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1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9712 17:34

#1 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1213916710/
#2 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1250275007/
#3 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1292544745/
#4 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1315193920/
#5 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1326391378/
#6 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1333279425/
#7 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1340196069/
#8 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1346800288/
#9 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1353182673/
#10 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1360549149/
#11 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260033/
#11½ http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1367260120/
#12 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1372849946/
#13 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1368127055/
#14 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1395672319/
#15 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1409746601/
#16 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1420075161/
#17 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1430947686/
#18 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1440133389/
#19 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1447380051/
#20 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1454364216/
#21 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1462941578/
#22 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1473295155/
#23 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1480168637/
#24 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1489339924/
#24½ http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1489348442/
#25 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1503631448/
#26 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1519019746/
#27 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1526013591/
#28 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1529348654/
#29 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1531317324/
#30 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1534535341/
#31 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1540327913/
#32 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1548736885/
#33 http://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1557010373/

601 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9831 22:13

Like all girls, I am a monster.

602 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9831 22:17

Like some monsters, I am a girl.

603 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9832 04:44

Xiao P hai

604 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9833 18:12

Los Chupacabras

605 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9833 21:07


606 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9833 22:27


607 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9833 22:49

No, that's dumb.

608 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9833 23:49

The amicable tortellini whispers sweet nothings in your ear. -more-

609 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 00:06

The big N Nerd

610 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 00:18

lying liar vs laying layer

611 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 00:40

make the semen come out

612 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 02:44

according to Google Translate this says "Lolicon" in Georgian

613 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 05:42

class: mage
subclass: african american mage

614 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 07:00

sprinkling red pepper on my tongue and expressing myself through interpretive ahegao

615 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 07:07

I had the same thought at about the same time but decided to not post it.
Great minds think alike, huh?

616 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 07:09

I named my computer's primary hard drive stovestove, then when it died, I named its replacement continue-chan.

617 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 07:25

as the person who chose the name Stove Stove many moons ago, this makes me very happy :3

618 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 09:43

pancreas pizza

619 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 10:26

sprinkling MDMA on my tongue and then licking her clit

620 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 10:55

I don't think the MM was ever just one person, but I could be wrong. I would jump in and write segments if I though I could come up with an interesting spin on the current prompts but was absent for most of the second half

also huge fan of grinding noises, I need to catch up on the sequel

621 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 14:49

increase PP

622 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 15:13

unfortunately the sequel just kind of, stops one day right in the middle

DQNs live all over the world, if there's ever another big international world war we should do that fullmetal jacket thing except i'll put a jack of hearts on my helmet, if we see each other across the trenches that's how we'll know not to shoot

623 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 15:35

I like the shirt novel thread we should continue that instead because it's more loose and requires less narrative skill, if that's what you're worried about

624 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 16:14

vaginae are vile

625 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 16:54

All vaginae are cute and yummy, if you love someone who has a stinking fish pussy the love makes it taste like the fanciest tuna salad!

626 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 19:20

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" is the title of an actual book and not just a meme

627 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 19:42

>>626 ( のゥの)

628 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 20:46

I wish the physical pain at least did a better job of distracting me from the emotional pain.

629 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9834 21:57

Fuck them! Fuck them six foot under with an elephant cock!

630 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9835 14:08

i really want to manhandle some stupid braindead fucking twink and cum all over his stupid twink face

631 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9835 15:13

i just want to suck each other off and maybe try rubbing our dicks together

632 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9835 15:30

ベースLINEやってる?笑 -> "can i friend you on bassbook, lol"

nAmE a biGgEr DoWnGraDE

633 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9835 18:51

Text bored

634 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9835 23:06


635 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 00:07

I love nujabes but I am SO SICK of hearing his music everywhere that I never want to listen to it again

636 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 04:59

total recall isn't really part of the same set as robocop and starship troopers

637 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 05:36

life is tough and i eat a butt
butt eat a butt eat a bu-uuu-uu-uutttt
butt eat a butt eat a bu-uu-uuu-uutttt

638 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 05:57

Out of the 5 (6 if you count Dragon Zord) Dinozords, only Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops are actually dinosaurs.

639 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 08:38


640 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 15:54

Switch off brain.

641 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 16:23

The most common colorways for guitars and basses are dumb, and it makes me irritated to go shopping for one because they're all either the same five dumb colorways, ugly/bad design in some other way, or really expensive.

642 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 18:01

ooohhh my window compositor was off, no wonder KDE was performing so well

643 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 21:17

While looking through my old imageboard bookmarks, I stumbled upon a now dead board called depreschan. It seems that I made this bookmark years ago, maybe in 2017 when the board was young and freshly spammed everywhere else.
Now, this on it's own would be unsurprising, until I looked in my "temporary bookmarks" folder, where I store sites that I am uncertain about, as a sort of reminder to read them later and assess them for value as a permanent bookmark. Naturally, this temporary bookmarks folder is anything but temporary as I haven't cleaned it in many, many years. What I found in that deep, dark abyss of bookmark hell, was two groups of a handful of depreschan threads, saved for later reading. And these two groups, both saved intervals of around a year between them. What does this mean? Why would I save these "test threads," meant for assessing a board for bookmarkability, when I had already properly bookmarked the site much earlier? It's simple, I had forgotten. Depreschan was such an unnotable site that each time I ran across the spam advertising it, I mistook it for a new board and bookmarked it anew.
Three times. Three times I saw it spammed. Three times I thought it was new. Thus, twice I failed to recognize it.

