezuka Productions. Even the light novel shit they suddenly started working on since 2018 still has some of the old Dezaki touch.

7 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-03-25 11:36 ID:fqPCQ/nS

Well, Another Gainax anime that I consider as old-school as the ones mentioned is Mahoromatic (even though it was produced in partnership with Shaft), man this anime marked me deeply.

8 Name: 5 : 2021-03-25 19:21 ID:Heaven

good pick, I forgot about mahoromatic

I'll be honest, "old-school" == "I haven't watched anime in years and idk what they are up to now". It looks like they are basically a shell company for licensing now though and all the creative minds have up and left

9 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-04-15 02:42 ID:Wf1+XcnL

The patented SHAFT head-tilt.

10 Name: New Anime : 2022-03-07 06:54 ID:3PVJTge9

Studio 3Hz is airing the new anime called Healer Girl.
And I put the English subtitles for you guys...


11 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-07 09:41 ID:Heaven

*Is planning to air the new anime in 4/4/2022, and I translated promotional video.

Effortposting, cool, thank you. Original anime too, I was getting a bit tired of getting nothing but adaptations. Looks a bit too peaceful for my tastes, though maybe they are trying to surprise me. I generally don't like looking at promotional videos of anime that wasn't yet released, I prefer when there is less than 5 seconds between me finding out this amazing thing exists and me actually getting it.

12 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-18 16:47 ID:CY3vRHY7

Apparently Shaft has forgotten that they are an anime studio. It was a huge hiatus, last shafty anime was detectives - it was Shimbo/Ishin and it was a huge flop, because they failed to understand its demographics. Now rwby is in making, boring, but I am sure they will find their Public. Sensei and Kizu will always be the Best they made.

What for the others, I think Cloverworks are pretty neat. Cinematic, vivid, pleasant animation.
I am not a fan of modern "glassy" polished look of modern anime - like thier Akebi-chan of Bisque doll, but it is objectively good
I prefered their Wonder Egg - dynamic animation, colorful, great characters
(it is flopped though)

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What anime are you currently watching? (45)

1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2021-01-07 22:13 ID:+VETwqK6 This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

I'm not the guy on /general but thought it would be a nice thread

36 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-11 16:23 ID:aM7Iy/s8

There's nothing wrong with watching anime for the plot.

37 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-12 20:22 ID:Heaven

I'm watching Prizma Iliya anime after reading Fate Stay Night and Hollow Ataraxia. It's nice to see more of best girl, but her personality is completely different, it isn't really the same character. I like to imagine that this is the previous Iliya playing the role of the new one, and once the director says "cut" she goes back to her real self, and all people who film with her are even a bit afraid of her.

38 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-15 21:48 ID:Heaven

Going from Zero, FSN, and UBW to Prisma is basically going to a spin-off in the same universe. It's an entirely different genre with familiar characters. I'd liken it more to a show like Madoka or other Mahou Shoujo shows than an actual Fate series.
My god Prisma is a good show though and as I've gotten older I find I prefer the Mahou Shoujo genre over traditional highschool fantasy action.

39 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-18 04:12 ID:Heaven

Not sure about that show being good, but cumtastic it undeniably is. I only watched first season. I'm not sure why I wasn't that satisfied by fighting scenes in that anime, either I got spoiled by mainline fate fights which are just hard to top period, maybe use of slowmo and drama and slow pace in genera, maybe I don't like to see little girls risking their life, maybe magic cheapens fights while I'd rather watch real wars or legal battles or people tricking people out of their money or anything else actually useful in life.

Madoka to Mahou Shoujo genre is like Evangelion to Mecha genre, an edgy deconstruction of a long running genre. I'd rather you name Kard Kaptor Sakura or Mirumo de Pon or Kreamy Mami.

40 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-18 04:23 ID:Heaven

Finished watching
Japan Animator's Exhibition (AnimatorExpo)

Think of this as indie animation, but with budget and by actual professionals. A series of short 5-10 minute animated shorts that aren't connected to each other. You probably heard of Me!Me!Me!, well, that was one of those. Some of those are fun or cute or cool or lewd, some of those are boring and depressing, very depressing, god fucking kill me depressing.

I couldn't find subs for those. I haven't really looked for them though, maybe they are easily available.

41 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-19 18:59 ID:Heaven

>Madoka to Mahou Shoujo genre is like Evangelion to Mecha genre, an edgy deconstruction of a long running genre.


