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[Contentless] ITT you post right now [ASAP] your current thought [Brains][Thinking][Personal][#47] (231)

222 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10859 09:21

>>218 really long dicks are longer than petite women's forearms

223 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 09:38

Why did I find out from Twitter and not from this board that they're making an anime adaptation of Kuso Miso Technique?

You've all betrayed me.

224 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 13:03

I knew you would buy the BDs. I was protecting you from yourself

225 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 13:59

Sounds more like you've betrayed us by setting foot on tw*tter...

226 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 17:57

What other website would you recommend for finding zero-day anime porno? Pixiv is too bloated with AI art and other garbage.

227 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 07:17

Do you trust Goodreads scores?

228 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 10:15

Does Twooter still destroy image quality

229 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 19:02

@@@@@ @ @ QQ@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ ^R]-/|
@@@@@ @ ^„@@ƒt@@@@@@@@@@@@ |_.ί„Dί_ @.i
@@ @ @ @ | @ _@ _ l@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ ((i(i(< Π -ή
@@@@@ ^` ƒ~Qxƒm@@@@@@@@@@ @ @ |i€ίƒŽί ɘΈ
@@@@ /@@@ @ |@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ,Ρ77ά} iR
@@@@/@ R@@ Ɂ@@@ ^άR@@@@@@@ { X )@,ΘR _
@@@ „ @@|@|@|@@ /@L_T`j@tea@ @ @ M‚uMƒm@ R@€ MR
@^P|@@ |@|@|@ @ |@ @@/@@@@@@@@ .Ϊ'“ρl}ΘQQT j
@| (PRQ_R_)__)@@  ‚ƁQ_j__j@’U’U’U@ (L /(PP'°„Ÿrr]‚­_`;
@˜€“ρ‚@@@@@@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ ` °„Ÿ„Ÿ„¨---tj]] €r

230 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10863 00:58

where do dqns hang out besides /dqn/ ?

i visit other websites but to be honest I kinda hate everything:

  • mastodon
  • twitter
  • reddit
  • discord
  • hackernews

but everything is trash...

231 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10863 01:07

I like to hang out on my plantation in Indonesia!

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[READABILITY] ITT we input CAPTCHAs [PART 5] (599)

1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9478 03:42

The shraiff don't like it. Lock the taskbar.

590 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10806 17:39

Boo! This thread sux!

591 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10806 19:57

Out with the old, and inwithe the new.

592 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10807 14:50

Did you see that saucy little minx in the bingo hall? What a gilf!

593 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10836 07:42

Yes person attempting to look insightful online, her fandom isn't complicated; exdeff just looks hot af.

594 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10847 00:43

The reime fanbase is a bit less conflicted about genocide.

595 Name: nerv : 1993-09-10856 07:41

I'm currently printing this entire thread out into a ream of paper

596 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10856 12:43

fiy you shouldn't namefag

597 Name: nerv : 1993-09-10857 07:43

namefagging inthruls me

598 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 18:10

My dick of a big brother wont let me go to a thresh metal concert. This is so unfair!!!! (whiny little girl noises)

599 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 23:31

i saw a bunch of harry gay titties

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[BEYOND DQN] Someone else's comment from some site nobody knows [PASTE] [PART 8] (69)

1 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10822 17:25

im drunk off my mind off of some fuking dorm room 1 dollar 15 cent fanta and half a fucling hanbdle of smiroff of vodka but banki is apretty cool characeter, aslong with allo fth the characthers from toughoug i mean a fucking girl thats hot athntthat can remove her head HOW WOWO! i mean thats cool and what about Alice thast can make doolls or rumia that can contrla darkness or marissa that can do mahiic i meka n i can even fin igh the games I fucking suck btu teh lore sand characters ofh the gamne are really cool%%%& I love ///jb/becausie of that you hustys are cringe fometimes but i love yoall i alseo lov ehowu orginall the artowkr for touhou is so so cool im ean im really fruknl buty man I love 4chan im in college but i juist hide and really nowone reall y nknows that i ike this stuff i mean how the fuck dopo i explain this shit, oh yeah i really likle artwrk from this frinkg ing bullent hell shootesrs and this websiut s

HOEVER ill post a pictires that i love of some charachtersfrom touhoi I think my cavorite caharavterfrom touthou is Yachi evnt thoiuisgh this isnt a yachi thread i dont care

60 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10853 18:52








61 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10854 09:08

I had a breakthrough a while ago when I realized that people must be mistaking the word "pronouns" with "hormone replacement therapy" or "HRT." It's really the only thing that makes sense once you think about it.