The verdict: Depreschan wasn't a very good board.

also my bookmarks need cleaning ;__;

644 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9836 22:23

For once I'd like to see one of those boards actually last and develop a proper community.
Which is a stupid statement when you consider that I barely ever bother to check any of them out.

645 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9837 06:29

I've never seen a chan that was (mass-)advertised that wasn't worthless. Every place I regularly visit I've found because it was mentioned off-hand in a thread that was otherwise interesting. If an operator is advertising their chan by drive-by posting on others, it's a really good sign that it sucks.

In my humble opinion (I've been running a tiny chan for ~3 years), running a chan should be like losing a game of chicken. When a group of people have a common interest that they cannot suitably explore through any of their current communication channels, they gradually get more and more frustrated until eventually one of them snaps and says "Fine, I'll pay a few bucks a month for a VPS". Maybe the result takes off, maybe it doesn't.

Without such a community to support or problem to solve, a chan seems nothing more than an ego project, and advertising for it is just a request for the rest of the internet to subsidize the operator's vanity (or give them ad money). I would be very surprised if that ever resulted in a worthwhile community.

646 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9837 08:14

I just want to say, the Wikipedia article on imageboards is the absolute worst place to advertise your imageboard, foreign or otherwise.

647 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9837 19:07

I miss ii/waka. Especially /yuu/, which was quiet and comfy and just nice.

648 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9837 19:46

I see that we've got book-burning and eunuchs in this game, but no burning of scholars?


649 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9837 21:52

Hello! Could you help me figure out where I could have gotten this collection of "scenic" images from? I downloaded it in late 2016 and extracted it in a folder simply named "yuu" at the time, but I haven't been able to find it in any of the archives of the board, which is where I'm assuming it's from.

https://mega.nz/file/2ANEBQxJ#EGsxPIhlaxmP8bJP14SNSgKHNPr0mDvb6D6pFqWMkdw (reupload)

650 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 05:34

Baybay u gon be the one that's gonna hold me down

651 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 09:25


652 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 10:02


653 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 16:50

doors swang on niggas that got bad behavior
my 4 15s woke up ze neighbors
interior crocodile alligator
i drive a chevrolet movie theater

654 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 18:47

Hey, check out what I am at heart.

655 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9838 20:54

What if it turned out that the biblical holy ghost is just an euphemism for the flatus of Joseph's gay husband?

656 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 02:31


657 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 06:23

I've been racking my brain for the last while and I can't come up with anything concrete. I wanna say there was a "places" or "travel" imageboard distinct from /yuu/ somewhere(?), but I don't know if it would've come from there.

658 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 14:45

There was a cityscapes imageboard on ii/waka. That might be what you're thinking of.

659 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 17:35

goddammit they're all talking about how all the characters in the show are secretly queer again

so fucking boring

660 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 18:02

the what?

661 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 18:22


662 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 21:00

Maybe it's finally the time to stop forcing racial/lgbt/gender quota in media?

663 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 22:30

agreed, there's no need to clumsily shoehorn men, white people, and cishets into stories anymore

664 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 22:45

that was a bad post and i hope you're ashamed of yourself

665 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 23:13

I feel no shame

666 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9839 23:16

hail satania everyday

667 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 01:45

cute fluffy hair skinny 19 year old boy walking his moms little dog in an oversized hoodie and thigh length shorts

668 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 05:03

I saw the internet talking about Hunter Pence and, being more informed about politics than baseball, thought it was some unholy fusion of Hunter Biden and Mike Pence.

Having educated myself I still think that would be funnier.

669 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 05:54

My vc is ji so I'm going to post this weird Jii advert

670 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 07:49




671 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 12:03

Am I a good person?

672 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 15:43

Triceratops Horridus

673 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 22:58

>>658 Oh yeah I posted cityscapes there

674 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9840 23:08

i guarantee you i use a greater volume and variety of spices than any retarded darkie who has ever claimed "wypipo dont season dey food!" because i am actually aware of the existence of spices beyond barbecue sauce and "seasoning salt"

675 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 01:21

>>668 here. Today people started talking about Kamala's death and I was even more confused.

676 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 06:59

slovenly slavs

677 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 09:47

A cute girl is reading this.

678 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 09:51

Honey, I Turned the Group Chat Trans

679 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 11:01

step on my penis

680 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 16:29

ara ara

681 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9841 19:36

crushing bore-dumb

682 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 01:03

my first thought when seeing the headline "1-pound micro preemie who spent 122 days in NICU reunites with life-saving medical staff" was

what if that baby grows up to be a total asshole

683 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 03:06

following politics on twitter is a great curse

684 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 07:13

what a horrible night to be reminded of the current state of american politics

685 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 08:11

Let's think about boobs.