42 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-20 02:14 ID:Heaven

I think it's a good show, but I love drama shows so lack of fighting is not a problem for me.

43 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-20 05:54 ID:Heaven



Watching some pussydrama while you practically gave up on ever having children is irritating, watching somebody die over and over is much more satisfying. Original Fate Stay Night vn is practically a "hey kid, want to experience 50 exciting ways to die in first person?". Everything feels like a downgrade after that.

44 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-24 15:46 ID:Heaven

Konjok Gorbunok best anime
More high quality version is probably copyrighted into shit.

45 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-24 15:53 ID:Heaven

Watched Illya mahou shoujo a bit more, introduction of Kuro feels like it addressed my complaint before. If you want peaceful life, you want to unmeet all the people you have met before. I will now try to imagine that Kuro and Iliya would make good old Iliya if joined together. It's rare to have to imagine one character split into two.

Still cumtastic.
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Isn't Neon Genesis Evangelion supposed to be a "classic"? (28)

1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2016-04-30 01:45 ID:UJM9js5O This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

I watched the first ten episodes, and it seems to be just a monster-of-the-day show with lots of fanservice. Am I missing something?

19 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2016-11-21 19:34 ID:Heaven

Overrated as fuck, but it's still good, so it's worth watching regardless. Just avoid any discussions of it outside this place.

20 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2021-02-22 07:34 ID:taINHLck

Rebuilds a shit. Eva cultists an even bigger shit.

21 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2021-02-22 19:55 ID:Heaven

Evangelion sux

22 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-01-17 13:09 ID:mdwj/4LT

I think the rebuilds kinda miss a lot of what made the original great, but like the original EoE, there's some very nice payoff for making it to the end. That makes it worthwhile overall but I think it will remain distinctly separate from the Eva canon for me.

Now, should I give the FLCL remake a go...?

23 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-01-18 05:11 ID:yHPv5YKb

Only if you fall into one of two categories:

  1. You liked FLCL to the point where you wanna see what else there is with it, quality be damned/for completion's sake.
  2. You have zero taste.

The sequels aren't bad; if it dropped Haruko completely and was it's own original property they would be a solid 5/10 but when you have to compare them to the original FLCL they legitimately have no right to exist when they just try and fail to do what the original already did perfectly, and utterly fail to follow it or build up on what the original did.

Yes, I'm still mad.

24 Name: shinji : 2022-02-20 04:43 ID:DF9dG6fY

do they ever explain my Askuka wears the eyepatch in any of the new eva films?

25 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-02-23 23:23 ID:hY7/yxTM

Seems related to events in EoE, otherwise who the fuck knows - I pretend all that redux shit doesn't exist.

26 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-04-02 00:55 ID:rRcT+XnQ

The scenes of devastation in the last rebuild look like blender physics demos. It was clearly made with the intent of pissing people off becuase of how objectively awful it is.
Blue girl will always be better.

27 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-04-05 08:49 ID:Heaven

Basically in End of Evangelion when Shinji had a huge wank while Asuka was in a coma he came in her eye and now she needs to wear an eyepatch.

28 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-12 18:38 ID:Heaven

>make furikuri 2 please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please


>wtf it isn't as good as original fuck you

we know

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alice in wonderland (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-04-01 03:07 ID:G/6Jmf6J

is it a good show? seems like another splatterfest like BR. do you find it exciting or annoying in comparison to BR?

2 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-05-12 18:40 ID:Heaven

the book is okay for its time

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What you finished watching/reading? (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-13 19:06 ID:Heaven

How was it? Don't need to finish the entire thing before talking about it, one episode, one chapter, or even looking at a cover page is enough.

2 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-13 19:27 ID:Heaven

Isn't the "currently watching" thread usable for this?
In any case, I recently finished PSG and I loved it! Guessing that by now most people using this board have already seen it ages ago, so there's not much else to say about it.

3 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-14 07:57 ID:Heaven

I felt awkward posting about anime I finished years ago in "what are you watching right now".

4 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-14 09:13 ID:6cPPqE64

missing a "have"

5 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-03-21 06:27 ID:T+XZ5DXh

This man's missing "have" has crippled this thread. It is doomed. All is lost.

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I can't watch anime anymore. (29)

1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2018-02-14 09:37 ID:Bz6JcrJQ This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

Have you ever realized how unnatural and cringy the dialogue is in a lot of anime?

When I was a teen, I used to watch loads of moeblob anime and thought it was nice and cute etc. but then my irl Japanese friend told me that nobody actually talks like this in Japan except chuunis and manchildren.