"Hey, I'm writing an article about the cool car you built. I don't want to write your name out a bunch because it would make reading the article a little harder and sound repetitive. Can I say stuff like, 'the car she built' or 'her engine is rated at 340 horsepower'?"

And she would be like, "Yeah, of course, that's normal."

BUT if the journalist were like

"Hey, I'm writing an article about the cool car you built. I was wondering if I could inject this medicine into you with these needles to begin to turn you into a man."

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

62 Name: nerv : 1993-09-10856 07:45

my brother just asked me why im here im not about to explain im way too high

63 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10856 08:24

All I can imagine now is two beefy bro looking dudes with their hoods up walking past each other in the park. Their eyes meet. They stop, entranced. Colourful shadows are cast over their faces in the dimming light of the Taiwanese sunset. The wind rustles through the trees, a background score to this beautiful moment. One opens his mouth to speak the first words, many more sure to come soon after.

"You gay bro?"

"Nah bro."

"Oh. Okay bye."

Roll credits to the soulful warbling of Céline Dion.

64 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10857 23:36

the antimeal records

65 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10858 01:02

I am a young male, fresh outta high school, and I have a close female friend that I spend a lot of time with. Nothing more than that, I have a girlfriend who is also actually best friends with her. The three of us have hung out together on many many occasions and known each other for years, we're the few people from high school who still hang out regularly. I get along with this girl very, very well. She's almost like my sister, I really love her and our friendship. But, the problem is, she is insanely hot. Incredibly attractive, and with a bubbly, flirtatious personality to boot. She's got it, and she knows it, and she flaunts it. We have flirted a lot in the past, but she does this with everyone, and it really is harmless for the most part. But, I guess, I have to admit I am very, very attracted to her physically.

Being such good friends, and best friends with my girlfriend, we've lived in close quarters before. Hell, she even lived with me and my girlfriend for a few months. I remember trying to get a peek at her when she'd take a shower occasionally. Never was I lucky to get a good look. But there were a few other occasions, which I still look back on regularly. The first was when she was still living with us, and she was dealing with various, horrible illnesses. She was always sick and had a lot of problems with her 'insides'.. She had to get a colonoscopy at one point, and in preparation, the doctors gave her some drink pumped with laxatives and some other insane shit so she could cleanse her systems before going under. This is probably a good time to mention I have a really intense fart/scat fetish.. you might know where this is headed. One morning, after drinking a whole bottle of the stuff, she awoke moaning and groaning. I was getting ready for work and I knew what this meant. She had already made it clear what she was doing and to excuse her constant trips to the toilet. But this morning was bad. She was clearly in a lot of pain and discomfort, stumbling to the toilet with a strained look on her face. She glanced at me with shame as she closed the door. I quickly headed out side, my partner still sleeping, and went around the back of the house to where the window to the toilet was. I stood beside this window while my friend painfully and shamelessly relieved herself, grunting and swearing as she painted the bowl with her shit. It sounded horrific. She was making all sorts of noises, from both orifices, cursing herself and the relentless storm of shit continued. I have never been so aroused in my entire life. I started masturbating right there, around the side of the house, outside the window. I still feel a lot of disgust and shame for that memory, but I look back on it regularly, and it always gets me hard instantly. I know this probably sounds absolutely putrid to you readers, but as someone who, for some reason, is attracted to this kind of thing, this was literally a page out of my book of fantasies. I was blown away, to share such an intimate, animalistic moment with someone so close, and so fucking hot.

66 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10858 10:50

Would be a better story without the first ten words

67 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 06:43

The setup isn't very restrictive, and she still has a lot of control of movement on her legs and hands. Despite that her neck and waist restraints would keep her from moving out of the abdomen restraint.

Her legs are disproportionately large compared to her torso, where we can see her ribs are visible. From this we can assume she's lost weight quickly and hasn't been captive long enough to lose muscle mass from inactivity. This means she's being starved and won't have much strength. Despite the thin, unbraided ropes, she won't be able to break out with brute force.