686 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 09:24

I absolutely love how communists get blamed for the rampant politrectal correctness when it's the good ol' US of A forcing it on everybody else.

687 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9842 17:30

retopologize my anus

688 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 03:16

ride my dinosaurus

689 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 04:47

Am i gonna have to sue my own damn mother.

690 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 07:58

It amazes me how many people keep trying to solve the problem "how to make a community that doesn't suck?"

  • BBS: cult of high post count regulars, endless "game" threads with little real content, flame wars, fluff to content ratio is extremely skewed
  • SomethingAwful: tried to filter out crap with 10bux and heavy bans, some good things came out of it, but still mostly mediocre and not really worth the 10+bux.
  • 4chan: tried to put more emphasis on content over status with anonymity and light moderation, kinda backfired in that people take this to mean free reign to be the worst version of themselves. Plus they have little incentive to put effort into their posts.
  • Facebook: wow, turns out drama is even worse when it's people you know!
  • Twitter: The platform inherently favors "hot takes", one-liner jokes, and knee-jerk reactions over any kind of thoughtful discussion.
  • Digg/Reddit: tried to filter discussion with upvote/downvotes. Sometimes works but tends to just make the most banal hivemind obvious opinion get upvoted, since upvotes/downvotes are misused as "agree/disagree" buttons. Also suffers from the snowball effect where upvoted content is seen by more people and thus upvoted even more.
  • IRC/Discord: can be good depending on the community, but the nature of chat means that posts tend to be short, frivolous, and typed without much thought involved.
  • Diaspora/Ello/Google Plus: evidently didn't offer enough advantages over existing systems to get people to switch.

I think the lesson here is that it doesn't matter how many restrictions and innovations and bells and whistles you throw onto a platform, the core problem remains: most people are boring at best and toxic at worst.

691 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 11:36

That's a good observation.

  • BBSes are often topical that makes them "wash out" over time, since the actual on-topic discussion/information sharing is limited before repeating itself. Because of this and usual heavy moderation, it turns into an echo-chamber of sorts. Hence, the off-topic subforums are usually the most lively ones.
  • SA is a general BBS, inheriting most of its flaws. As such, paying tenbux to suck up to the mods isn't worth it.
  • Reddit and oh-so-many "karma"-based forums are just jerking it to another counter.
  • AIBs like 4chan (and - RIP - textboards) is a mixture of people who understand the purpose of anonymity and those who think it's about acting like a retarded ape. Good boards become popular but then rapidly degrade in quality when this mixture gets too lean.
  • Twitter is just stupid by design: take a simple thought and make it fit the line. They even ended up implementing "threads" so the user can share series of deep over-simplified thoughts.
  • Group chats like IRC are "in the now", so searching for useful information in the past is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

692 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 12:29

fuck her poop hole

693 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 12:53

>>692 what if i fuck yours instead?

694 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 13:50


695 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 18:19

online communities are all a problem without solution because they are all actually a simulation of socialization. they're ersatz-communities with varying degrees of authenticity but none actually being the real thing, which is really what every online community unknowingly aspires to be.

696 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 18:52

Minor 7 chords are just disgusting. Gross. They sound like a major and a minor chord played together.

697 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 21:52

I'll take any you're not using. I love 'em.

698 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 22:12

Cmon, we've all experienced both and know that the corporate-owned versions are the worst of the bunch. A corporation has no serious incentive to make a forum good; good forums don't make money. on the contrary flame wars drive engagement; twitter and Facebook would be insolvent without the nazis (maybe reddit too). I will even go as far as to say reddit was better before it was owned by conde nast (though it was still a corporate site at that time, it used to have a reputation for being less full of self-promotion and groupthink than digg in particular).

The bigger problem is just that corporate sites have captured attention to the extent that there can't be another big indie forum that tries to fix the problems with forums. There hasn't been anything new on that front since 4chan. That and increased regulatory burden (dmca, counterterrorism, etc) on indie forum owners i would guess. The latter half of the sites you list were never trying to make forums good, they were trying to make forums profitable. Making forums good was always just PR for them.

Also IRC might have serious potential if it had decent logging capacities, embedded media, and a less archaic interface, none of which are problem with the users

699 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 22:42

I think Discord/Slack have tried those improvements, but everybody wants to do infinite scroll and not put any effort into having a decent way of searching/organizing/accessing.

Kind of a subject change, but it seems like ever since the advent of smartphones, UI trends have gone back toward modal everything, which is really sad to watch (and infuriating to experience), because that's one of the great sinkholes we'd made so much progress (at great effort) climbing out of since the 80s.

700 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9843 23:41

>>699 discord and telegram (never tried slack) def improved the img/video and UI situation from IRC. But i think their search features are intentionally bad to disincentivize people from using it. New posts maybe make better data to sell. (Speaking of search being expensive, did anyone else notice when google stopped bothering to be any good at search around i wanna say ten years ago? I guess they realized they could cut their operating expenses since they dominate the market) This could be fixed if selling data wasnt the goal.

Curious to hear an example about the UI thing. I never really learned the basic terms of UI.

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