Then I started paying closer attention to what the characters were saying, their mannerisms, etc. And now I've come to the point where I can't even watch an anime without cringing, unless the dialogue is realistic.

Does anyone else here feel the same?

20 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-06-04 18:22 ID:Heaven

>Speaking of bad animes, should I watch the "Death Note" anime series on Netflix? I've heard that there is some controversy around the Netflix version of it, like they changed some things that they shouldn't have or something.

No idea. It probably was about their adaptation being absolute shit that raped the original. I watched the review shitting on it 4 times already, maybe it excuses the existence of it somewhat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njmCtiO_Xj8

21 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-06-06 23:31 ID:Heaven


>if you listen closely to the dialogue in a lot of movies you'll notice it's quite stilted and doesn't really sound much like how real people speak, even movies with good actors

Especially movies with good actors.
There is a reason, why a genre called "mumblecore" exists.

22 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-06-09 02:52 ID:Heaven

Isn't this a copypasta? I swear I heard the same thing about the AVGN.

23 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-06-11 17:40 ID:Heaven

It reads like a pasta, but I've been seeing a surprisingly large amount of non-pasta critiques on AVGN/Nostalgia Critic/TGWTG/(etc) that runs along the same lines as of late. This is especially true since Mister Metokur released his series on TGWTG and related parties.

Not super surprising, all things taken into account, since AVGN/TGWTG was largely something that Millenial/early Zoomer kids would watch in their teens. That particular generation has always struck me as being incapable of realizing that some of what they enjoyed in the past is stupid and letting bygones be bygones, so they tend to let out that particular neurosis by reeing about it on the Internet instead. lol

24 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-08-06 03:33 ID:dR07FrgW

I love media that embraces a distinction between realistic speech and dramatic speech. I don't care if it's not realistic. It is a dramatic form. It is inherently artificial. It should embrace that and pull all the tropes that make us like it to begin with.

25 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-09-30 18:55 ID:wnvQRUmk

Moreover anime nor movies are reality they simple narrate a reality. Now how well they script it is what makes it appealing and even that is subject to change as it becomes aged

26 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-10-24 20:01 ID:mRmnzaHG

2d girls do not speak like 3d girls because 2d girls are cute and 3d are not.

27 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-30 04:46 ID:5W8NxXFk

this is still one of my favourite threads ever on here

28 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-30 21:12 ID:Heaven


29 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-01-16 23:16 ID:Heaven

Ok, you're depressed. That sucks I guess.

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cloy (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-20 09:24 ID:ZXulsalA

can someone shows me example of cloying in media?

2 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-24 03:44 ID:Heaven

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Sword Art Online, the .Hack ripoff that does not suck! Maybe? (21)

1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2013-01-28 01:56 ID:M6QQCFU0 This thread was merged from the former /anime/ board. You can view the archive here.

Upon first seeing previews for this anime I labled it a .Hack ripoff to soil my dreams. But after watching a few episodes on at a friends house I have really started to like it. We got up to episode nine or eleven I think. Now that the series has ended I've gone and torrented the whole thing. Now, every night after I've finished my Uni homework I'll watch another ep, and give it review.
Here we go! See you tomorrow night (Or so)!

12 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2013-01-30 16:40 ID:Heaven


Kirito's first attempt at fighting his way through the gaurdians of the-big-tree-I-can't-remember-the-name-of fails. But not without taking down a shitload of gaurdians in the process. While waiting for respawn, Leefa revives him early. And in a few words, their freindship is put into peril.

The secret is out. Back in the real world Kirito attempts to mend things, but Sugus words are harsh, and she reveals that she knew all along that Kirito was adopted all along.

But he quit kendo because of it? And became cold to her? This is new I think, I didn't know. Kirito does not respond though, so we don't know if this is 100% true or not.

13 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2013-01-30 17:03 ID:Heaven

So it WAS meant to be impossible! Faggot devs!

14 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2013-01-30 17:30 ID:Heaven


The final boss is Oberon himself. And we learn things about that guy. I mean, I just thought he was evil, just the bad guy. This guy is a fucking sick freak. All seems lost for a moment, Kirito crys, but a friendly neighborhood ghost in the machine gives Kirito a verbal kick in the ass. And r00t.
It's over, it's finally over. But...there's one episode left? What is this? Welp, I won't know till later becaUSE FUCK I'M LATE FOR CLASS

15 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-17 11:20 ID:N6bm+yHZ

I dropped AW six episodes in simple because I couldn't handle having a fat MC anymore. It just felt so wrong.