However, the captor made a critical mistake, the spare dildos are within grabbing distance. Here's how she will escape:

She can't use her hands to grab them because the ropes on her arms aren't long enough to slide the dildos off the rack. Instead she'll have to move one leg back, and pull one of the dildos back with her toes. Once it's out, bring it within grabbing distance of her hands, pick it up and repeat with the second dildo.

Wrap the connected metal rods on the dildos around the lines connecting her hands together, on opposite ends of the bar, so she can twist with one hand and hold the other end still. The ropes look to be about an inch in diameter, and would be doubled at 2 inches when twisted around itself. The rods look about 8 inches in diameter.
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68 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 06:43

There is a concept called the KISS principle. An acronym for gKeep it simple, stupid!h In short, it says things should be kept as simple as possible, since complexity increases potential points of failure. This is especially important in manufacturing, where unneeded complexity can also increase the cost to create an item. As changing motor direction would need another system to tell the motor when to change direction, a design team will always favor a one way crankshaft system over a driveshaft when reciprocating motion is needed.

Now that we know for sure the machine uses a crankshaft, Satori can jam it with one of her dildos. Then she can safely twist around and break the thin chains holding her abdomen belt in place.

Satori now has her hands, neck, and upper body free, and the machine is disabled, but the waist belt and ankle restraints still hold her in place. The bar of metal holding down the abdomen belt is thin, but we canft break it with leverage as it is. There would just be too much space to effectively leverage against it sideways, especially when shefs in such an awkward position for applying force. Leveraging vertically is out of the question because of the round pipe. We could try taking out the dildo thatfs jamming the machine but there isnft enough space to fit both dildo rods in the bar.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

69 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 18:36


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[Music] ITT We Come up With Names for a Band [Wordplay] [Cool] (318)

1 Name: ( ˃ ƒŽ˂) : 1993-09-8265 20:31

The Communist Synthesizers!

309 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10740 07:23

MC FrazzleDrip

310 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10740 19:36

Detritus Emeritus

311 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10742 06:37

Elevator Rape Crew - Free Fall

312 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10778 05:43

Useful Eaters

313 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10800 02:21

Deafmute Romance

314 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10805 17:10

My Pig's a Synth-Surfer

315 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10832 21:29

Peewee 3

316 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10833 00:05

The Cockblockers

317 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10833 23:00

Lord of Bored

318 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 18:08

Poopysparkles & The Cat Brats

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ITT we think up new ITT threads. [META] [Shark jump] (352)

1 Name: Fonzie : 1993-09-5278 21:08

ITT we stretch the previous poster's joke even thinner.

343 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8513 21:56

[¬P¨¬Q] ITT we prove facts and disprove myths with slightly fallacious reasoning

344 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8548 03:15


345 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8548 08:15

ITT we get to 1000 by game system startup sounds [SEEEEEGAAAAA]

346 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8549 14:14

[DAYTONAAAAA] ITT we go on a journey [LET'S GO AWAY]

347 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8551 21:04

[b] ITT we post in BBCode [/b]

348 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9423 18:06

[CONTENTMENT] ITT we post comfy things [Mittens] [Cozy] [Comfortable]

349 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10478 13:32

[DEATH] ITT we write the previous poster's epitaph [TOMBSTONE]

350 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 03:10

[Concerning]ITT [ITT] you post [DO IT] your intrusive thoughts.[Schizophrenia] [Disturbed] [OH GOD]

351 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 15:17

[DESPERATION] ITT we beg the next poster not to kill us [PLEADING]

352 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 12:40

[TERROR][ANGUISH] ITT we just scream incoherently [NOISE][AAAAAAAAA]

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ITT your last google search [PART IV] (950)

1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9518 07:40

top 10 haunted wikipedia pages ever

941 Name: vc:inyiff : 1993-09-10847 19:01

halal dogfood

942 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10848 14:06

time stopper long sleeper easy gamer

943 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10848 22:48

time stop jav

944 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10849 13:18

clueless white boy SHOCKS staff at Chinese restaurant with brutal and senseless suicide

945 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10850 13:05


946 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10850 13:05

loveweb manon

947 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10852 22:02

schizoid test (oh no...)

