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660 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8461 17:51

I want you to picture in your mind's eye a cute girl. But not just any cute girl; the absolute cutest girl you can conceive of. This is no trivial task, so let's take it one step at a time.

We will begin by picturing her face. By way of guidance, the facial features most commonly identified as cute include large eyes, a small mouth and nose, a large forehead, and rounded cheeks and chin. This is only guidance, however; you should imagine whatever you find cutest. Once you have an approximate face, consider her hair; the way the hair frames the face makes a large difference. There are many possible ways for a cute girl to wear her hair, so be sure to consider the full range of possibilities, considering length, colour, if/how it is tied up, symmetry/asymmetry, and if/how it covers parts of the face or ears. It is advised that you visualise several possibilities (say, at least five) before settling on one as the cutest.

Next, you should consider the details and accessories: the colour of her eyes, whether or not she wears glasses, whether she has anything in her hair (e.g. hairbands/ties, or flowers). Once you have a cute face settled, picture her smiling. Not just a single smile, but the full range of expression, from the self-conscious half-smirk to the toothy grin, to full on laughter.

Of course, a cute girl is more than just a disembodied head. Next, we will consider the rest of her body. First, visualise her general body structure and proportions. Beginning with her torso, consider how thin or plump she is, and how well defined her hips, waist and breasts are. Then consider how long and how thin her arms and legs are in relation to her torso, and how large her head is in relation to the rest of her body. Again, the details are important: spend some time considering the relative size, shape and thickness of her hands and feet.

Now that she has a body, we must consider her clothing. Similarly to the hair, given the sheer range of possibilities, you are advised to take your time and visualise several different outfits. There are many details that can be varied: consider the length of her dress/skirt/shorts/trousers and how much of her legs are visible; similarly with how long her sleeves are. Consider jewellery, footwear, scarves, mittens, and all the countless other potentially cute things she could be wearing. Deciding what outfit is cutest is likely to take some time; move on to the next part only when you are ready.

At this point we should reiterate that we are considering a cute girl, not a cute doll. She is to be visualised as an actual person, with actions and movements and a will of her own. To accomplish this, and to further her cuteness, we will now visualise this cute girl doing something cute. The exact activity is not important, so much as the motivation behind it and how she experiences it. The activity should be something which evokes ideas of youth and fun. It should be something which regular (uncute) adults, in general, do not do, or at least do not do for leisure (for instance, cooking). Creative pursuits are ideal for our purposes.

You should spend at least a minute visualising your cute girl doing this cute thing in as much detail as possible. Take a deep breath and close your eyes, if it helps. Picture how her body moves as she performs the activity. Picture her facial expression, and how it might change to match her mood as the activity progresses. Imagine what might be going through her mind as she becomes ever more engrossed in what she is doing.

661 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8461 17:51

Until now, our visualisation exercise has been entirely disconnected from you, the visualiser, apart from indirectly integrating your personal ideals with respect to cuteness. From here, the experience will become more personal. (As an aside: at this point, as she is a fairly well defined concept, you may, at your own discretion, choose to give her a name. It goes without saying that her name should be as cute as she is).

Now, imagine the cute girl looking up from whatever activity she has been performing until now and noticing you. You are not a stranger to her; she knows and loves you. It is likely the first thing she will do is to greet you. Consider how she addresses you: is it by name, or by some other affectionate term (such as "papa" or "onii-chan")? Picture simultaneously what nonverbal cues she gives to express how happy she is to see you. These may be subtle (e.g. eyes widening, or dropping something she was holding as part of the activity) or not so subtle (e.g. running over and hugging you).

Once you have greeted one another, you should picture yourselves interacting in some way. If appropriate, it could simply be continuing the activity she was performing earlier, but together this time. It should be something reasonably intimate. Possibilities include holding hands and going for a walk, or snuggling up close to one another under a blanket while watching TV, or one of you performing mimikaki on the other. It is here cautioned that visualising anything sexual is likely to run counter to the goals of this exercise.