16 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-17 12:32 ID:Heaven

Cool thread, now redo this from episode 1. Shouldn't be too hard.

17 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-18 07:16 ID:N6bm+yHZ

They're late for class so they didn't finish the last episode either. They did say we will know later though so any moment now. Been waiting a while, but I believe. Stay strong, keep faith OP will deliver.

18 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-18 08:47 ID:Heaven

All right, bump this in 8 years, I will probably still remember this site still exists.

19 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-20 09:45 ID:Heaven

I hope you don't.

20 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-01-25 00:08 ID:Heaven

poster #18 will have gotten alzheimers or finally died by AD 2029.

21 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2022-01-25 06:55 ID:Heaven

How optimistic.

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Asuperu Kanojo (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-30 14:32 ID:Heaven

I'm reading this manga right now, it's pretty fun.

2 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-30 14:36 ID:Heaven

I wonder if aspergers are the polar opposite of manipulative bastards, they say what they think instead of what others want to hear. Reminds me of Satori in legends, saying all truth and being absolutely hated for it.

3 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-03 12:32 ID:Heaven

>I wonder if aspergers are the polar opposite of manipulative bastards, they say what they think instead of what others want to hear
And boy do people get pissed about it sometimes.

4 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-12-31 01:36 ID:Heaven

Sparks in Girl Genius: bad temper, tend to wreck havoc and thus are hated and hunted even by their own kind.

Girl in this manga: kicks dogs because she hates them, always carries a knife with her in case living gets unbearable, acts without thinking. She would make a great supervillain if she was a super or a villain.

You know there is something wrong with the world if doing what you want and saying what you think automatically puts you in a "wrong in the head" category. That weird impulsiveness though is a problem, I can't call doing something that you will regret 3 seconds later out of the blue nothing but retardation. People like that were usually called "with no breaks" over here, it is a decent trait if you are a criminal or something I guess, less so if you are a girl.

Only 6 tomes of it were translated, I chewed it up in one day. Guy who introduced me to this complained that official translation picked a very retarded name for it, something more roundabout. They think asperger is an insult or something?
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[SOUL] VHS collections? [ANIME] [ANIME ON VHS] (23)

1 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-05-08 20:45 ID:TqzG3mn9

Does anybody like to buy anime on VHS, or own any collections from back in the day?

Not going to try and make any hipster argument about VHS being superior to DVD or anything like that. Just think it's neat. It's a good format for enjoying official releases of 90s anime on. The thickness of the boxes also adds to the shelf art charm when you have a complete set. The early history of the anime home video industry is also pretty interesting to me.

I only have Magic Knight Rayearth (complete), some Sailor Moon and some Dragon Ball, I'd like to find some series from the 90s that had small enough runs to get a complete set relatively easy.

14 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-03 17:45 ID:GsSebZWV

Mass-produced VHS collecting is retarded since all that shit is online anyway. Collecting those just come off as tryhard "retro collector". I used to have a bunch of TV recordings on VHS, but my uncle's house got fucked up by a tornado so all of those tapes went bye-bye.

15 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-23 05:12 ID:Ydlzwr82

Eh, why collect anything if everything's online? It's fun, cheaper than DVDs, and I don't have a bluray player.

16 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-23 06:07 ID:Heaven

Things that are "online" are very easy to go offline forever and without a warning. But I'd rather invest in a digital tape storage if I had an opportunity, it's pretty expensive.

17 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-24 03:33 ID:el2ygJ7o

VHS tapes are likely to go extinct. It would be a pretty damn cool collection to have in 50 years as everyone thinks that it just takes space and you can find it anywhere so they destroy it.

18 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-26 01:08 ID:/bImknza


Not everything is online and there are very rare VHS tapes out there that you can find which makes collecting them fun and interesting.

19 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-26 07:05 ID:Heaven

>Collecting something that slowly degrades in qualiity

how retarded can you get?

20 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-26 10:25 ID:Heaven

You're supposed to keep a digital backup anyways. I think it would be pretty cool to visit a jii-san and see a full collection of VHS anime. I would definitely be impressed regardless of playability on some of the tapes. The cover has value too.

21 Post deleted.

22 Post deleted.

23 Name: Anonymous Otaku : 2021-11-28 16:30 ID:DgYCnpdj

The only one I have left is my old fansub of End of Eva before we ever had a domestic relief here in burgerland

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New thread

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