948 Name: nerv : 1993-09-10854 06:33

nameless rumia wiki

949 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 15:18

i am an amateur of velocipedes

950 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10862 01:50

What is TND?

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[MUSE] ITT Cute Girl Posting [Cute] [Girls] [#1] (946)

1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9558 12:23

Cute girl working up the courage to start a new thread on her favourite BBS

937 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10855 18:48

Cute girl seeing the sea in the middle of Shibuya!

938 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10856 10:54

Cute girl looking down at you from halfway up a burning staircase telling you "For me, it's always like this."

939 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10857 00:16

Cute girl hiding bombs and contraband under her vest

940 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10857 09:57

Cute girl who sees that town in her restless dreams
She's alone there now, in our special place... waiting for you

941 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10857 10:10

Cute girl who pronounces W as "vogota"

942 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10859 19:50

Cute girl abusing local PsychicTV-branded product

943 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 23:26

Cute girl who's just an absolute fucking idiot.

944 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10860 23:50

A cute girl will always be a victim of the times

945 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 12:43

Cute girl impaled by a pitchfork (she is a victim of the tines)

946 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 15:38

Cute girl desperately begging you not to kiss her

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[Wikipedia] ITT DQN QUALITY Wikipedia Links [Part V] (247)

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[Youtube] ™ QUALITY VIDEOS ™ [DQN][Part III] (904)

895 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10829 22:29

There is danger that you'll be marked by a MODD from next time on, I can't recommend it to amateurs.

896 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10834 00:16

897 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10834 04:48

898 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10834 17:46

899 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10836 22:52

900 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10836 23:57

901 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10839 23:34

902 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10844 15:20

904 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10861 07:19

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CTRL+V THREAD! [part XVII] (162)

1 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10624 10:42

@@@@@@@ @ @ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
@@@@@@ @ @| @Ummm this isn't what it looks like, I was just surfing the web while I poop...@|
@@@@@@@@@_@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@ ^
„ @@@@@@@@@PP|/PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
b@@@ |@@ |@.iQQQQl|@@.b@ @ @ @ @ @ @ bb;;;;;;;;..QQQQQQQQQQQ
b@@@ |@@ |^QQQQ_|@@ .|@@@ @ @ @ @ @ bb;;;;;^@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ _
b@@@ |.@@ P@@@r\- €@@ .il:@ „‘„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„’„ b;;;;|@Don't worry, that's exactly |
b@ @ b @ @ @ @ .LIάl l@@@|@ @ ΘQ Θ @„ bbƒ @what it looks like...@@@@@ |
b@ @ bEEE . ._,,-] ;ii; ] l l=-„’|@@ q G . ::::::::j]„£bb@ _@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@^
b@@@.:!@@@ [Θ“ρΘP _!_ -| .!@@@M7 ..:::::::q@@ bb.... @ PPPPPPPPPP
b@@@ |@@@iG*L_T`j@ .i Ϋ | .|@@@/@@:::::::::R@ bb::::::::.
b@@^άR@i A@ @ _@|.Ϊ.i@i@@@|@ i@ .:::::::::h. bb;;;;;;;;
b .́PR^! „‘„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„’R!@.|.b@@ !@.|@...::::::::::li..bb;;;;;;;;
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153 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10852 18:01

A great-grandmother with dementia is in hospital after being tasered by police at her nursing home in New South Wale.

155 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10854 10:02

156 Name: (´<_`  ) : 1993-09-10856 02:03

Pete Conklin came up with pink lemonade in 1857 while selling lemonade at the circus. Conklin ran out of water and thinking on the fly, grabbed a tub of dirty water in which a performer had just finished wringing out her pink-colored tights. In true circus form, Conklin didn't miss a beat. He marketed the drink as his new 'strawberry lemonade,' and a star was born. gFrom then on sales doubled,h writes Root, g...[and] no first class circus was without pink lemonade.h

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You can strip an angel of it's divinity by touching it with a magnet because the memory on it's hard drive is easily erased by anything with a strong enough magnetic field

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California man who set boba customers on fire gets no jailtime

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In traditional Hawaiian culture women would be put to death for eating pork, coconuts, taro, several types of fish, and 67 out of 70 varieties of bananas.

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