In order to increase the intimacy and immediacy of the situation, you may imagine yourselves having a conversation. Try telling her how your day has been, and asking how hers was. Picture how she responds, both verbally and nonverbally. In general, you should simply act as you naturally would in this situation. Imagining natural speech from another person can be difficult, and may feel like you are putting words in her mouth. If you have difficulty with this, it is advised that you stick to nonverbal communication, such as smiling, laughing and cuddling.

You should now take a moment to acknowledge your own emotional response to this situation. Being this close to a cute girl who clearly loves you is almost certainly, over all, a pleasurable experience, but your emotions may not be entirely positive. You may have felt some sense of awkwardness initially; hopefully this has subsided by now. You may feel jealousy that you cannot be as cute as she is. You may feel guilty, on the basis that she couldn't love you for what you truly are, and if she does love you it must be that you are deceiving her in some way. You should acknowledge these feelings, if applicable, as real and significant parts of the experience, but after acknowledging them you should set them aside and focus on the moment. The only strong feelings you should have are those evoked by her cuteness.

You should continue this visualisation for as long as it continues to be enjoyable to you. You are encouraged to try multiple different activities with her, and see what works and what doesn't. Do not concentrate on reading this text; instead, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and lie down if you think it will help. You should move on to the next paragraph only once you are ready to finish the exercise.

All good things must come to an end. It is now time to say goodbye to your cute girl and move on. As she loves you, naturally, she is unhappy to see you go, but she understands and sympathises. Besides verbally saying your farewells, you should also give one another one last hug, or perhaps kiss her on the forehead; whatever feels right to you. Once you have parted, spend a few moments remembering her: her behaviour and mannerisms, her voice, her clothing, and her face. Then you can clear your mind and return to your own body and where you presently are, reading this.

662 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8461 17:51

Now that we have successfully constructed a cute girl from first principles, what remains is to deconstruct the experience and see what we can learn from it. This process will take the form of a series of questions to guide your reflection. Though some might be considered "leading" questions, they are not intended to force you towards any particular conclusions; only to offer a range of possible interpretations and meanings that could be drawn. It is advised that you spend a few seconds on each.

  • What parts of the visualisation did you find easiest/most difficult? Why?
  • What parts of the visualisation did you find most/least enjoyable? Why?
  • Did you already have pre-existing set ideas about what constitutes cuteness? If so, did this exercise challenge those ideas in any way?
  • During the initial conception of the cute girl, did cute girls you have seen in existing media or real life consciously or subconsciously affect the appearance of the girl you chose to visualise?
  • This exercise took a reductionist approach to cuteness, building up the cute girl one aspect at a time, and maximising the cuteness of each aspect in isolation. Was this appropriate and/or effective? Is the cuteness of a cute girl the sum of the cuteness of her aspects, or is it a gestalt phenomenon?
  • Did you find the visualisation exercise relaxing or comforting in any way? If so, might it, or some part of it, be of use to you in the future?
  • What was it about the cute activity that the cute girl was performing alone that made it cute? Would it still feel cute if you were to perform it yourself?
  • In what way was the interaction phase different to simply picturing the cute girl in isolation? Would your response to the exercise have been different if there had been no interaction with the cute girl at all?
  • During the interaction phase, it is cautioned that sexual thoughts are likely to run counter to cuteness. Do you agree? What relationship, if any, is there between cuteness and sexuality?
  • Cuteness evokes many of the same feelings as beauty, and the two have much in common, being primarily visual, subjective, pleasing properties of things or people. What relationship, if any, is there between cuteness and beauty? Is cuteness a type of beauty?
  • Cuteness is often linked to youth and innocence. What relationship, if any, is there between cuteness and nostalgia? Could it be considered a form of vicarious nostalgia for times of youth?
  • Cuteness has been explained in terms of evolutionary pressures towards caring for offspring. Do you agree? Is this perspective sufficient to explain all aspects of cuteness, including its social context?
  • Have you considered, or would you now consider, seeking contact with one or more cute girls in real life? Would you seek them as a friend, or a lover, or a daughter, or something else?
  • Have you considered, or would you now consider, attempting to be more cute yourself in real life?
  • What does cuteness mean to you, personally?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this exercise. I hope it has been of interest to you. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share a brief description of the cute girl you visualised, and your personal thoughts on this experience.

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